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dibzzz Posted on 17/10 9:53
Fav Indian food.

I know this sounds a bit different for Indian, but I get the Beef Balti (yes beef) from the Billingham Balti, it's fantastic.

Prawn on Puree Starter.
Mushroom Pilau Rice.
Garlic nan.
Two popadoms.

Food fit for Gods!

captain5 Posted on 17/10 9:56
re: Fav Indian food.

I had a gorgeous garlic chilli chicken in Birmingham about 4 weeks ago.

Not usually my thing as I'm not totally into garlic, especially when the cloves are left in to make it stronger but this was delicious.

Otherwise, I'm a tikka masala or occasionally jalfrezi man.

Nedkat Posted on 17/10 14:01
re: Fav Indian food.

Meal for two at the Indian Palace ...

Dal Soup ..................Veg soup
Starters for two .. kebabs, samosas, badgis, pekoras, popodoms, raiti, onion salad, tamarind sauce.
Lamb Rogan Josh ............... Chicken Korma
Pilau rice
Nan bread
Tea with those little balls in rose syrup.

MarlonD Posted on 17/10 14:07
re: Fav Indian food.

Egg and chips.

Don't eat any of that foreign muck.

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Pauluka Posted on 17/10 14:08
re: Fav Indian food.

Chicken Madram, Pilau Rice, Garlic Nan, Onion Bahji's and chips!

Nedkat Posted on 17/10 14:24
re: Fav Indian food.

Marlon, you do suprise me !

I always had you down as a bit of a sophisticate ..?

HAHAHAhahahahahahhhhaaaaahhaahhaaa !!!!

sad_man Posted on 17/10 14:31
re: Fav Indian food.

One of my faves and the first thing many overseas Indians order when they go back are Masala Dosa - Huge crispy pancakes with veg currie inside.

I love the Chicken Karahi (bit like bolti) from my regular curry cafe in Chungking Mansion when I lived in Hong Kong. You can make it yourself if you buy a box of 'Shan' Masala mix and follow the recipe.

If you are making your own, daal (lentil) curry is the easiest to get right and tastes remarkably good.

I love Indian food, me!

MarlonD Posted on 17/10 14:32
re: Fav Indian food.

Nedkat - Why eat stuff you might not like when you can have chips, eggs (fried/poached), sausages, burgers, fish fingers etc.

Do you think they have Sunday roast dinners in India. No.

Nedkat Posted on 17/10 14:41
re: Fav Indian food.

Funny enough, I have had a Sunday roast dinner in India .. Gravy tasted like curry sauce !

It's called experiencing other culture's food, and experimenting to discover delicious meals that you might think are the best things since you discovered Tesco's sausages ...

MarlonD Posted on 17/10 14:51
re: Fav Indian food.

Yeah but I love my English food.

Why should I try something that looks like a dog's arse has produced it after a dicky stomach.

Nedkat Posted on 17/10 14:53
re: Fav Indian food.

I like English grub, but I'd rather have some Thai food than a plate of Toad in the Hole.

Bunker1967 Posted on 17/10 14:54
re: Fav Indian food.

Marlon, are you telling us that you have never had curry sauce, rice etc or have never eaten oriental food?

MarlonD Posted on 17/10 15:14
re: Fav Indian food.

I didn't say that.

I've had curry, chips and rice from Chow's.

It was alright once I'd scraped the sauce off.

ScarboroSmoggy Posted on 17/10 15:59
re: Fav Indian food.

English food must be the most blandest most boring food in the world.

boro_bliss Posted on 17/10 16:27
re: Fav Indian food.

Poppadoms and dips
Chicken Korma
Pilau rice
Garlic Naan bread
Bacardi Coke

billybalfour Posted on 17/10 16:36
re: Fav Indian food.

I went to my pakistani mates kids party before and his old dear and wife cooked a proper kashmiri dinner, it was the best ive ever ate, it took em 2 days to prepare,
after that you can't beat a lamb balti from raj bari

jam69 Posted on 17/10 18:40
re: Fav Indian food.

lamb pathia and a great nan to mop it up,job done

TheRedCosack Posted on 17/10 23:05
re: Fav Indian food.

i like tandoori food, this has got me thinking about the best way to replace my outdoor bbq, and create some nice outdoor winter aromas, build a bonfire, build a bonfire, put the chicken at the top, put the pakoras in the middle and burn the fking lot!!

Link: build your own tandoori oven

TheRedCosack Posted on 17/10 23:07
re: Fav Indian food.

there must be a more traditional method involving wet clay

Bobby_Zelmut Posted on 17/10 23:10
re: Fav Indian food.

As a starter those kebab things made of minced lamb which look like a dog turd, but taste magnificent. Think they're called shami kebabs or something.

joseph99 Posted on 17/10 23:11
re: Fav Indian food.

