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A_New_Era Posted on 13/10 20:05
This country

i love it. I dont even like rugby, yet im absolutely desperate for them to win. Them showing so much passion, every single player singing that anthem with pride. 40 thousand people there with that same passion

We have our faults, but after watching idiots boo Lampard, tonights made me realise when its important and big, we fuking love our country and our sports teams


pisces Posted on 13/10 20:24
re: This country

I agree, I'm mainly a football fan but I support England in whatever sport they are competing in when it's an international.
I just love us to excel in everything, why people would dream of booing your home country players baffles me.

baldycrowe Posted on 13/10 20:29
re: This country

I agree also, Iíve just phoned my French mate up and tortured him, he took it well, then hit me his 2 year old daughter saying Viva le France, what can I say to that.

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