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PinkPonce Posted on 9/11 11:01
BT Line Connection

If my property hasnt had the BT line active in the last 3 months, do I have to pay 125 quid to get the line set up again.??

Boro_inleeds Posted on 9/11 11:03
re: BT Line Connection

No, the 125 is for instalation of a new BT line. You should only have to pay the re-connection charge which is a lot less.

susy Posted on 9/11 11:03
re: BT Line Connection

Ring them up and ask..... oh sorry

norfolkred1 Posted on 9/11 11:10
re: BT Line Connection

Always worth a barter with BT,if they try and charge you, they do not have the monoply anymore

buttermyarse Posted on 9/11 11:11
re: BT Line Connection

If we are playing Monopoly can I be the racing car?

PinkPonce Posted on 9/11 11:22
re: BT Line Connection

woo hoo...

got it free x

norfolkred1 Posted on 9/11 11:23
re: BT Line Connection

BMA of course you can, but can you afford the petrol for it