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dibzzz Posted on 30/10 9:43
Global warming, big tax con.

All this Global warming business pisses me off. It just seems to me that the Government are rubbing their hands with glee as they impose green taxes on us.

The Government have ditched plans to charge you if your bin is a bit heavy, but have given the option for local councils to introduce it if they want to. I hope our councils shy away from it, but don't hold your breath as it would make a fortune.

I don't recycle, I really don't see how me separating a baked bean tin from a milk bottle is going to save the planet.

I do 'my bit' I have low energy lightbulbs throughout the house, all my kitchen appliances are new and category A for energy efficiency, I have a new condensing boiler, I have cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, I drive a 1.3 litre car but walk as much as I can and very rarely get on a plane.

I see on the TV that the Chinese build a power station every other week and the Yanks all drive huge gas guzzling cars as fuel is so cheap.

So no, I won't recycle and I won't be charged for not doing so!

Just as an end point, (and you don't see our politicians shouting about it) some scientists are demonstrating that all the planets in our solar system are rising in temperature at the same degree as Earth, but I don't hear of any power stations on Mars.
Could it be as simple as our Sun is getting hotter as it does from time to time, and the British public get whacked with Tax for it?

zaphod Posted on 30/10 10:02
re: Global warming, big tax con.

If "green" taxes went down, other taxes would have to go up.

maninashed Posted on 30/10 10:08
re: Global warming, big tax con.

thats ridiculous.. why would scientists care about your taxes?

susy Posted on 30/10 10:08
re: Global warming, big tax con.

I didnt know that about the other planets, but it makes sense. I never did believe that this was all down to pollution, however it might not help.

Im sick and tired of this countries government taxing us to death, Gordon Brown is more like the sheriff of nottingham.

djlocky9999 Posted on 30/10 10:13
re: Global warming, big tax con.

Global Warming, Climate Change and Carbon Footprint have become political buzzwords used by goverments around the world the scaremonger people into think they are causing the issue.

Cars put out 2% of Britains total CO2 output yet the driver is being penalised with more taxes due to "carbon emmisions".

Also C02 only makes up 0.005% of the atmosphere of the Earth and it has been proven by scientists that the amount of C02 in the air has had no effect whatsoever on long term planet climate.

It appears to be linked to sunspots on the sun which has been proven by scientists. When there are more sunspots on the sun they cause the "solar wind" and "cosmic rays" that come from the sun to be hotter then usual so this relates to a small increase in temperature of the planet.

Does my head in whenever people mention cutting carbon footprint or any of that bolloc*s!!!

beeline Posted on 30/10 10:13
re: Global warming, big tax con.

If you don't want to pay taxes jack in the job, get rid of all the consumer conveniences you love so much and go live in a cave - but make sure it's well above sea level.

susy Posted on 30/10 10:18
re: Global warming, big tax con.

I didnt say i didnt want to be taxed, however nice idea, but i certainly dont want to be taxed to death, especially for something that is a natural phenomenan.

beeline Posted on 30/10 10:21
re: Global warming, big tax con.

You seem convinced it's a natural phenomenon. Are you a scientist? Nope, thought not.

susy Posted on 30/10 10:23
re: Global warming, big tax con.

Well ive got a home chemistry kit does that count?

We could kill lots of people, that would reduce carbon emissions, breathing isnt good for our planet, or maybe we will be taxed for breathing soon.

bandito Posted on 30/10 10:25
re: Global warming, big tax con.

agreed, it's a load of cack. it all started when someone mentioned that using deodorant can cause a big hole in the ozone layer. Do I care, do I bollox.

beeline Posted on 30/10 10:27
re: Global warming, big tax con.

And from your other posts I thought you were a sensible lass susy. You carry on with your head in the clouds, it's probably too late anyway.

Doctor_Mick Posted on 30/10 10:31
re: Global warming, big tax con.

Does anyone remember the Millenium Bug? Planes were gonna fall out of the skies, nuclear warheads would go off and some peoples' DVD players would stop working at midnight.

Despite a sceptical public the Government believed the scientists who made pots of money from public funds working out ways how to save us. I guess it was worth it because nothing happened.

Anyone with shorter memories should remember that blazing hot summer we've just had.

susy Posted on 30/10 10:34
re: Global warming, big tax con.

You seem very touchy today beeline. If you read my original post you will see that I dont attempt to really know what is the truth, and to be honest there will be loads of evidence to say that it is pollution that is the cause of global warming, there will also be loads of evidence to dispute this and that global warming is a natural occurrence.

In the mean time the government jumps on the bandwagon that means they can get more money out of our hard worked for earnings. If I thought that taxing people was genuinely to help save the planet then that would be fine but I just don't believe it, I think it is just a great way of making more money out of us.

mickbrown Posted on 30/10 10:35
re: Global warming, big tax con.

