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Mattyk50 Posted on 25/11 12:11
mr lee cattermole

dont know how he can show his face in onyx last night, acting like the big man - after the performance he had given a few hours earlier

BoroSkirt Posted on 25/11 12:12
re: mr lee cattermole

i agree mate. He's conned a lot of the supportsers. I see straight through him. More interested in the drink. same as woodgate and downing

oikodomophobia Posted on 25/11 12:37
re: mr lee cattermole

Substituted and marched straight down the tunnel, an absolute prat

ChrisTheRed Posted on 25/11 12:42
re: mr lee cattermole

Its alright cos he worked his bollox off. We should be happy with that!

The lad is a not premiership class - he is just someone who likes to fly into a tackle and set up the opposition.

oikodomophobia Posted on 25/11 12:47
re: mr lee cattermole

Does he get the kitmen to shrink his strip on purpose

Smoggy_jay Posted on 25/11 12:49
re: mr lee cattermole

yea i seen him in there last night! couldnt believe it, shows what playing for middlesbrough means, club is in crisis/relegation battle and we get hammered off aston villa at home, he makes a few awful mistake to help villa but still can brush it all off for a night on the town a few hours later, dedication

oikodomophobia Posted on 25/11 12:53
re: mr lee cattermole

The stupid Pratt should have been at home studying replays to see where the hell it is all going wrong.

Not Partying

Bren_MFC Posted on 25/11 12:59
re: mr lee cattermole

Total arrogance, totally out of touch with the fans.

AlBoro1984 Posted on 25/11 13:03
re: mr lee cattermole

It's all the supporters fault he had a bad game yesterday.

SoyDelBoro Posted on 25/11 13:11
re: mr lee cattermole

Total arrogance, if I was him I would have been staying in last night thinking a lot about the performance he put in.

git_boy Posted on 25/11 13:27
re: mr lee cattermole

did he start crying again or anything?

Smifter Posted on 25/11 13:35
re: mr lee cattermole

The lad should be made to apologise to the fans for his ingorant comments after the game before. Rubbish yesterday

Thornaby_Boro Posted on 25/11 13:44
re: mr lee cattermole

You can imagine the scene in the changing room after the game. Southgate trying to tell them off, whilst Woodgate, Downing and Cattermole are checking their watches wondering about which tart they are going to pull tonight.
The standards at the club aren't even third rate. Can you imagine Ferguson allowing any of his players to do DJing in a local pub on a Saturday night. Its a f'cking joke.

Lockey_boro Posted on 25/11 13:50
re: mr lee cattermole

Why shouldnt he go out ?

SoyDelBoro Posted on 25/11 13:53
re: mr lee cattermole

Thats why we need someone with a bit of discipline in, its a joke.
Can you imagine Fabregas and Hleb and Adebayor going out partying after a humiliating 3-0 home defeat?

The_lawmaker Posted on 25/11 13:54
re: mr lee cattermole

I can't see Arsenal getting beat 3-0 at home so that theory is defunct.

Cloughie would have had them all in Sunday Morning doing cross country or something.

scoea Posted on 25/11 13:55
re: mr lee cattermole

Erm, yes actually.

Smifter Posted on 25/11 13:56
re: mr lee cattermole

Lockey - he has every entitlement to a social life too.

But as a point, I would have loved to have gone out last night, but couldnt afford it after spending £24 on watching that shower of shiite I watched yesterday. I wonder if the lad would have got me a drink.

oikodomophobia Posted on 25/11 13:58
re: mr lee cattermole

Why should'nt he go out,

he disgraced himeself by marching down the tunnel , he is not a good enough player to be at the Boro.

He is the player at the top of my list to get rid of in January, it is a shame becasue i dont think any team in the top two teirs would touch the lad

SoyDelBoro Posted on 25/11 13:58
re: mr lee cattermole

He wouldnt have got you one cause on a night out he is so arrogant he is too busy acting like he's the big man

And the guy who said the Arsenal theory is different...why? I can't imagine Arsenal players going out and getting pissed after getting beat at home to Liverpool for example

Thornaby_Boro Posted on 25/11 14:00
re: mr lee cattermole

Lockey-Boro, If you think its fine for them to go out on the p@ss after a 3 nil home defeat then I can only assume your one of their hangers on.

No-one says they shouldn't ever go out, but there is a time a place and Middlesbrough town centre last night was neither the time nor the place.

scoea Posted on 25/11 14:00
re: mr lee cattermole

You're naive then.

