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PinkPonce Posted on 3/10 15:38
Sellafield - Nucular Plant


anyone worked here before.

been offered a job QS'ing for a large PQS company.

Good offer as well, but its a schit hole apparantly.

Patrick_Batemen Posted on 3/10 15:41
re: Sellafield - Nucular Plant

It's a dump, really the most depressing place on earth, well apart from Hemlington.

PinkPonce Posted on 3/10 15:48
re: Sellafield - Nucular Plant

Is it worth 6k a year more?

When currently in london with paid flights?

I'd have to drive there and lodge. (i'd get travel and lodging as well though)

skinemrippers Posted on 3/10 15:51
re: Sellafield - Nucular Plant

Worked on there as a Cost Engineer until April this year. They were kicking the backside out of the hours and rates freelancers could have so everyone was on the way out. Nuisance getting on and off site and the local towns where everyone lives are like Redcar 10yrs ago. Good if you're into rave music and steroids! Being close to the lakes is good but it's a long drive after work. A lot of the staff are lifers from the local area so you tend to find the jobs leave a lot to be desired. Can't recommend it to you Mr Ponce, unless your rate/deal is excellent.

Plus in case you missed it on here, the people from neighbouring towns sleep with their Mothers!

forthegudofthegame Posted on 3/10 15:54
re: Sellafield - Nucular Plant

afternoon PP ;-)

if your happy in your job fella, ??

in this world of ours lol, money is not everything, work to live not the other way round.....

boroboy75 Posted on 3/10 15:54
re: Sellafield - Nucular Plant

They shouldn't employ anyone who can't even spell 'nuclear'.

forthegudofthegame Posted on 3/10 15:56
re: Sellafield - Nucular Plant

also >

my uncle worked there, and his hair fell out !!!!!!!!!!!

boroboy75 Posted on 3/10 15:57
re: Sellafield - Nucular Plant

The high cancer rates in Cumbria are often attributed to that place also.

PinkPonce Posted on 3/10 15:57
re: Sellafield - Nucular Plant

Boroboy - I dont need to spell the fooker kidda, i just need to make sure the numbers look good...

hmmm... thing is, i wanna possibly go contracting next time.. making so GOOD money. The offer is good, but people have put me off the place.. i could make 800 tax free just on my lodge allowance alone was well given that the property is so cheap. I only make about 400 quid on my lodge here in london cos of the rent...

hmmm.... the offer is good but i want more, and the project would be a huge step down from terminal 5.

skinemrippers Posted on 3/10 16:01
re: Sellafield - Nucular Plant

All the signs are that there is going to be a lot of Nuclear work over the coming years so it is not a bad industry to be in for longevity. The only problem is that it is not the most high profile work you will ever do. You will make more money contracting than on staff but Contractors are not popular on Sellafield at the moment and they are trying to replace them all with staff. Personally I'd stay in London as the rates there will be very high once the Olympics really kick off.

Living in the area is relatively cheap compared to elsewhere and the drive isn't too bad. Used to take us between 2 and 2 1/2hrs from Guisborough area.