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dibzzz Posted on 28/10 11:56
Stupid sports.

With an NFL American Football game being played at Wembley today, what other pointless sport could be played there?

I'll start, Netball.

Camsell_345 Posted on 28/10 11:57
re: Stupid sports.

womens football

ElvisRamone Posted on 28/10 12:01
re: Stupid sports.

Pro-Celebrity Kabaddi-off-ground

I've got Kings so I'm not on.

dibzzz Posted on 28/10 12:03
re: Stupid sports.

Kick the can?

gagarin Posted on 28/10 12:06
re: Stupid sports.

Swingball World Cup

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 28/10 12:14
re: Stupid sports.


Tom_Fun Posted on 28/10 12:20
re: Stupid sports.


borosmog123 Posted on 28/10 15:37
re: Stupid sports.

the sack race

SocraTees3 Posted on 28/10 15:50
re: Stupid sports.

Polishing sheet ice at 100mph whilst trying to avoid a large piece of granite crushing your metatarsal.

Nobbie Posted on 28/10 15:53
re: Stupid sports.


Poor fish catch em at sea call em cod and batter em

ravsplumber Posted on 28/10 15:56
re: Stupid sports.

Lawn Bowling

whighams_wig Posted on 28/10 15:56
re: Stupid sports.

horse racing with claire balding on board

Tom_Fun Posted on 28/10 15:57
re: Stupid sports.

Cricket? How dare you sir!

stewboss Posted on 28/10 16:07
re: Stupid sports.

Define pointless!

SocraTees3 Posted on 28/10 16:10
re: Stupid sports.

Something thats blunt!

git_boy Posted on 28/10 16:44
re: Stupid sports.

american football