ElvisRamone Posted on 25/11 14:02
re: mr lee cattermole

Where's Onyx?

oikodomophobia Posted on 25/11 14:02
re: mr lee cattermole

Scoea why is he Naive?

kermit_the_smog Posted on 25/11 14:04
re: mr lee cattermole

To be fair to Downing, he was scheduled to DJ at Onyx rooms last night but cancelled after the game.

rat_out Posted on 25/11 14:04
re: mr lee cattermole

I seen both Cattermole and Downing out last night when I was slaughtered, dished them both a load of abuse, apparently I got my season ticket out infront of cattermole and said he should give me my money back! I was abit of a write off like..

Thornaby_Boro Posted on 25/11 14:05
re: mr lee cattermole

Whos naive?

scoea Posted on 25/11 14:06
re: mr lee cattermole

That was aimed at SoyDelBoro.

SoyDelBoro Posted on 25/11 14:09
re: mr lee cattermole

why am i naive?

Sam_Bow Posted on 25/11 14:10
re: mr lee cattermole

Welcome to the real world !

At last the lemming-esq fans have woken up and are no longer under the ra-ra spell of these feckless overpaid twots !

Cattermole is a big phooking gay wuss! He has no talent wot-so-ever and is our biggest liability.

He's out getting pi55edup. Great preparation for next week, nowt like getting yerself into peak match fitness for the season.

He'll be playing non league football in 2 years !

scoea Posted on 25/11 14:10
re: mr lee cattermole

Thinking that Arsenal players wouldn't go out in London after a defeat.

Stepper_T Posted on 25/11 14:12
re: mr lee cattermole

I don't rate cattermole at all, should not play for us again due to him not being anywhere near good enough, he is a liability. Also did not like him shouting his thick gob off a couple of weeks ago.

But footballers are entitled to a social life.

oikodomophobia Posted on 25/11 14:13
re: mr lee cattermole

If football is your chosen career, then i think a few months with no booze is a small price to pay for the amount of money they are paid

SoyDelBoro Posted on 25/11 14:14
re: mr lee cattermole

scoea I'm sorry but I dont believe Arséne Wenger would accept that

ElvisRamone Posted on 25/11 14:15
re: mr lee cattermole

Where's Onyx?

kermit_the_smog Posted on 25/11 14:15
re: mr lee cattermole

If i was a footy player and we'd won i'd wanna go out and I would.

However if we lost so badly as we did yesterday i think i'd stay low, certainly wouldnt go out round town.

FunkyPotatoe Posted on 25/11 14:17
re: mr lee cattermole

He is a great prospect and just needs to be manager. He is a premier league squad player, has lots on energy, aggression and is technically good.

He is not playing well but was not the worst player on the pitch yesterday by a long, long way. Adam Johnson was awful, Aliadiere was awful, Pogi was awful, Woodgate had his poorest game in a Boro shirt. Why single out Cattermole?

Also, when I've had a bad day at work I wanna go out on the lash and try to forget about it. Give him a break.

Sam_Bow Posted on 25/11 14:17
re: mr lee cattermole

I wish someone had given him a slap. Brought is big fat useless head down to earth.... phookingWankstain

Smifter Posted on 25/11 14:20
re: mr lee cattermole

FP I dont know what game you watched but johnson and pogi were our 2 best players.

Cattermole was crap, and I would be embarrassed if I was him, for him to say what he did and then come out and play like that. The lad has lost a grip on reality

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oikodomophobia Posted on 25/11 14:20
re: mr lee cattermole

But you dont play for your local Premiership football club, which is on a terrible run and have recently insulted your paying public, the lad is an arrogant shiit and someone should have given the tvvat a slap

oikodomophobia Posted on 25/11 14:22
re: mr lee cattermole

He must actually believ his own hype that is being fed to him by hangers on and Ra Ra's

Smifter Posted on 25/11 14:22
re: mr lee cattermole

oiko spot on

r0chey Posted on 25/11 14:22
re: mr lee cattermole

Albert Road, where hush was, or if you are a bit older, the Ayresome park pub.

scoea Posted on 25/11 14:22
re: mr lee cattermole

Johnson??? One of our best players?? I forgot he was even playing.

ElvisRamone Posted on 25/11 14:23
re: mr lee cattermole


SoyDelBoro Posted on 25/11 14:23
re: mr lee cattermole

If I was in charge he would be fined a weeks wages for poor performance and going out and getting pissed after a humilating defeat.
People on here talk about his passion for the club and his dedicaton, despite going out and getting steaming. Shocking.

Lots all grip on reality.

oikodomophobia Posted on 25/11 14:26
re: mr lee cattermole

People talk about players Ego's ruining football

"Step forward Lee Catermole"

FunkyPotatoe Posted on 25/11 14:32
re: mr lee cattermole

He was not bad yesterday! Until his mistake then his head went.