Name a country where you don't get taxed.


By the way Susy - aren't you a nurse? Don't my taxes pay your wages?

elnino1 Posted on 30/10 10:36
re: Global warming, big tax con.

Global warming is a fooking myth designed to rob us blind.

It's what happens on this planet, it's been happening for century's.

bandito Posted on 30/10 10:36
re: Global warming, big tax con.

susy, I think you've hit the nail on the head. They've actually exhausted every taxable avenue possible

tarquin_foxglove Posted on 30/10 10:37
re: Global warming, big tax con.

"I really don't see how me separating a baked bean tin from a milk bottle is going to save the planet."

It won't, but it will reduce the amount of rubbish going to a landfill and will reduce costs for your council and one would hope your council tax bill.

"Could it be as simple as our Sun is getting hotter as it does from time to time"

The sun is getting hotter, about 0.03% in the last 20 years, which is reckoned to add 1 deg C to average temperatures in the next 100 years.

However the rise in surface temperatures on earth have added nearly 0.5 deg C to the average in the last 20 years and the prediction is that average surface temperatures will rise by 4 deg C over the same period.

Also the average 0.5 deg C rise is different in different places, 4 deg C at the poles and 0.1 at the tropics.

Climate change is cyclical and from studies of ice cores we should be in a mini ice age (the Thames freezing over in November etc) but we aren't, we are in a mini heat wave.

Doctor_Mick Posted on 30/10 10:37
re: Global warming, big tax con.

Name a country where tax rates are higher than UK. Not many.

Brown is bleeding the English dry to subsidise the idle Jocks.

Doctor_Mick Posted on 30/10 10:38
re: Global warming, big tax con.

Mini heat wave? Where are you Tarky? Saudi?

susy Posted on 30/10 10:39
re: Global warming, big tax con.

Mickbrown I dont wish to be taxed to death, thats all.

Get a different party in power and the tax system will change in this country, dont know whether it will be better or worse.

You tax doesnt pay my wages I dont work for the NHS.

djlocky9999 Posted on 30/10 10:39
re: Global warming, big tax con.

It will be certianly interesting in about 20 years time when scientists have predicted that the temperature will drop slightly "global cooling". Lets see where all these scaremongers go after that!

Doctor_Mick Posted on 30/10 10:42
re: Global warming, big tax con.

I see Gordy Brown has driven out Lewis Hamilton to Switzerland where tax is at a more reasonable level.

Or maybe he moved there because it is cooler.

bandito Posted on 30/10 10:43
re: Global warming, big tax con.

if the temperature is constantly rising then fkin great. It will save us all a fortune and we wouldnt have to go to the continent every summer to see some sun!

mickbrown Posted on 30/10 10:45
re: Global warming, big tax con.

Susy, you're not being taxed to death. Don't exaggerate woman.

beeline Posted on 30/10 10:50
re: Global warming, big tax con.

It's not personal susy - I get pÔssed off with the excuses used by people, business and governments to bury their heads while Rome burns. I really believe that we're close to the point of no return, so feel I have a right to be pÔssed off and am at a point where I feel it's pointless even discussing the subject. If you have children (or grandchildren as I do) then I'd fear for their future, but you can be sure that the first to suffer will be the poor in undeveloped countries, so we will have a little longer to worry about important things like how much tax we pay.

Doctor_Mick Posted on 30/10 10:55
re: Global warming, big tax con.

Kick that Jock out of power and I guarantee tax rates and temperatures will fall.

Those that fear for the future should stop watching Video-nasties from the millionaire Michael Moore and Al Gore (the man with the biggest home and electricity bill in California).

susy Posted on 30/10 11:00
re: Global warming, big tax con.

It is true that I dont trust what I am being told by governments and polititians and their lackies, they have lied to us before now and only tell us what they want us to know.

I do have children and do worry about their futures and if they have children themselves, their futures. I am worried but don't want to ruin my life by worrying if you no what i mean. I do take this seriously but dont trust the government. Is green tax the only way forward? What about education and example? Private jets in use for royals and government officials? Over use of their cars. Planned closure of local schools in 2012, the kids wont walk the distances so parents will take and collect kids from school.

This subject is massive, it just seems that the easy option is taken, scare the folks and then hit them with another tax hike.

