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mr_r_soles Posted on 24/10 12:21
Obesity/Teenage pregnancies (my theory)

Cutting a long theory short

Obesity among children is growing. Most fat birds are fair game for a pi55ed up drilling (not me but my mates have. So if these kids are getting fatter then they're more likely to be getting porked by 15 year old spotty faced boys after a can of shandy on a saturday night.

That leaves these fat kids having kids which will leave it spiralling out of control. So obesity is the key to all this and needs to be adressed by the authorities.

I honestly believe i should be working for the goverment in some capacity.

captain5 Posted on 24/10 12:27
re: Obesity/Teenage pregnancies (my theory)

Perhaps as some sort of guinea pig for testing??

mr_r_soles Posted on 24/10 12:28
re: Obesity/Teenage pregnancies (my theory)

You're just gutted that you didnt come up with the theory first.

radiogaga Posted on 24/10 12:30
re: Obesity/Teenage pregnancies (my theory)

The government should run a "Don't f*** fat birds" campaign on radio and telly.