Boateng was out best player yesterday IMO. I don't know who got man of the match, I would not have given one at all.

Our club is in free fall. The fans are not happy, the players are not happy, the manager is not happy and the chairman cannot be happy.


scoea Posted on 25/11 14:33
re: mr lee cattermole

Boateng was shocking. Awful. Our man of the match?? O'Neil by a country mile.

Thornaby_Boro Posted on 25/11 14:39
re: mr lee cattermole

Which Cattermole mistake was it that went to his head.
The screwed shot from the edge of the box, the bad control when through on goal and led to him doing a lunging foul(again) or the flick back in to our own box into the path of Mellberg.
Having said all that I still think he was marginally better than Boateng who was absolutely shocking.

FunkyPotatoe Posted on 25/11 14:41
re: mr lee cattermole

What did O'Neil do? He was at fault for the first goal! Was caught upfield and then rather than simply closing Barry down he sold himself and Barry killed him then killed us with the cross.

Thought it was O'Neils worst game for Boro. But respect your opinion, not saying I am right, just think George worked hard and was back to what he can do. His legs have gone though.

Smoggy_jay Posted on 25/11 14:50
re: mr lee cattermole

this very rarely happens with foreign players, maybe its time that we came to realise that the attitudes of the english players coming through is whats ruining english football

r0chey Posted on 25/11 15:00
re: mr lee cattermole

Good point, its only really the English players that have got the big time charlie attitude, f_uck em all!

AlBoro1984 Posted on 25/11 15:04
re: mr lee cattermole

If you want to know Cattermole's career path, see 1 Mark Summerbell.

Lockey_boro Posted on 25/11 15:08
re: mr lee cattermole

So why slate cattermole,if he isnt good enough for the prem you should be slating southgat for playing him.

Sam_Bow Posted on 25/11 15:09
re: mr lee cattermole

Mark Sumerbell was a decent quiet lad with no talent !

Cattermole is a gobchite gay nobjockey with no talent !

I reckon Cattermole is more like a Nicky Mohan !

AlBoro1984 Posted on 25/11 15:11
re: mr lee cattermole

I wasn't comparing their personalities as Summerbell never caused any problems, he just wasn't good enough. I just meant Cattermole will most likely end up playing non-league football like Summerbell.

Smogariffic_MFC Posted on 25/11 17:00
re: mr lee cattermole

Onyx is next to Absolute

rick4974 Posted on 25/11 17:13
re: mr lee cattermole

i've only ever seen him out once, it was in the star and he was with downing and davies. cat looked very quiet and downing looked like a lad who doesnt have 20p to line his pockets. davies was the vvanker, bright pink shirt, vest under with all his bling showing off. ffs he was wearing sunglasses in a pub at 1030 at night. he was soooooo loud and arrogant. he deserved a whack.

i've heard cat can be a bit of a vvanker when out too.

footballers should not be out after playing the same day.

HolgateEnd Posted on 25/11 17:14
re: mr lee cattermole

The players cant win with some people on this board.

It used to be that the players going out drinking in the town was seen as them being level headed and part of the community.

Now players going out drinking makes them arrogant, overpaid nobjockeys.

Get a fooking grip on reality for fooks sake. Win, lose or draw, the players are just as entitled to go out and get hammered to try and forget about it as the fansare, or anyone who has a bad day at work.

And all this talk about their wages is just utter shyte. If we had won 3-0, nobody would be talking about the player's wages. You're just finding something else to pick at cos things aint going well. At the end of the day, it's not their fault they are paid so much, it's the club's fault. I know if my gaffer offered me £10k a week I wouldnt turn around and say "no, it's alright, I'll accept £15k a year". I'd snap their hands off. And footballers are no different.

AlBoro1984 Posted on 25/11 17:19
re: mr lee cattermole

If we had won I don't think anyone would mind them going out for a few drinks, it's when they're out straight after we've just been twatted 3-0 at home that people object too.

Nedkat Posted on 25/11 17:21
re: mr lee cattermole

Southgate should have piled that bunch of shyte on the club bus, drove 'em up to the training ground, and made them train till they bled. Then left them there to find their own way home in the 'orrible darkness !!

scuzzmonster Posted on 25/11 17:22
re: mr lee cattermole

Baastard should have been in church begging our forgiveness.

onthemap Posted on 25/11 17:22
re: mr lee cattermole

The Arsenal players can be found in Brixton most weekends.

glippy Posted on 25/11 17:26
re: mr lee cattermole

'If you want to know Cattermole's career path, see 1 Mark Summerbell'

Is Catts tomming the managers daughter?
Seriously, Middlesbrough is full of arrogant, loud mouthed lads on a Saturday night. Why should footballers be any different.

