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mr_r_soles Posted on 8/11 10:28
Call of Duty 4

Out for the 360 tomorrow, anyone getting it?

Link: clip

Boro_Owl Posted on 8/11 10:38
re: Call of Duty 4

Graphically excellent.

I might be tempted...

mr_r_soles Posted on 8/11 10:54
re: Call of Duty 4

Get it, its looks pretty good like, i'm trading a couple of games in to get it, i see a lot of yanks are playing it already.

The_GOAT Posted on 8/11 11:02
re: Call of Duty 4

I'm looking at getting a 360, but how useful is the extra hard drive space? The difference between the pro one and elite is about 40-50, but the elite has 100gb more - is it worth it?

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mr_r_soles Posted on 8/11 11:07
re: Call of Duty 4

Not at all mate, just get a normal one.

phliptop Posted on 8/11 11:10
re: Call of Duty 4

i downloaded and played the pc demo and the graphics and gameplay was brilliant its going to be even better on xbox360

tacker Posted on 8/11 11:12
re: Call of Duty 4

My brother received his this morning?
It's the only 'action' game I can get away with playing, I hate all that 'Halo' shyte, it bores me within 5 minutes.

Simon1 Posted on 8/11 11:13
re: Call of Duty 4

I'm hoping to get it delivered today from Really enjoyed the multiplayer beta a few months ago. Thought it was even better than Halo 3.

Regarding the hard drive goat, i have the 20gig hard drive and have still 11.5 gig free (had it nearly 2 years now). Saying that, if it's only another 40-50 more for the 100gig, that's well worth it. Especially when Microsoft get their fingers out regarding the ability to download tv shows and movies in the UK.

The_GOAT Posted on 8/11 11:18
re: Call of Duty 4

What do you use the HD for? Demos and saved games?

Simon1 Posted on 8/11 11:23
re: Call of Duty 4

yes, saved gamesand demo's. Although like i said, Microsoft are briging out movies and tv shows to download at some point. It's been out in America for nearly a year I think. Depends if that takes your interest. If not, the 20 gig will be sufficient.

siddaway2 Posted on 8/11 11:39
re: Call of Duty 4

its a definate purchase for me got the beta demo for 360 on live and thought it was excellent.

Simon1 Posted on 8/11 11:46
re: Call of Duty 4

just looked Goat, to buy the 120 gig hard drive alone is 130.

Rod100 Posted on 8/11 11:53
re: Call of Duty 4

it looks quality. only thing is the reviews say it is very short - 5 hours or so.

mr_r_soles Posted on 8/11 12:09
re: Call of Duty 4

Doesnt matter how short the game is if you're on live.

I'm still playing COD2 and its 2 years old.

scoea Posted on 8/11 13:59
re: Call of Duty 4

It isn't just the bigger hard drive with the elite, you also get an HDMI output which allows you to watch Full HD i.e. 1080p. So it depends whether that is important to you.