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Salford_Boro Posted on 25/10 14:08
FAO SMoggy Stu

Now then mate, note sure what the crack is for Saturday mate, I've been trying to find that out myself, I'm not sure what I'm up to as I'm right skint

smoggystu Posted on 25/10 14:12
re: FAO SMoggy Stu

Ok mate. Well I'm to get down for about half 11. Gonna drop some stuff off at my mates and then go straight out. Do you if anyone is going to the game?

Salford_Boro Posted on 25/10 14:17
re: FAO SMoggy Stu

I think so, I think HM said he was going the other week when we were at the city game. I am but in with the manure fans. I'm up there next week for the Spuds game if you fancy a couple then?

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smoggystu Posted on 25/10 14:20
re: FAO SMoggy Stu

Yeah i will do. I think we might go down to that oyster bar before the game for a couple then have a walk round to get the tram.

sponski2000 Posted on 25/10 14:25
re: FAO SMoggy Stu

Would tha be the Blue Oyster Bar?


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Salford_Boro Posted on 25/10 14:29
re: FAO SMoggy Stu

Is that where you are going Sponski? I've heard rumours about you young man. Something about doing your gardening up hill

sponski2000 Posted on 25/10 14:40
re: FAO SMoggy Stu

Yer cheeky fooker.

Salford_Boro Posted on 25/10 14:56
re: FAO SMoggy Stu

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 25/10 18:03
re: FAO SMoggy Stu

Sorry lads, can't make the match Saturday or the post match drinks - my missus is working so I'm on childminding duties.

I'm going to be up for the Spurs match, so if you're up for a drink before the match?

You still going to Spurs match Salford? sponski is up for a beer pre-match as if you want to sort something? You can even bring your application forms along if you like.