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PinkPonce Posted on 13/11 14:58
You know what Pi$ses Me off!

I don't know whether it is the gazette or the club but a couple of examples.

Arca is out for 2 months with his injury. Injury sustained on 22/09. Aston Villa iis 24/11. Will Arca return? No. Will we see him before xmas? Probs not

Mido. Could make it against Spurs. Just didn't make it. Could make it against Bolton. Just didn't make it but will be in against Villa. Guess what. Strugglnig to make Villa.

It really gets on my nerves.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 13/11 15:00
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

From the ministry of disinformation that is MFC combined with it's chief advertiser, the Evening Gazette.

Bring back Fordy.

Vincent75 Posted on 13/11 15:11
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

When Arca initially got injured it was reported he'd be out for 6 weeks. That 6 week figure didn't change for weeks.

means_the_world Posted on 13/11 15:13
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

say what you like about alan shearer he was a model pro when it meant taking recovery seriously. gotta admire him for it.

lisboalegend Posted on 13/11 15:14
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

WTF has Shearer got to do with anything?

PinkPonce Posted on 13/11 15:14
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

thats what i mean Vin...

They are just 2 examples... It happens ALL of the time.

I've never felt so far away from the boro in all my life.

I know i am a mere bairn compared to some of you on this site, but the thought of me missing home game used to scare me... Nowadays I don't care.

I think this is all part of the reason why crowds are down. They feed us full of shoite and expect us to believe them.

Big_Shot Posted on 13/11 15:16
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

The problem with Arca is that when he gets injured he's out for the full length of time that injury takes to heal, and then takes a few more weeks to get back up to speed. Despite the official site saying he has an outside chance of making the Villa game, it would be madness to rush him back for that.

PinkPonce Posted on 13/11 15:16
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

just looked on Physip room..

Middlesbrough 6 F Rochemback Leg Injury no return date
J Woodgate Hamstring Injury 24th Nov 07
B Jones Thigh Muscle Strain 15th Dec 07
Mido Groin Strain 24th Nov 07
J Arca MCL Knee Ligament Injury 24th Nov 07
M Bates ACL Knee Injury Feb 08

shows mido and arca being back on saturday. I don't believe it. The game casme just too soon for the boro star men, but they will be back for the following fixture.... BLAH BLAGH BLAH.

BTW - whats happened to Fabio!!! We will really be in the shoite if he is injured and doesnt have a return date!!!

Vincent75 Posted on 13/11 15:18
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

I know what you mean. You aren't alone judging by the turn outs this season. Having a season ticket makes you duty bound to go though.

PinkPonce Posted on 13/11 15:20
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

bigshot - my point is, that arca was never going to be fit for that game. he won't be rushed back for the game.

SO WHY are the club telling us that he will be...

One suspects it is in hope of selling more tickets. Bolton away, the club have sold 200 of 500 purchased tickets.

"I know, lets tell the gazette that mido is pushing to be included for the game - that'll sell a few tickets we've already had to pay for!!"

Gazette Headline.. Mido in race to be fit.

Mido today handed GS a major boost when he was included in the squad. the star striker will be welcome returned to the starting line up and will have a last minute fitness test blah blah blah.

Go and fook yourselves MFC and the gazette

PinkPonce Posted on 13/11 15:21
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

i know - the crack with the lads in the pub befoer and after is great - and we always say its a shame the match gets in the way of things.

I don't know how i feel anymore.

means_the_world Posted on 13/11 15:22
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

shearer got injured and worked so that he got back before expected not sometime 3 months afterwards

keep up lisboa.

Big_Shot Posted on 13/11 15:25
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

But they aren't though, it just says there is an outside chance of him being fit for Villa. I had no idea on how far away he was from returning, them saying that encourages me that he will be back sooner rather than later.

Here's what they say:

'Julio Arca: Medial ligament against Sunderland on September 22, out for around two months. Back in light training ahead of schedule, has outside chance of facing Aston Villa on November 24'

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PinkPonce Posted on 13/11 15:27
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

i couldn't give a fook how ghard someone works to get back...