Rod100 Posted on 30/10 11:02
re: Global warming, big tax con.

throughout near enough the whole age of our planet, it has endured glacial and inter glacial periods; that is periods where it cools considerably and periods where it warms considerably. i firmly believe that we are in an interglacial period, therefore things are warming up.

that said the deforrestation, over fishing and pollution can't be helping things.

i agree it is an easy way to tax us more and pray on our consciences. fuckoff with your extra tax thank you very much.

for example - if i want a car that is say 4lts/SUV i pay for it at the petrol pump in the form of a high tax; why should my road tax increase to a ridiculous amount because my car is deemed a 'gas guzzler'. ive already paid a boat load of tax at the pump you twat and the emissions of my car are lower than a mini - yet i am nailed for extra tax.

double fcking standards.

zaphod Posted on 30/10 11:04
re: Global warming, big tax con.

Taxes etc. are higher in most other developed countries than in UK. The USA is lower, but you don't have the NHS there. Abolish the NHS and you could have lower taxes here. Mind you, the bottom 20% to 30% wouldn't be able to afford health care.

10hazza Posted on 30/10 11:08
re: Global warming, big tax con.

I thought it was all a load of crap till i watched 'an inconvenient truth' really opened my eyes, you cannot dispute fact and the figures shown in that documentary are pretty scary and hard hitting.

Rod100 Posted on 30/10 11:14
re: Global warming, big tax con.

it is possible to manipulate facts, figures and statistics to aid your own arguement.

10hazza Posted on 30/10 11:25
re: Global warming, big tax con.

Suppose we better dismiss all fact then, might have been manipulated by someone down the line, the world is not really round, it is in fact flat

axel1974 Posted on 30/10 11:27
re: Global warming, big tax con.

The day they stop shagging the environment in China and the Yanks stop driving gas guzzlers for the sake of it is the day I will feel obliged to pay more for my waste disposal

Orlando2Boro Posted on 30/10 11:41
re: Global warming, big tax con.

I have a solution for you guys and gals just move to the USA and taxes are a hell of a lot lower. A couple of problems however, no free health care, get ready to pay up to 100K a year for University for your kids, higher crime because of fewer police, better have your finance sorted when you retire because you will get little or nothing from Government, if you get sick don't think you will have money coming in from Government you are on your own, get ready to have the worlds largest debt to hand over to your kids and grand kids to sort out, get ready to only be on the dole for 18 months and get ready for the Republican party trying to cut taxes even more and slash even more programs that you take for granted in the UK now.
Most of Europe has higher taxes then the UK. I lived in a couple of other countries in Europe and they are very high. Finland has a top bracket of something like 70%.
As far as global warming some politics and truth I think that we need to take it seriously but don't think the world will end next year.
Jumping off soapbox now. Little cranky up all night with my son.

Kilburn Posted on 30/10 11:46
re: Global warming, big tax con.

"Does anyone remember the Millenium Bug? Planes were gonna fall out of the skies, nuclear warheads would go off and some peoples' DVD players would stop working at midnight"

As an IT bod, can I just say: aaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh! at this point.

The Millenium Bug turned out not to be a problem because a lot of people put a lot of hard work into fixing it in advance. I can say as an absolute fact that if we had taken the "la la la, nothing bad will happen, we're all living in a lovely fluffy fairy wonderland" approach on that occasion, that many things would have been fcuked up.

zaphod Posted on 30/10 11:47
re: Global warming, big tax con.

The trouble with these dedicated environmentalists is that they're quite willing to be dishonest in the service of their "true faith". Al Gore was recently found in the High Court to have been economical with the truth in "An Inconvenient Truth".

I'm pretty sure that man-made global warming is happening, mainly because the cold/warm cycle of the earth seems to relate to the orbit around the sun and we should be starting an ice age at this point of the orbit. But I'm also pretty sure that the "true believers" are exaggerating and, in some cases, lying. I really don't know what to believe.

Link: Not Entirely True

Doctor_Mick Posted on 30/10 11:50
re: Global warming, big tax con.

Yeah, yeah. yeah Kilburn.

What's your hourly rate?

sad_man Posted on 30/10 11:53
re: Global warming, big tax con.

Let's fiddle while Rome burns!

zoec Posted on 30/10 11:54
re: Global warming, big tax con.

As someone who lives in a city with one of the biggest landfill sites in Britain, it seems fairly obvious to me that recycling has to be done, whether global warming exists or not.

Also, the argument of not worrying about your own behaviour towards the environment because other countries are worse sounds like something a 5 year-old would come out with.

mickbrown Posted on 30/10 11:58
re: Global warming, big tax con.

As does moaning that you pay too much tax.

pat_the_cat Posted on 30/10 12:47
re: Global warming, big tax con.

Can you be held indirectly responsible for the melting of the polar ice-caps because you do your washing at 40c as opposed to 30c? Either the skid marks go or the ice-caps. The choice is yours.
By the way. In a lot of other countries a cold wash is the norm. The results are just the same as a normal warm wash. So do you think the energy companies in this country are in cahoots with the washing powder and washing machine companies.

