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Tom_Fun Posted on 3/11 15:11

2 down. Kamara looks delighted.

chrism2050 Posted on 3/11 15:11
re: Newcastle

come on pompey!!!!!

Tom_Fun Posted on 3/11 15:13
re: Newcastle


chrism2050 Posted on 3/11 15:14
re: Newcastle

What the fook is going on up there?

Islandstone Posted on 3/11 15:14
re: Newcastle

Really hope the SKunks lose big..

and that the Boro take three points!

Tom_Fun Posted on 3/11 15:18
re: Newcastle

1-3. Kamara might have another 7-4 on his hands.

ElvisRamone Posted on 3/11 15:21
re: Newcastle

It's easy to imagine the unadulterated hatred and venom the gerodie nation will be spitting towards BFS.