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Mattyk50 Posted on 19/11 20:52

gets more annoying and smug the fatter she gets

tommy_trinder Posted on 19/11 20:55
re: nigella

Mmmmmmm...... Yummeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

wokingmassive Posted on 19/11 20:55
re: nigella

True she is getting fat - but that means there's just more of her to love

swordtrombonefish Posted on 19/11 20:56
re: nigella

A whole lot of lurvin

GibbosEmpire Posted on 19/11 20:58
re: nigella

She needs to stop being Fake.

I stopped watching after the endless sexual terms and pre-made food that she said was easy to cook,yet it was done in either a shop or pre-packed like the Pastry or the Italian food that she went into a shop,and picked out an already made meal,plopped it on a plate and said there we go.Shes cheating.

oikodomophobia Posted on 19/11 21:00
re: nigella

I dont think she is cheating, even on the best of days it can be difficult to prepare everything yourself. isnt it better that she tells you she has been the shop, rather than making you think she makes everything herself