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Tom_Fun Posted on 3/11 16:52
Decent result

I don't understand the booing, we did well to get back into the game.

ERIMUS63 Posted on 3/11 16:53
re: Decent result

its a message to gibson
the fans are not happy

SoyDelBoro Posted on 3/11 16:53
re: Decent result

Considering we had so many players out maybe it is, Woody, Mido, Arca and Poga would all have started today plus we came back into the game. Spurs are a good side, look at their bench FFS, Keane and Berbatov

Tom_Fun Posted on 3/11 16:55
re: Decent result

But surely it's an improvement?

richboro Posted on 3/11 16:57
re: Decent result

GON should be permanent captain, better than Woodgate and Boateng.
Cannot wait to get Arca, Mido, Pogatetz, Huth and Woodgate back.

mallabar_is_god Posted on 3/11 17:01
re: Decent result



TheSmogMonster Posted on 3/11 17:06
re: Decent result

It was a decent result, we're missing a third of our first team.

Roll on Bolton.

tropic_of_cancer Posted on 3/11 17:10
re: Decent result

I'm willing to bet that none of the people on this thread so far actually saw the game.
I am watching it from SE Asia and i can tell you the booing was deserved

ERIMUS63 Posted on 3/11 17:11
re: Decent result

how little you know mallabar_is_dog

Tom_Fun Posted on 3/11 17:12
re: Decent result

And what exactly does booing achieve?

Kevo_Number_4 Posted on 3/11 17:15
re: Decent result

I take that as a very good point, look at the forward line we finished with and the one they finished with, shows the gap in class between the two clubs doesn't it.
Our fans are mostly made up of uneducated fools, those who actually understand the game realise a point aginst a team like spurs at this moment in time is a good result considering who we were missing, truly worthy of applause rather than the idiots who boo'd.

Kevo_Number_4 Posted on 3/11 17:16
re: Decent result

I did thanx tropic of cancer, and the booing was not deserved whatsoever

TheSmogMonster Posted on 3/11 17:17
re: Decent result

"I'm willing to bet that none of the people on this thread so far actually saw the game."

I hope you don't gamble for a living out there as you lose.

Performance wasn't that bad, subs were terrible though, but do you not think that such a large section of our team being out isn't costing us? Of course you don't because your Mackum Troll.