I care about the fact that the club is taking the p!ss out of me when i have paid nigh on 500 quid for a season ticket, yet they put the same bullshoite inthe gazette week after week after week, telling me that players are going to be back for certain games when they are quite clearly not.

I will put my neck on the line and say that we wont see arca for another 4 weeks. that will mea he has been out for 13, when his injury was originally for 6 weeks.

It is an absolute joke and i dont think i am prepared to take it anymore. I am fed up... I try not to get to emotionally involved in the football related posts on here.

I generally use it to take stick, ask questions about laptops, BT, and other random things, or to just be nosey...

BUT i was sat here today getting more and more frustrated. reading the posts, everyone coming up with the own season saving ideas.

I'll face facts - we are shoite. I can handle that. But i don't like being cheated. And i feel cheated.

arse munching c0ck suckers

wilkos_perm Posted on 13/11 15:27
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

Pink Ponce you are a drama queen. It's not an exact science knowing when someone will be back. I dont think ive been taken by suprise on any injury situations this season, so im not sure what you've been reading.

Vincent75 Posted on 13/11 15:28
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

Take any info from club with a pinch of salt. Do the Boro still have the same medical staff who let Ugo Ehiogu go on his summer holiday with a knackered cruciate ligament?

PinkPonce Posted on 13/11 15:29
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

big shot - is this not registering kidda.

MFC will say "has outside chance of facing Aston Villa on November 24"

However what I want them say is Arca, back against Reading on 1st OR even the next game or the next game.

I want them to tell me when he will be back - not trying to pull the wool over our eyes giving us false hope.

If he's not back til january then tell me. I will have much more respect than getting excited for next week.

PinkPonce Posted on 13/11 15:33
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

wilkos perm.

What are you on about.

ive not said i';ve been taken aback.

Im saying that when i player gets injured - and is OBVIOUSLY not going to make a game (I.e MIDO against Spurs and then BOLTON) do the club and the local media provide stories sayign that he is in the runnnig to be fit. If he was in the runnin to be fit for spurs, surely the bolton game will not be a problem. Now he missed that as well, yet the club insist he is "in the runnnig" for aston villa in 2 weeks. I wouldnt surprise me if he didn't make it.

Like i have said, i think it is a ticket selling strategy.

Go and give your perm a shake, d!ck head.

Big_Shot Posted on 13/11 15:35
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

Is what not registering. The fact that you seem to be complaining for the sake of it. Outside chance more or less says that he won't be back for Villa. It doesn't give any false hope. But they can't win, if they said nothing they'd get slated for not keeping people informed. If you think he won't be back until Christmas, just expect him back then, and if he returns earlier then you'll get a pleasant surprise.

wilkos_perm Posted on 13/11 15:36
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

Pink Ponce what we get from the club (usually Southgate) is an honest assessment of the situation. On the MFC website he says something along the lines of "Arca is back in light training doing well but its too early to say if he's back for the Villa game". Normal people prefer the facts.

If you are too fragile to take disappointments then i think following football isnt the best thing for you.

Why on earth would the club say which specific gaames players are back for. It would be guess work, some players recover more quickly than others and players also suffer setbacks during recoveries. There is a fair chance for example that Mido was oing well building up to Spurs, maybe got a bit of a kncok or a pull in traing and that set him back.

You are indeed a ponce.

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PinkPonce Posted on 13/11 15:37
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

bigshot... i'm feeling frustrated.


Its the mido situation that has wound me up...

see previous post.. spurs, then bolton, then nothing.

I never moan kid, so i'm surely due one now.

Big_Shot Posted on 13/11 15:40
re: You know what Pi$ses Me off!

No bother. I don't even look at the official site for updates about injuries, so am quite heartened by you highlighting this and subsequently discovering fact that Arca might not be as far away as I feared.