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PapaJohn Posted on 27/9 9:59
Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

Everton A
City A
Chelsea H
Man U A
Spuds H

4 points would be a very good return from these games!

dicky200006 Posted on 27/9 10:02
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

Think we need to get 5 which will be tough.

powertime Posted on 27/9 10:03
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

5 draws? who will we beat then?
everton- draw
chelsea- get beat
man utd- get beat
spurs- win

corruptbiggins Posted on 27/9 10:04
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

you know what boro are like, we'll probably beat Man Utd and Chelsea

dicky200006 Posted on 27/9 10:04
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

A win and 2 draws.

CliveRdCorner Posted on 27/9 10:06
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

I can see us getting 2 points out of that lot. But you never know a win at city maybe ? Which city is it by the way ?

PapaJohn Posted on 27/9 10:06
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

I am going for 1 win and 1 draw - just no idea which games they will be.

sitheman Posted on 27/9 10:06
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

i think we could take 7 points out of them fixtures and i would be very happy. however we could just as easily scrape 2-3points.

dicky200006 Posted on 27/9 10:08
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

We could be in the bottom three after the Spurs game.

ElvisRamone Posted on 27/9 10:09
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

Even with a fully fit in-form team, plus a solid back up, these fixtures would be difficult. Not worth getting aeriated about.

flyermetothemoon Posted on 27/9 10:10
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

5 Defeats

Lucky if we score more than a couple of goals and 2nd bottom by November.

Our squad is just not up to it.

Is it me our every season we seem to pick up more injuries than anybody else.

Played a handful of games and look at the state of us.

boroboy75 Posted on 27/9 10:11
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

That run of games shows how 'easy' on paper our start to the season was.
Is 8 points and "many,many,many,many,many positives"(© scoea) a good return so far?

PapaJohn Posted on 27/9 10:13
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

I looked at the fixture list at the start of the season and we had a very easy start and I expected us to have a lot more points than 8, perhaps nearer 13/14 I know it would mean that we'd be in the top 3 but we needed points in the bag early doors and we aint got enough.

We could be in the bottom 3 after the city game, looking at the fixtures we NEEDa win at Everton or City otherwise we'll be in a pickle.

skiprat Posted on 27/9 10:16
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

Blackburn - 1
Wigan - 3
Fulham - 1
Birmingham - 3
West Ham - 0
Sunderland - 3

I'd have probably had us 3 points more which would have taken us into 5th/6th as it stands, so 8 isn't a good return really, although one win off what would have been alright.

PapaJohn Posted on 27/9 10:19
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

Add in the 1 from the Newcastle game!

We've not got enough from the 1st 7 games, i think we are 5 or 6 points short.

BTW - my end of season forecast points total was a very optimistic 49 but it needed a decent start.

skiprat Posted on 27/9 10:26
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

Sorry forgot about Newcastle.

Probably 1/3 to add on there as well in my predicted total.

Not looking good, we need a win or two on the road starting at Everton.

bandito Posted on 27/9 10:28
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

during this nexr run of games we need to pray that wigan, fulham, derby, birmingham and sunderland keep losing aswell to keep pur heads abouve water until we get some resemblance of a team together

Islandstone Posted on 27/9 10:30
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

Some tough games coming up.
However, we have a reputation of beating the big ones, don`t we?

My predictions for the next 5 PL games...

Everton A- lose(2-1 or something)

City A- Draw

Chelsea H- Win

Man U A- lose

Spurs H- draw

4Ever Boro<3

PapaJohn Posted on 27/9 10:34
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

I agree Bandi, 7 games gone and we are looking down not up.
Derby play Bolton at the w/e and I want it to be a draw, Brum have Man U , Fulham have Chelsea and so it goes on.

On a positive slant - Everton have only got 4 points at home and we've got 3 away. Beat Everton and we go above em!

bandito Posted on 27/9 10:36
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

I think there's room for one win in this run of fixtures and maybe a draw if we are lucky. I am looking forward to going to Everton on sunday in hope of the unexpected but I fully expect a defeat if you know what I mean.

PapaJohn Posted on 27/9 10:56
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

BAck to 451 - SMAC style - narrow and tight for the next 5 games.


eddie73 Posted on 27/9 11:37
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

Yep, we're going to struggle badly over this run of games - something that will ultimately play a big part in our overall season. We really needed a much better return from our opening fixtures and that just hasn't happened. Now, with key players injured and an already thin squad, we're in trouble. Arca is a massive loss, he makes us play. Without him we lose most of our dynamism.

