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PapaJohn Posted on 3/11 16:06
GON - Jinx

Have we got a point with him in the team?

or is it another waste of millions?

chrism2050 Posted on 3/11 16:10
re: GON - Jinx

GON has been superb since he arrived. Why even bring this up?

Tom_Fun Posted on 3/11 16:12
re: GON - Jinx

O'Neil is a great player and has been one of the bright spots of our poor season.

mallabar_is_god Posted on 3/11 16:12
re: GON - Jinx

PapaJohn - fook off idiot

sad_man Posted on 3/11 16:18
re: GON - Jinx

Playing form teams, mate. Playing form teams.

sad_man Posted on 3/11 16:24
re: GON - Jinx

Having a good game

onthemap Posted on 3/11 16:29
re: GON - Jinx

Our best player and should eventually be our central midfield kingpin.