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jam69 Posted on 22/10 10:54
time for the club to act

before its too late,this town needs a premier club,the club need to look now,not next season at ticket prices,find a way of compensating sth,then drop the price to fill the ground,get some attmosphere and lift the team.
they also need to follow what portsmouth did on saturday and put free coach travel for crunch games away at bolton and derby.portsmouth put on free coach travel,took 5-6000 fans and won.chelsea have done the same this season.
if every place in the premier is worth half a million quid then one or two places in the league will pay for it,its time for the club to act before its too late!

kenny_from_the_buffs Posted on 22/10 11:02
re: time for the club to act

It would be nice to think we live is such a simple world but we dont. The club have learned from recent experiences that if they drop prices what they actually get is the same number of people in paying less money and revenue goes down.

neilteesside Posted on 22/10 12:21
re: time for the club to act

a bit less moaning from the prawn sandwich brigade.........give us ordinary lads something a 5 twice a season to watch the likes of bolton and blackburn at home.

captain5 Posted on 22/10 12:23
re: time for the club to act

Which is great, except it pisses off ST holders if you do it and if you do it too often, people stop getting STs.

neilteesside Posted on 22/10 12:26
re: time for the club to act

way there going pal.....they wont av any season ticket holders next season..........wot about us that do a 350 mile roaund trip, pay out 100 evry ome game just for ticket an train.....screw it, ill stay an watch it in the pub for 30. come on.......sundays train = no chance, so tell me why i should wait on leeds station for 7 hours to get the first morning train to sheffield or go to kings cross an wait till 06.30 monday mornin to get the train out of st pancras. nuts to that!

j_orourke Posted on 22/10 13:34
re: time for the club to act

neilteesside, why did you write like a retard on the Jim Platt thread you started or were you on class A drugs at the time?

You are far from an 'ordinary lad' pal