If we look back at what our opening fixtures tell us about boro then it's this - sides are able to take points from us by creating only a couple of chances (or spectacular strikes!?) - blackburn and sunderland have both done it. We donít make the most of the chances we create and donít win games we dominate. We suffer from a lack of concentration at crucial moments - west ham scored immediately after half time to change a game we had hitherto controlled, sunderland took a point from us by scoring 2mins in and 2mins from the end of the game. The wigan game gives us a clear indication of just how worryingly bad we are capable of performing. The birmingham game offers us an idea of how well we can play (albeit against a poor opposition performance) but we failed to convert more than 2 chances.

Against sunderland I thought woodgate and young, two experienced england internationals, were poor. Wheater and taylor looked far more composed.

Injuries do seem to curse us far more than other teams (though this surely cant be the case, can it?), our problem is that our squad isn't good enough to cope. LDG up front on his own says it all. Woeful.

Boromart Posted on 27/9 11:52
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

these are some tough games, but by the time Spuds come to the riverside we could have the following players back - Huth, Pogatetz, Woody, Mido, Aliadiere, Tuncay.

The next 4 are ones that you would say may be nil point before the start of the season, but at the same time you would identify the games from spuds onwards are where we can push forward towards the UEFA spots. - Spuds (H), Bolton (A), Villa (H), Reading (A), Arse (H), Derby (A), West Ham (H), Brum (A), Pompey (A), Everton (H). I would that baring an injury crisis, we would get 18 points from that run of games.

boroboy75 Posted on 27/9 11:57
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

Boromart, that's extremely optimistic. We are, like last year going to struggle for wins away from home.
We are seen by the weaker opposition teams as somewhere that they fancy getting a point at.

PapaJohn Posted on 27/9 12:13
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

A run of games with positive results is whats needed, recently we've never been able to achieve consistant performances and results over a 4/5 game period.

We had a chance at the start of the season to put a run together, we'll have another chance starting with the Spuds game, will we take it? thats the question.

sasboro Posted on 27/9 12:14
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

i expect us to finish on about 44-46 points. next 5 games i think we will get 4 points then next 5 games get 7 points

every away game the oppostion will be feeling confident of beating us. Its like when a team like fulham turn up at the riverside.

HolgateWall Posted on 27/9 12:25
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

We need a fit Woodgate and make sure our first choice strikers are available. Problems with keeping our key players fit have really hurt us over the last few seasons. Man Utd away is going to be really difficult but I don't think any team has a better record there than the 'Boro' over the past few seasons.Can get a point at both City and Everton. Maybe sneak a point against Chelsea. Spurs are definitely beatable.

siddaway2 Posted on 27/9 12:46
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

i reckon woody will be fit but to be honest i have gave up on predictions.
we are like a box of chocolates you never know what you will get :)

Boromart Posted on 27/9 13:11
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

boorboy75, why is it 'extremely optimistic'. I said 'if' we get our players fit then 18 points from those 10 fixtures, of which only 1 of those teams is a top 4 side, and 4 of the games are against relegation candidates.

- Spuds (H) 1 point
- Bolton (A) 3 points
- Villa (H) 3 points
- Reading (A) 1 point
- Arse (H) 0 points
- Derby (A) 3 points
- West Ham (H) 3 points
- Brum (A) 1 point
- Pompey (A) 0 points
- Everton (H) 3 points
TOTAL - 18 points. None of those results are outlandish, the only thing you could claim is that we 'won't win that many away pints'.Well we actually got a hell of a lot of away draws last season, and at some difficult places. I'm confident that our first 11 can get points away from home, and more points than last season due to the extra pace.

It was the same last season everyone whined about relegation and we got 18 points from 10 games. We also went through a spell of 1 away defeat in 5 away prem games. The precedent is there, and this team is of equal ability to last year, but has youth on it's side to become better - although I realistically think we need another proven striker to move forward.

PapaJohn Posted on 27/9 13:12
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

I think you can predict - we are gonna get an average of 1.2 points per prem league game when the end of the season comes.
If our average drops to 1.1 then we are in the doggy do.

Boromart Posted on 27/9 13:14
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

and on another point, your remark about everyone expecting to beat us when we are away from home, well we got a result in 9 away games, and lost 10. So I would say fans of other teams obviously underestimate us if that is what they think.

boroboy75 Posted on 27/9 13:17
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

Mart, that was with regards to our home form. There are always plenty of cheap points available at the Riverside.

Boromart Posted on 27/9 13:31
re: Next 5 Prem Games - OMG

boroboy, so if we are "going to struggle for wins away from home", and give "plenty of cheap points at home". Why haven't we been relegated over the last couple of years? I'm not quite sure who you are comparing us to to come to this conclusion - Arsenal?

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