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dibzzz Posted on 13/10 20:11

Ok, so England are doing well in the World Cup, but does anyone in here honestly know anything about the game?

Are you one of these people who if it's on the pub and someone hoofs the ball in the air and then you look around to see the reaction first before joining in, co's you didn't really know if they had done something good or not?

I'll hold me hands up, I'm clueless about it, and that Rugby League is even more of a mystery.

Good luck to England, but I couldn't give a toss really.

peace_donkey Posted on 13/10 20:21
re: Rugby

you don't understand the rules to rugby league?

did somebody turn your computer on for you or something?

marktheborofan Posted on 13/10 20:24
re: Rugby

I dont understand the rules to Rugby either. The reason being that I have absolutely no interest in it whatsoever so have never even bothered to try and get to know the rules. Don't get me wrong, I have tried to watch it but it bores me to tears.

pisces Posted on 13/10 20:27
re: Rugby

I'm not a rugby fan but I want England to win, just because it's England. We should support England in whatever sport it is. I don't know a thing about Rugby but I dearly want them to beat the French tonight.