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mr_r_soles Posted on 7/11 20:50
Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

Dont you think it would be a good idea to ban shearer_hero and Ankara?

I love a bit of banter but this shearer_hero is either too thick or immature to wind us up without being cringeworthy.

As for the other idiot, he's just here to piss people off and cause trouble.

Ankara Posted on 7/11 20:52
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

I think NedKat, GibbosEmpire and showman21 should be baned as well. The threatening and inti intimidating behaviour isn't necessary and quite frankly, appalling.

mr_r_soles Posted on 7/11 20:53
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

But they have been members on here for a long time and never caused any trouble. You on the other hand are just looking for it.

rick4974 Posted on 7/11 20:55
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

yeh ban the 2 fiicking doyles, they serve no purpose on here.
get rid

showman21 Posted on 7/11 20:58
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

I would n`t mind being baned if i knew what it meant!

As for inti intimidating behaviour?

Ankara you have given yourself away as Brisbane tonight as that is who i threatened, you mug!

Ankara Posted on 7/11 21:01
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

showman21 why don't you go drink some bleach, you turdstain?

showman21 Posted on 7/11 21:03
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

Much prefer anti-freeze if yer buying, my good fellow

Ankara Posted on 7/11 21:04
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

Whatever as long as you sod off you dopey little chav.

showman21 Posted on 7/11 21:07
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

My how your language has changed.

Chav? Moi? Sorry you must have me mistaken with your in bred cousins who double as yer uncle and yer sister.

uzumaki Posted on 7/11 21:07
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby


Ankara Posted on 7/11 21:08
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

No, showman21 you're afucking little scumbag chav. Go play with the traffic you thick twat.

GibbosEmpire Posted on 7/11 21:46
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

Explain why I should be banned?

Ankara Posted on 7/11 21:47
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

I already have you dopey, cry-baby.

GibbosEmpire Posted on 7/11 21:49
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

Proof please.

rick4974 Posted on 7/11 21:50
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

gibbo, ignore him, he might go to bed soon if he's being ignored

Ankara Posted on 7/11 21:54
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

You want proof then go search your post history. I know where they are but I'm not going to hold your hand and spoon-feed you so you can go and edit them, you silly, thick idiot.

GibbosEmpire Posted on 7/11 21:56
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

I can't edit them after its been 3 hours since the original post was made.

Try me,I dare you.

Ankara Posted on 7/11 22:00
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

Hahahaha! Dare me! What is this; fooking cub scouts, you stupid twat? I don't think that I will I'd rather just let you boil and let the mods deal with you.

Boro_Owl Posted on 7/11 22:02
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

This guys obviously a Dusseldorf remake, soon as they see what he's saying they'll ban him no trouble.

kazzaxxx Posted on 7/11 22:04
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

thought he would of gone by now

Ankara Posted on 7/11 22:06
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

kazzaxxx I made you a propostion. I want your hand in marriage.

GibbosEmpire Posted on 7/11 22:06
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

Cos you haven't got shyte on me or anyone else,you're a fake and disguises yourself to mask your identity,that trys to stir up trouble by insulting anyone and everyone with the lowest,sickest,disgusting kind of comments when theres no need for it on a football messageboard.

Get a a life or fck off,you wouldn't dare say those comments to anyones face.

kazzaxxx Posted on 7/11 22:10
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

sorry i aint into little boys

The_lawmaker Posted on 7/11 22:23
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

I thought you guys were handling these two trolls well....however I agree now they have become tiresome and deserve to go to the home of retired trolls.

One of them does have the smell of duseldorf I agree and I will check on that.

Steves threat was if he joins again his email address will be posted on here.

GibbosEmpire Posted on 7/11 22:31
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby

Please do put his Email Address up on here.

git_boy Posted on 8/11 8:28
re: Lawmaker/Steve Goldby