Rod100 Posted on 30/10 13:13
re: Global warming, big tax con.

10hazza - i was merely pointing out that the government etc can massage statistics to aid in the proving of their point. and vice versa.

however as you appear to be a know it all i am assuming you knew that already

truggg Posted on 30/10 13:22
re: Global warming, big tax con.

Doctor Mick- Lewis Hamilton said he was moving to Switzerland because he had more privacy there- No mention at all about Gordon Brown or taxes- Still, if it fits your agenda.....

Susy,-if you think taxes will be lower if you get another party in then you are deluded. At best they will stay the same. The Tories do not lower taxes, they redistribute them so that the worst off pay more and the better off pay less, ala John Major and Maggie Thatcher years. (Remember the Tories lowering the rate of income tax from 33% to 24%- over 10 years or so. This was paid for by ALL of us who did not have accountants in the form of 17% VAT- guess which members of our society were worse off and guess which members of our society were better off)
The Lib Dems have openly said that they will increase taxes to tackle Global warming and to finance Green Issues

dibzzz Posted on 30/10 14:29
re: Global warming, big tax con.

Good to see a lot of you in here agree with me, as I say I do my bit so I'm not entirely a carbon monster, I'm extremely sceptical anyway of what our politicians feed to us on a daily basis via the TV/radio that we're all terrible polluters and we're all going to die.

I suppose I do recycle to a certain extent, I've used the household recycling centre at Haverton Hill numerous times for stuff that won't go in the bin, I just appose any extra tax or penalty for having heavier bin than the week before, it's unjust, it penalises large families and will encourage fly tipping.

For example, we are expecting our 2nd kid next week, have you ever felt the weight of a soiled nappy? They're quite heavy, especially when you have a weeks worth in the wheely bin, so please tell me how I can recycle a dirty nappy?

susy Posted on 30/10 14:32
re: Global warming, big tax con.

I dont know about recycling disposable nappies but I guess you could remove the plastic and compost the rest???????

dibzzz Posted on 30/10 14:44
re: Global warming, big tax con.

lol, nice reply, as if I'll have time to do that with a new baby, plus how do you compost when you have a backyard?

Just imagine this, 6pm January -5 snowing heavily;

"Yes dear, I'll give the baby it's bath when I've managed to cut out all the plastic on this pile of dirty nappies we have in the yard"

Think I'll just put them in the bin.

susy Posted on 30/10 14:48
re: Global warming, big tax con.

I now have this image of a very tired man standing in a back yard, it is snowing heavily and he is wearing his wifes dressing gown that is far too small for him and pink marigolds. He is cutting up nappies to put the contents in a compost bin and gagging and trying to hold his breath.

Maybe not a good idea then.

SoyDelBoro Posted on 30/10 14:49
re: Global warming, big tax con.

Thing that annoys me is the massive salaries of the so called global warming experts, half say it exists, half say it doesnt, so some are getting paid loads and they know phuqk all

dibzzz Posted on 30/10 14:51
re: Global warming, big tax con.


The green gestapo would say;

"It'll be worth it as the baby will be able to breathe clean air when it's 60."

btw, I suit pink dressing gowns

tarquin_foxglove Posted on 30/10 15:26
re: Global warming, big tax con.

"..the so called global warming experts, half say it exists, half say it doesn't.."

I don't think anyone is denying that the average surface temperature of the earth is rising.

The division's are generally,
is it man made?
if it is, can we do anything about it?
if we can, is the current aim to reduce CO2 output going to do anything?

dibzzz Posted on 30/10 15:47
re: Global warming, big tax con.

Had to laugh when Tony Blair stood down from prime-minister.
This is the bloke who's government came up with the buzz words, Carbon Footprint, Co2 Emissions, Green Tax, Global Warming etc.

When he stood down, he flew to Teesside airport to announce his resignation at Sedgefield, then flew back to London a couple of hours later, in-between No10, airports, Sedgefield etc he travelled in a 6litre Jag, followed by an entourage of supporters, family, security, police, photographers and reporters.

That personal return day trip emitted more Co2 emissions than I do in a year.
Didn't seem to worry him in the slightest, I'd love to see that tw@ts 'carbon footprint'.

btw, has anyone heard anything of him lately? He's done the best bit of disappearing up his own arse I've ever seen,,,,the tw@t.

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Ding_Dang_Boro Posted on 30/10 15:55
re: Global warming, big tax con.

The polution = global warming is just a joke. If you look back through the history of time and temperatures you will see how the earth has been heating up to high temperatures and then cooling down (otherwise known as the iceage) its the way the planet has been working since the so called big bang. The government just use this as a way of trying to frighten people and get money for something that the planet does naturally. Warm up then Cool down. I myself am not convinced about this.