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dibzzz Posted on 11/10 21:43
Celtic fined as Dida receives ban.

So Celtic get a 25,000 fine, oohh that's going to hurt, how will they manage to pay that?

Dida get's a two match ban that could cost (in the long run) Ac Milan millions.


I think it's a bit harsh on Dida, yes he did over react to the fan tapping him, but he would never had have to react in any way at all if that idiot had not got onto the pitch.

If it had been an English club they would have thrown the book at them.

Link: Celtic fined as Dida receives ban

NSB19 Posted on 11/10 22:04
re: Celtic fined as Dida receives ban.

Celtic are not fined 25,000! Half of it is suspended

Cecil_J_McTumshie Posted on 11/10 22:55
re: Celtic fined as Dida receives ban.

they should claim the cash from the twat who ran onto the pitch

borobornandbred Posted on 12/10 5:57
re: Celtic fined as Dida receives ban.

Well Dibizz,you mean throw the book at them like the boro fan from wheatley hill who literally threw the book at mclaren with violent intent 2 yrs ago.Celtics punishment is about right.after all ,if you start throwing teams out of competitions or making them play behind closed doors,youre asking for some tw@ts from opposing enemy teams to invade pitches so as to get them in bother.can just see a scouser invading old trafford etc to have consistency.lets be honest,anyone of us could make our way onto a pitch past stewards etc anytime,at any ground.

Doctor_Mick Posted on 12/10 6:14
re: Celtic fined as Dida receives ban.

Dida got off lightly. Cheating tw@t