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borobuddah Posted on 31/10 21:05

Too late perhaps, but Nigella Lawson has a fantastic recipe for prawn and pumpkin curry. Done in coconut milk, it's the Ballacks.

The pumpkin absorbs the spices and flavour brilliantly.

(Tip, par cook it and let the spices infuse, you ruin it by over-cooking the pumpkin.)

radiogaga Posted on 31/10 21:06
re: Pumpkins

You f_anny.

pat_the_cat Posted on 31/10 21:17
re: Pumpkins

Wouldn't bother trying to make it with a Tesco quality pumpkin as they taste of nowt. Need a proper onefrom somewhere like an asian grocers or farmshop.

borobuddah Posted on 31/10 21:23
re: Pumpkins

Sorry, Radio?

Were you saying do I fancy doing it with Butternut squash, or that you shgged one last inght and have got mixed up between the culinary and the cunnisummat else?

Please explain.

Camsell_345 Posted on 31/10 21:41
re: Pumpkins

So Nigella Lawson cooks as well then.

So you watch her show for the cooking mmm interesting

pat_the_cat Posted on 31/10 21:56
re: Pumpkins

She's a right fat cow. Mind you, I'd love to help ice her buns.

radiogaga Posted on 31/10 21:57
re: Pumpkins

You should be making something British.

Like bacon and turnip soup.

Mmmm, now that is lush!

pat_the_cat Posted on 31/10 21:59
re: Pumpkins

Sounds like something you'd get in a Rumanian prison.

borobadge Posted on 31/10 22:03
re: Pumpkins

Bud !..i made a really nice (but hot) Pumpkin and Corriander soup (it was really a broth)...

cook the pumpkin carvings in water till soft.

red pepper, garlic, salt and pepper with 1/2 of the into a liquidiser (or hand held mixer).

add some coconut milk (not too much), mix again...

add in the pumpkin and add the rest of the corriander to the mixer/liquidiser..

remove to a sauce pan, add the rest of the coconut milk and gently stir under heat, to perfection...

serve with fresh uncut bread......

pat_the_cat Posted on 31/10 22:04
re: Pumpkins

Sounds like something you'd get in an upmarket asian prison.

Tom_Fun Posted on 31/10 22:32
re: Pumpkins

Prawn and pumpkin sounds rank.

borobuddah Posted on 1/11 13:26
re: Pumpkins

Nice one Badger, how was it hot with no chillies?