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boro1980 Posted on 13/11 10:22
X box 3 red lights ?

Anyone know What i do to get rid of the 3 red lights on my x box 360 ?


skiprat Posted on 13/11 10:23
re: X box 3 red lights ?

You have to send it back to Microsoft. 3 red lights means it's fooked.

LTS_3 Posted on 13/11 10:24
re: X box 3 red lights ?

I haven't had that happen to me yet, have been dreading it. Think the only way to fix it is to send it to Microsoft? And obviously you can't do that if it has been flashed (I don't think anyway)

So, if that is the case, get on e-bay and find another one!

skiprat Posted on 13/11 10:26
re: X box 3 red lights ?

You can still send it back if it's been flashed. Lad in my work sent his back and then just sent him out a new one (which he then had to get flashed).

swordtrombonefish Posted on 13/11 10:28
re: X box 3 red lights ?

They now do a collect, repair, return, via UPS courier - so if it is flashed, they just return it, they do not fix it.

riggots_rooster Posted on 13/11 10:35
re: X box 3 red lights ?

Send it back to Microsoft or if it's less than 6 months old take it back to the shop.

Probably the motherboard has gone.

phliptop Posted on 13/11 10:39
re: X box 3 red lights ?

my xbox369 went after the warrenty ran out but my brother fixed mine and its running fine now.he found out how to fix it on the net and he did it with 8 pennys some cooling paste for the chip and a towel.just look it up on the net strange but it works

boro1980 Posted on 13/11 10:39
re: X box 3 red lights ?

Anyone know how long the warranty's last for ?

swordtrombonefish Posted on 13/11 10:42
re: X box 3 red lights ?

I sent one back last Friday, the girl on the phone (wouldn't leave me alone) said:

- They would collect it, repair and return the unit
- The warranty for repair/return unit would be 3 years.
- The repair would take 15 days

I was asked if the unit had any "third party modifications" - it had not, but I'm guessing if it had you would be fooked.

boro1980 Posted on 13/11 10:44
re: X box 3 red lights ?

Who did you ring mate ?

swordtrombonefish Posted on 13/11 10:48
re: X box 3 red lights ?

Assistance by phone:
0800 587 1102

See the link for full details.

Link: XBOX Support

kazzaxxx Posted on 13/11 10:49
re: X box 3 red lights ?

Boro1980 have a look here

Link: .......

Jan_Aage_Fjortoft Posted on 13/11 11:56
re: X box 3 red lights ?

I have just got my Xbox back yesterday from that fault. I sent it on the 16th of October and requested the return using this link:

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Link: Link...

garno5 Posted on 13/11 15:07
re: X box 3 red lights ?

I sent mine off that was flashed and banned off Live and got the same console back fixed, still flashed and unbanned off Live!


swordtrombonefish Posted on 13/11 15:14
re: X box 3 red lights ?

Bloody good that mind - did they ask anyone else about 3rd party mods?

scoea Posted on 13/11 17:42
re: X box 3 red lights ?

There are a few shops locally that will charge you to repair it as well. Not as good as the Microsoft option but quicker and without hassle.

Cyrus2006 Posted on 13/11 20:33
re: X box 3 red lights ?

Philiptop is right. I think it is called the TOW trick and it involves wrapping a towel around your 360. Takes less than a day to fix and you can find out how if you search up on google.

tweedle Posted on 14/11 8:18
re: X box 3 red lights ?

This bugs me massively.

If any product you buy goes wrong take it back to the retailer and demand your money back or a replacement. Ignore their arguments about warranties and manufacturers' guarantees. Ignore their offers to get it repaired. These guarantees/warranties are all in addition to your statutory rights and your statutorty rights are that goods have to be of satisfactory quality. This means they have to last a reasonable length of time. What's reasonable for an XBox? I'd argue a good couple of years.

Retailers are pulling the wool over all of your eyes...