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jam69 Posted on 5/11 15:41
we are bigger than juventus

well not really,but we had a bigger crowd than them at the weekend,22,722 againist top of the table inter.
other crowds this weekend in the italian top fight were
cagliari 8,000
catania 16,606
empoli 10,000
genoa 23,595
lazio 12,000
livorno 7,773
parma 13,362
are they getting as pissed off with football as alot of people in this country?

grantus Posted on 5/11 15:54
re: we are bigger than juventus

That's interesting.

Juventus lost a lot of supporters when they moved out of town to a stadium that all the supporters hate and is very poor to get to.

I'd like to see a comparison of attendances and match day financial takings across clubs in the top level of major European countries.

mm40 Posted on 5/11 16:03
re: we are bigger than juventus

almost make us look like a champions leaague outfit , to be honest when gazza was playing over there they had full stadiums however football gates in italy have been on the decline for years. I think those figures will be what a lot of the smaller premiership clubs end up with.

grantus Posted on 5/11 16:38
re: we are bigger than juventus

So, who's going to get this table for me then?