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PinkPonce Posted on 15/11 14:50
Black Apple Macbook

Hello everyone...

I think i'm gonna get a black macbook. They retail at 949 but i can get it for 800 in Heathrow from Dixons Tax Free.

I'm scared. Its a lot of cash.

Some support please?

mattfj Posted on 15/11 14:52
re: Black Apple Macbook

Money is earnt to be spent; simple as!

PinkPonce Posted on 15/11 14:58
re: Black Apple Macbook

yeah well said.

Mattyk50 Posted on 15/11 14:59
re: Black Apple Macbook

"Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination."

Oscar Wilde

PinkPonce Posted on 15/11 15:13
re: Black Apple Macbook

I can resist anything but temptation.

Also by oscar wild.

axel1974 Posted on 15/11 15:13
re: Black Apple Macbook

get it bought mate.... got to be better than windows shitsta

Mattyk50 Posted on 15/11 15:13
re: Black Apple Macbook

think i'll add that quote to my myspace

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axel1974 Posted on 15/11 15:17
re: Black Apple Macbook

here is something else for you to think about
just had this through by email from dabs.....

looks a cracking deal to me

Link: laptop

Mattyk50 Posted on 15/11 15:19
re: Black Apple Macbook

its not shiny enough for the pink one

PinkPonce Posted on 15/11 15:26
re: Black Apple Macbook

haha matty... its a great quote...

Anyway - the new black macbook (with the white apple logo) is more of a mat finish...

As good as the spec is on that it has a big ugly siver bit on the front.

The macbooks just look so much better, and i went and looked at them at the weekend.

The whtie one (I can get for 650 on the net at the moment) is generally 699 everywhere. 2ghxz processor oonly 80 gig hard disk..

For an extra hundred quid I can get the black model 2.13ghz intel core duo thingymagig 160 gig hard disk, dvd rw and cd rw.

And the black - honestly i nearly did a sex wee when i seen it... It just looks BRILLIANT lol

onthemap Posted on 15/11 15:28
re: Black Apple Macbook

Why does how your computer looks matter?

mickbrown Posted on 15/11 15:30
re: Black Apple Macbook

Got to admire a bloke whose sole techichal requirement is:-

a) must be shiny

axel1974 Posted on 15/11 15:34
re: Black Apple Macbook

i like the macbooks as they are nice and quiet

if they were noisier they might drown out the sound of my wife moaning

PinkPonce Posted on 15/11 15:34
re: Black Apple Macbook

haha mick!!

Its all about how it looks for me mappy.

You wouldn't buy a shirt that you didn't like or didnt think suited you mate.

You wouldn't decorate your home in a way you didn't like.

a macbook would fit perfectly into my life, and my home.

Mattyk50 Posted on 15/11 15:38
re: Black Apple Macbook

"a macbook would fit perfectly into my life"

I might add that too!

PinkPonce Posted on 15/11 15:40
re: Black Apple Macbook

stop pinching my lines you fooker.

onthemap Posted on 15/11 15:43
re: Black Apple Macbook

What the fook has the colour of your home got to do with what laptop you go for.

Tony_Harrison_Shaman Posted on 15/11 15:45
re: Black Apple Macbook

Mac laptops are great, I still have a frosted white one from 3 years ago and still works like a dream, mac screens are great and the mac os object dock system is great for quick use/web browsing etc.

I also have a nice widescreen Vaio and if you are gonna watch movies and youtube footage etc. I would suggest one of these babies instead >>>

Link: Black sheen widescreen Sony

PinkPonce Posted on 15/11 16:01
re: Black Apple Macbook

its not the colour mappy, its the high spec contemporary look

Tony - that just diverts to sony homepage kid.

I reckon it would be similar price to top of the range mac anyway.

I need to think about this though lol.

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Brick_Tamland Posted on 15/11 16:05
re: Black Apple Macbook

Computers are sooooooo lame.

beeline Posted on 15/11 16:42
re: Black Apple Macbook

Now a lamé laptop would be cool.