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dibzzz Posted on 25/11 9:00
We will go down this season.

If we keep Southgate.

Absolutely no doubt what-so-ever.

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 25/11 9:14
re: We will go down this season.

Derby are gone.

Even at this stage of the season it looks like the battle for the other two spots will be betwen about 6-7 clubs - Boro, Sunderland, Wigan, Fulham, Birmingham, Bolton and possibly Reading.

Wigan and B'ham will have new managers; Sunderland although shyte have the fans still behind them, and the board; Bolton - if/when they lose Anelka will struggle; Fulham are not very good, but they are keeping just above the relegation spots.

And that leaves us. And ultimately it boils down to Arca and Mido turning things around immediately and Southgate being given the funds in Jan to buy two top quality strikers who will hit the ground running and start to bang the goals in. This will then motivate the rest of the players to actually start to play.

Looks highly unlikely does'nt it?

Our only saving grace is that the teams around us will have total loss of form and bad injuries - and will leave us 4th bottom on about 27-30 points. Which quite frankly is an absolute f_cking disgrace.

mr_wippy Posted on 25/11 9:15
re: We will go down this season.

we wont go down this season!

Rod100 Posted on 25/11 9:16
re: We will go down this season.

i think you can add us - newcastle - to that list. as i cant see where we will get our next point from - nevermind 3 of them.

dibzzz Posted on 25/11 9:18
re: We will go down this season.

I do like Southgate, I always loved the passion he showed when he punched the air towards every stand at the end of the game when we won, with a big cheer with each punch.

One of the best moments ever when he lifted the carling cup.

I'd like to see him step aside as a defensive coach and Gibbo to bring in a real manager with a decent track record.

I don't want to see Southgate leave the club under a cloud, he just doesn't deserve it

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 25/11 9:19
re: We will go down this season.

I would love to add Newcastle to that list......

But its not going to happen. A 12-14th finish, yes. Flirting with relegation, no.

You have been turned over at home by two teams in the top 6 - but ultimately you will win your home games against lesser teams and get the points you need.

A bollox season for all the North East clubs - except Darlo!

keelo Posted on 25/11 9:24
re: We will go down this season.

he may not need pushing aside as you say but for fooks sake the guy needs someone with experience to sort something out!!! that yesterday was nothing short of embarrassing and the whole problem at MFC is we dont have a premiership class goalscorer at the club, and yes i am counting Mido!!!Our squad at the moment is the most lightweight i can ever remember and if Gibson doesnt get off his high horse and admit to himself that he has dropped an almighty clanger we wll fall and fall,cos this squad will struggle big time inthe championship too!!!

Rod100 Posted on 25/11 9:28
re: We will go down this season.

we have been turned over by 'lower teams' and i cant see where our next win will come from. we are that bad. this isnt a knee jerk reaction lol - the only 3 points we deserved was bolton - and thats it.

you lot need a proven scorer or you may be fuct - goals win games im afraid