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joseph99 Posted on 23/11 12:11
McClaren offred new job

In advertising the strong mint manufacture Tic Tac - the promotional sales line being that:

I am a man that might get my 'tactic' wrong but never my 'tictac'.

bandito Posted on 23/11 12:15
re: McClaren offred new job

Surely he has to open up his own brolly business

To the tune of "why does it always rain on me" by Travis

at the end of the ad he winks, smiles and says, it never rains on me with my magnificent range of brollies

Capybara Posted on 23/11 12:17
re: McClaren offred new job

jiltedjiff Posted on 23/11 12:45
re: McClaren offred new job

He should take over advertising Incontinence pads so that Bobby robson can retire.

"With these I no longer have to miss the start of the second half or late Israeli goals"