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A_New_Era Posted on 23/11 10:14
Foo Fighters

at Wembley. Tickets on sale today. hurrah

fatharrywhite Posted on 23/11 10:38
re: Foo Fighters

they've added an extra date as well...but priced at 42-49!!!!
they were excellent when i saw them at sheffield the other week but f*** me that's pricey!!!!

Dann020 Posted on 23/11 11:02
re: Foo Fighters

were all off to wembley were all off to wembley lalalalala lalalalala JUNE 6TH BRING IT ON - A NICE WEEKEND ON THE LASH IN LONDON!!!!!!!!!!

A_New_Era Posted on 23/11 11:26
re: Foo Fighters

Its pricey, but like Muse at Wembley id imagine you are looking at having 3 support bands. Doors open at 12, i wouldnt think foos will be on til 6ish

Cracking weekend away it shall be

A_New_Era Posted on 23/11 13:06
re: Foo Fighters

saturday gig sold out in 11 minutes!

vichyssoise Posted on 23/11 15:05
re: Foo Fighters

saw the foo fighters in newcastle a couple of weeks ago best live band i have ever seen,and i have seen a few.class act