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dibzzz Posted on 29/9 0:36
Listen and Learn!


Link: Genius

Rocky_Rhythm Posted on 29/9 1:34
re: Listen and Learn!

It's a cracking track. Sinead's vocals make it even more special.

Rocky_Rhythm Posted on 29/9 1:45
re: Listen and Learn!

I was looking for Black Boys on Mopeds, but found this!

Link: Sweeet..

Rocky_Rhythm Posted on 29/9 1:56
re: Listen and Learn!

Sinead and Shane asked to do a track for a John Hughes film!

Link: Jefferson Lepricorn

Rocky_Rhythm Posted on 29/9 2:04
re: Listen and Learn!

Found it (YouTube can take you many places!)

Link: Dangerous days

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 29/9 2:18
re: Listen and Learn!

Listened to one minute of it and the lyrics are factually incorrect.
Cashing in on Human misery, worse than the fooking politicians, and they're fooking bad.
You only hear what you want to hear.

Total Tosh if you are trying to get a message across

showman21 Posted on 29/9 2:27
re: Listen and Learn!

Ian Brown is fooking lej beyond all proportions, doesn`t need to have gobshyte Sinead involved. Love the first verse and chorus......... then it goes wrong

showman21 Posted on 29/9 2:31
re: Listen and Learn!

One of the greatest songs ever and vid is along side.

F.E.A.R. Just awesome.

Dusseldorf Posted on 29/9 3:23
re: Listen and Learn!

Absolute SHlTE song. It's like a rant froma 6th form college who's been attending after hours politics classes. Absolutelyfucking amateurish.

Ignore_Alien_Orders Posted on 29/9 3:54
re: Listen and Learn!

oh dear, they don't make anti war songs like they used to.

Link: A Real Anti-War Song