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A_New_Era Posted on 13/10 17:12
Booing Lampard

no reason. the club mentality has crept into international game, and now we have the same prickks supporting our national team

Disgusting the way they treat some of the players representing the country

Camsell_345 Posted on 13/10 17:14
re: Booing Lampard

i only saw the first half then watched the jocks where was downing as i missed the sub line ups?

A_New_Era Posted on 13/10 17:15
re: Booing Lampard

not on bench. Glad tbh, all that happens is they boo him and he does ok, then the papers say hes at fault. The press are just as to blame for some of our idiotic fans

GibbosEmpire Posted on 13/10 17:15
re: Booing Lampard

Downing wasn't on the bench either.

ravsplumber Posted on 13/10 17:16
re: Booing Lampard

He's told McClaren to stick it and gone off with Tuncay to join Turkey.

Toon_Army1892 Posted on 13/10 17:16
re: Booing Lampard

The whole England football team, manager, set up fans is a frace, cockney run sh|te. By the way how do the likes of Lescott get in ahead of Woodgate? Whats all that about. Woodgate is the best centre half i've ever seen play for the toon.

A_New_Era Posted on 13/10 17:19
re: Booing Lampard

T_A - its stupid. Not sure f McClarens just seen him play fo Boro on MOTD and assumed as we are doing crap so is he, but i cant understand it. Campbells not in his league either, yet hes starting!

ml79 Posted on 13/10 17:22
re: Booing Lampard

what a boring a game it was though i switched over to watch scotland much better game and it had a atmosphere wembley was deathly quite, hate to think how negative mcclaren will be in russia 8-1-1 maybe?

barneyblair Posted on 13/10 17:24
re: Booing Lampard

Because lescott has been playing a hell of a lot better than woodgate this season that is why

Tom_Fun Posted on 13/10 17:27
re: Booing Lampard

"Woodgate is the best centre half i've ever seen play for the toon."

You haven't exactly been spoilt for choice in that departmnet though, have you?

marktheborofan Posted on 13/10 17:33
re: Booing Lampard

Suits me that neither Woodgate or Downing played, in reality we should never have needed either and they may have been injured. I would rather they were fit to play for Boro next week than being risked in a game that we did, and should have won at a canter.

mm40 Posted on 13/10 17:43
re: Booing Lampard

lescott is no were near ready for this level, woodgate should have been picked. Thought campbell looked slow, as well so hurry back JT and hopefully a cole. Good 1st half show but the real test is just coming up on wed, as long as we do not lose we should qualify.

Bishop_Auckland_Red Posted on 13/10 18:08
re: Booing Lampard

Lescott has been quality this season, Woodgate rubbish. It's right players should be picked on current form not past reputation.

Skunk_Buster Posted on 13/10 19:17
re: Booing Lampard

DOWNING - not even on the bench !

Says it all really. Lightweight , found out !

r0chey Posted on 13/10 20:12
re: Booing Lampard

Lampard doesnt deserve his place but to boo him is embarassing.

It was a poor game and the atmosphere was wank, I flicked over to the Scotland game and you could barely hear the commentators speaking.

dibzzz Posted on 13/10 20:15
re: Booing Lampard

That's cockney's for you, if that game was played anywhere else in the country it wouldn't have happened.

Still a disgrace Wembley was built down there.

dibzzz Posted on 13/10 20:19
re: Booing Lampard

On the Lescott debate, he has been outstanding for Everton, but he was pap today for England.

I still think Woody would have done a decent job today along side Rio, but Sol did ok.

Can't believe Smith gets in the squad, he's finished as far as I'm concerned.