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dibzzz Posted on 30/10 8:58
Can anyone clarify this?

I know this goes back a bit but I need to know the answer to this question.

When Venables came in to Help Robbo, who appointed Venables?

Was it Gibson?
Was it Robson?

I reckon it was Gibson, but someone else on here argues it was Robson, I'm not so sure.

I was a season ticket holder at the time (and still am)but this Robson appointing Venables story sounds a bit dubious to me, I must have missed something, who appointed who?

Pauluka Posted on 30/10 9:00
re: Can anyone clarify this?

Robbo's idea, Gibson went and got him

dibzzz Posted on 30/10 9:01
re: Can anyone clarify this?

Righto, that'll do ,ta!