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dibzzz Posted on 1/10 9:42
More Fuel Tax!

The Government see it fit to raise fuel duty this week by 2p per litre then another two hikes in the next 18 months.

I'm not sure how much the next raises are going to be but say it's another 2p then another 2p we'll be paying 6p more per litre in 18 months time.

That means we'll be paying around 99p a litre for the cheapest petrol and 1.02 for the cheapest diesel.

Isn't the British motorist burdened enough already?
Are we the softest touch ever?

So what are we going to do about it?

dibzzz Posted on 1/10 9:48
re: More Fuel Tax!

Nobody drive in here?
Well I think it's a disgrace!

green_beret20 Posted on 1/10 9:49
re: More Fuel Tax!

I'm surpirsed they've done this with a possible general election looming.

MarlonD Posted on 1/10 10:02
re: More Fuel Tax!

I noticed how expensive fuel was when I handed my company fuel card over the counter to pay for my full to the brim tank of diesel.

neilteesside Posted on 1/10 10:05
re: More Fuel Tax!

great! double it...get off your """e and walk!

dibzzz Posted on 1/10 10:08
re: More Fuel Tax!

Yep neilteesside, that's really fair on the disabled.

Geordinho Posted on 1/10 10:19
re: More Fuel Tax!

they have leccy chairs

Doctor_Mick Posted on 1/10 10:20
re: More Fuel Tax!

On yer bike then

dibzzz Posted on 1/10 10:22
re: More Fuel Tax!

So everyone in here quite happy paying a quid a litre then?

Geordinho Posted on 1/10 10:24
re: More Fuel Tax!

i cycle back and forth to work so i don't care
where's your link to this knowledge?

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mickbrown Posted on 1/10 10:25
re: More Fuel Tax!

It's cheaper than beer.

dibzzz Posted on 1/10 10:33
re: More Fuel Tax!


Link: Link

Geordinho Posted on 1/10 10:46
re: More Fuel Tax!

If the price of oil increases then it's in direct corellation that petrol prices increase

Nedkat Posted on 1/10 13:41
re: More Fuel Tax!

Every government has increased taxes on the things that the common man thinks he needs.

Beer and spirits. Cigarettes. Petrol.

They increase it, people keep paying for it. The price of a barrel of crude in now close to 80$. The price of petrol in America in now around $2:80, or #1:40, for a gallon. The gallon here is made up of 16 fl oz to a pint, and 8 pints to a gallon. That's a 20% smaller gallon than the Imperial. So the price is 1 pound and 68 pence. The British are paying close to 5 pounds a gallon ...

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Skunk_Buster Posted on 1/10 15:51
re: More Fuel Tax!

The fat twot Brown had to raise it cos he has overspent by 10 Billion. Hence he is going to take an extra 500 a year of every phoocker from now on. This is just the start.

These stealth taxes apply to everyone so it hits the little guy most!