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borobadge Posted on 9/10 23:25

where are yer based in Brighton ?

Mahatma_Gandhi Posted on 9/10 23:26
re: brightonsmoggy

borobadge your rocky at sweeper idea...interesting concept apart from the fact that he can't tackle.

borobadge Posted on 9/10 23:28
re: brightonsmoggy

are you in brighton as well ghandi

brightonsmoggy Posted on 9/10 23:29
re: brightonsmoggy

Hove .....

Why - have I done something to offend you...

Your not Barmby by any chance are you ??????

smogette Posted on 9/10 23:30
re: brightonsmoggy

brightonsmoggy wer u at the west ham game

borobadge Posted on 9/10 23:32
re: hovesmoggy

you dont offend me, i just wondered where you are in Brighton, now ive found out..Hove.

what bars are you using ?

brightonsmoggy Posted on 9/10 23:44
re: brightonsmoggy

No wasn't at West Ham, I was actually up there that weekend, but I went to Spurs the other night.

That was worth the 100 plus quid it cost me to go...

Re the bars - what for going out or watching Boro ? in Hove the Freemasons is about the best, the rest of them are all pretty average or McPub type things. In Brighton, the Cricketers, Black lion, Hop Poles, The Dorset (cracking pub ) Fish Pond and now that I'm getting an old barstard, very very occasionally Pitcher and Piano and The Sky Bar. Sometimes the place that used to be Santa Fe - whatever it is now. For watching Football either my local the Hove Park tavern which is normally frequented by twattish Arsenal/ManU/Chelsea bellends or the Eclipse in Poets Corner which is normally frequented by twattish Arsenal/ManU/Chelsea bellends - one of the problems of being a boro fan in the south I guess.

How about you ?

smogette Posted on 9/10 23:46
re: brightonsmoggy

You are not Gary by any chance are you

borobadge Posted on 9/10 23:51
re: brightonsmoggy

smogette..i'm garry....did i meet you @ west 'am ?

i drink on the other side of town (obviously, i'm in brighton), the bugle, the geese, the nelson, basketmakers, battle of trafalger, the albert and around the n. laines.

GibbosEmpire Posted on 9/10 23:52
re: brightonsmoggy

I live in West Sussex.

Been to Brighton a few times aswell.

smogette Posted on 9/10 23:53
re: brightonsmoggy

Im confused which doesnt take a lot of doing, who is Garry,brightonsmoggy

borobadge Posted on 9/10 23:55
re: brightonsmoggy


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brightonsmoggy Posted on 9/10 23:59
re: brightonsmoggy

Hello Hello Hello Smogette - right little Mills and Boon going on here then..

Was actually in the Albert the other night. I've got a mate who lives in Hanover and have been in the Geese a few times as well as a couple of others round there. Have heard good things about the Battle of Trafalgar. Sometimes get in the Great Eastern round the station way but it's gone a bit shoite from what it was. I know one other Boro fan down here, but someone told me years ago there was a 'Boro pub' in Brighton and I've never been able to track it down .....

smogette Posted on 10/10 0:02
re: brightonsmoggy

Hello to you too, So are you from Brighton or Boro

brightonsmoggy Posted on 10/10 0:04
re: brightonsmoggy

Gibbos Empire

Where do you live in W Sussex ?

I worked in Worthing til 2 weeks ago when the feckers made me redundant...

borobadge Posted on 10/10 0:04
re: brightonsmoggy

there isnt a 'boro pub'.

plenty of pubs have been used over the years to watch the boro play, from the geese to the cleveland, the robin hood to the caxton.....but weve never consitently settled on one pub for more than a game or two..i think its because there is so much choice across the city..

there are plenty of boro fans down here, or perhaps i should say, theres plenty of people from Teesside living in the city, not too mnay of 'em want to go and watch them play.

brightonsmoggy Posted on 10/10 0:06
re: brightonsmoggy

Brighton now for the last 17 years, but born and bred in Boro...

smogette Posted on 10/10 0:08
re: brightonsmoggy

You are not my old mate Scrubber by any chance are you?

GibbosEmpire Posted on 10/10 0:11
re: brightonsmoggy

I live in Horsham.

brightonsmoggy Posted on 10/10 0:12
re: brightonsmoggy

The Caxton - that was a great little pub. The wife used to work on Queens road and we'd be in there every Friday night from half five on Friday nights.

The Robin Hood was good - I used to drink in there when I lived off Western Road - Lion and Lobster is good too round there.

Well do us a favour would you - let us know next time there's a boro gathering in whichever pub when we're on sky if you know there's going to be a few people in. I'm getting tired of sitting there on me own like a norman nomates - whilst all around me gloat when we're getting would be good to meet up with a few other Boro fans from time to time....

brightonsmoggy Posted on 10/10 0:16
re: brightonsmoggy


No, though I have been called that, and worse, in the past.

However, I can be whoever you want me to be !!!!

Seriously, no I'm not scrubber..

borobadge Posted on 10/10 0:16
re: brightonsmoggy

i will indeed do that.