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dibzzz Posted on 12/10 10:59
Is Woodgate injured?

Is Woody injured, he must be if Sol Campbell is at the back with Ferdinand tomorrow? Or have I missed something?

mickbrown Posted on 12/10 11:00
re: Is Woodgate injured?

Yeah - Campbell's better than him.

jimborored Posted on 12/10 11:00
re: Is Woodgate injured?

He wasn't picked for the squad.

sheriff_john_burnell Posted on 12/10 11:04
re: Is Woodgate injured?

He's looked very average this season and doesn't deserve to be in the squad.

dibzzz Posted on 12/10 11:04
re: Is Woodgate injured?

Oh, right, missed that one, surely Woody would get the nod infront of Sol? Apparently not though.

sasboro Posted on 12/10 11:05
re: Is Woodgate injured?

he isnt playing good enough to get in teh squad. hopefully might give woodgate a kick up the backside if he wants to make euro 98

skiprat Posted on 12/10 11:07
re: Is Woodgate injured?


barneyblair Posted on 12/10 11:08
re: Is Woodgate injured?

woodgate hasnt performed well enough to play for england so far!!

ANyway Lescott deserves to play if terry has had to pull out

dibzzz Posted on 12/10 11:22
re: Is Woodgate injured?

I agree, I was a bit shocked when I learned that Woody had been left out, but then again after thinking about it, yeah, McClaren was right to do so.

Lescott derserves a run out, he's been top notch and he bags goals.

Campbell? well all I can say is Carragher must be kicking himself now.

heine Posted on 12/10 11:26
re: Is Woodgate injured?

Woodgate is not fully fit and I doubt he ever will be

have you noticed that despite his power in the air he never goes up for corners?

obviously connected to his Inability to make it back

TheBoroBoss61 Posted on 12/10 11:34
re: Is Woodgate injured?

As long as Woody turns out for the Boro,England can go whistle

Boro 1st, last and always