Chicken Chilli Garlic, plain pilau, pops and pics and a romali roti

Ironically, Indian food in India is nowhere near as good as that found in the UK. Indian food in the USA resturants 'sucks'..

ravsplumber Posted on 18/10 0:42
re: Fav Indian food.

Generally agree with you about Indian restaurants in the USA. One of the best ones I've ever come across has to be "Ghandi" near the Central Station in Amsterdam.

jimborored Posted on 18/10 2:18
re: Fav Indian food.

Dibzzz, how are you my darling. Have you recovered from the food poisoning. I have heard a lot of people mentioning the B Balti on here and I really must set the record straight. Please people of the
peoples republic of Teesside if you ever visit the fine town of Billingham. Do not go to the Balti house. There is only one Indian worth while and that is the Shalimar. If you fancy a chinese the best place in the whole country is the LiH Wah (sic) in the town center. Enjoy people.

Doctor_Mick Posted on 18/10 6:18
re: Fav Indian food.

England's national dish is now curry. It has long since supplanted fish'n'chips or traditional roast beef as the nation's favourite dish.

Chicken Tandoori Masala was actually invented in England (probably in Brum) and I've heard ready made meals of Tandoori Masala are actually being exported to India.

I've eaten curry in India and agree with someone above that they're not as good as in the UK. I suspect that the smell of fresh warm sh­it wafting in off the Bombay streets had something to do with it.

Best curries I've had were in the Middle East and Glasgow.

Rod100 Posted on 18/10 7:22
re: Fav Indian food.

onion bhajis
vegetable pillau rice
chicken dhansak
poppadoms with raita, onion mix and mango chutney.
keema naan.

few pints and it cant be beaten

ElvisRamone Posted on 18/10 8:03
re: Fav Indian food.

Chicken Tikka Biryani from the Sea of Spice in Fareham.

Many years ago I worked in the casino in Middlesbrough and got to know loads of Boros er, shall we say ethnic restaurant and takeaway proprietors. A fairly well known takeaway owner from Park End (no clues eh?) was having a sunday dinner in the restaurant in there one day. I said to him 'looks a bit funny you having a chinese takeaway and having a traditional sunday dinner in here'.
He said to me 'you can't beat this. Anyway, what would I wanna eat that shyte for???'

sad_man Posted on 18/10 8:08
re: Fav Indian food.

Brits prefer British Indian curry and I'm sure Indians in India prefer their version. It's all subjective. And until you've eaten in a whole range of restaurants (from the best street stalls to awqard winning 5 up and down the country you can't really say how good the food can be.

British Indian food tends to be North Indian/Pakistani with the emphasis on meat and the use of tandoori ovens, whereas Southern Indian food is largely vegetrian.

I don't get to go to India much, but the Southern Indian in the Little Indias in Malaysia and Singapore are great. You can't beat a Masala Dosa for breakfast washed down with sweet tea (possibly flavoured with one of many spices like cardamon.)

I have to say that the curries from Kashmir in Bradford are pretty good, mind.

ElvisRamone Posted on 18/10 8:21
re: Fav Indian food.

I had a something that resembled a chicken curry in Vasco da Gama (Goa) in 1997.
I had the screaming ab-dabs for 10 days afterwards.

dibzzz Posted on 18/10 11:33
re: Fav Indian food.

I travelled through the whole of India for 3 months back in 94, the curry's over there resemble nothing over here.

They were mostly veg or seafood, espcially down in the south, the southern seafood from Kerala was fantastic.

I was on Kovalum beach, the very sothern tip of India, I had a full lobster, salad, rice, three bowls of curry sauce to dip the lobster pieces in, chips and a large bottle of strong lager (Cannon 2000) all for five quid!

The most popular dish through-out India is the Thali, a mixture of rice, curried veg, lentils, curry sauces served on a banana leaf, some were awful but some were the best things I've ever tasted.

I also visited Madrass, purely to have a Madrass, I was very dissapointed, the Billy Balti does a better one.

The country it's self is completely mad! I had a great time, go if you get a chance, it's off it's tits!

ElvisRamone Posted on 18/10 12:11
re: Fav Indian food.

I went to Madras, but we didn't have a Madras. Never seen poverty like it. Hundreds of people living by the side of the dual carriageway that ran through the middle of the city.

India is mad like. Nothing prepares you for the stunning kohl-eyed girls who lift their saris and squat for a pi$$ by the side of the road. And when all the traffic comes to a complete standstill because a cow's decided to get it's head down in the middle of the road!

ivan_dobsky Posted on 18/10 12:27
re: Fav Indian food.

Garlic Chicken and a head sized nan bread from Akbars in Norton. Definitely the best Indian takeaway in the area IMO.

Donkey_Hoatie Posted on 18/10 13:01
re: Fav Indian food.

jalfrezi, nan, raita, alloo chat and 2 large bottles of Cobra - LUSH!

Cobra is an English brew which we export to India, excellent!

Best indians I've had have been in Scotland. My peronal fave being the one in Eyemouth, it's the absolute dogs.