SoyDelBoro Posted on 25/11 17:27
re: mr lee cattermole

Holgate its not about wages and money
Its about being totally out of touch with the fans.
Plenty of fans would have loved to go out last night but couldnt afford it due to paying to watch people like Cattermole put in an unaceptable performance yet 4 hours later is out getting pissed with his mates as if everything was rosey.

sloath Posted on 25/11 17:31
re: mr lee cattermole

Agree, its not the players fault they are paid such huge sums and yes they are entitled to a social life, but after that shiet yesterday, the mess were in at the moment and the way the fans are feeling, do you really think it was wise to go larging it up round the boro? if he wanted to forget about it by getting leathered, youd think he'd do it anywhere other than the boro. Just about sums him up though, arrogant little areshole.

sitheman Posted on 25/11 17:31
re: mr lee cattermole

i think the blame has to go to southgate for letting them get away with it.

for example i would be making the players turn in for training at 7.00am on a sunday after every single defeat. make them do a cross country run in the rain and then make them watch the game in full a few times. If its obvious that most of the players have been out on the lash and cannot get through the training then he can soon start fining them.

dont see southgate as having that kind of authority over the team though

onthemap Posted on 25/11 17:32
re: mr lee cattermole

Everything is rosy for him.
He's rich and playing the odd game of football is all he has to do to get richer.

glippy Posted on 25/11 17:34
re: mr lee cattermole

Is Catts really such an arroganttosser. He went to school with my son and everyone reckoned he was down to earth and modest. Or is this the usual vitriol that is spat out whenever any famous name is mentioned on this board.

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AlBoro1984 Posted on 25/11 17:34
re: mr lee cattermole

Players wouldn't have enough respect for Southgate to do that, they'd probably just tell him where to go. We need someone like Jewell/Mowbray in who won't take any sh-it from the likes of Cattermole. I'd even take Souness, that's how desperate we are right now.

SoyDelBoro Posted on 25/11 17:37
re: mr lee cattermole

No discipline at the club, players know Southgate will do nothing about them going out and getting paraletic.

oikodomophobia Posted on 25/11 17:43
re: mr lee cattermole

he probably was down to earth when he was still at school

glippy Posted on 25/11 17:48
re: mr lee cattermole

Suppose he wasn't earning half a mill a year or whatever then.

spectrum Posted on 25/11 17:52
re: mr lee cattermole

It is the players faults they are on high wages , they are the ones who threaten to move on unless the club coughs up and going back to the night out then yes players are entitled to a night out but have some respect for the fans who pay through the nose to watch the crap they are dishing out at the moment ,if they were getting bladded every night but performing on the pitch then we wouldn't be bothered but the fact is they aren't .

HolgateEnd Posted on 25/11 18:39
re: mr lee cattermole

Cattermole isnt the arrogant jumped up little shyte half the people make him out to be.

Glippy, I think you're spot on. People see a young lad from our area earning a fortune and lay into him at every possible opportunity because of it.

I also think those on here slating Cattermole's performance yesterday are being a bit harsh as well. No-one can question the effort and commitment he put in - he did far more than most of the other players, he just happened to make a bad mistake which cost us a goal. How come no-one is questioning the marking or Skippy's feeble attempt at saving the shot?

The simple fact is that there were 11 players out there who were poor on the day. Included in that is Gary O'Neil. He should have 10 goals by now with the chances he has had and wasted.

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 25/11 18:51
re: mr lee cattermole

Are some of the comments on this thread for real? I'm not pretending Cattermole is some sort of world-beater, but I can't believe how fickle some of our fans are.

Mattyk50 Posted on 25/11 19:19
re: mr lee cattermole

you should believe it by now, boro gadgie!

means_the_world Posted on 25/11 19:39
re: mr lee cattermole

seems surprising that as an athlete he should be out on the drink

perhaps we should do something about this kind of thing rather than trying to stop foreigners with a better attitude to their health and career from playing in the english leagues

Mahatma_Gandhi Posted on 25/11 19:47
re: mr lee cattermole

I've spoken with Cattermole a couple of times in Yarm and he doesn't seem any more arrogant than your average 20 year old out in Yarm. He should be allowed to go out on a saturday regardless of the score. Sadly I have seen him in Yarm pi55ed up mid week too and he is also chit.

means_the_world Posted on 25/11 19:48
re: mr lee cattermole

hmmm, how many italian players are out getting pissed on a midweek or a saturday?

HolgateEnd Posted on 25/11 19:49
re: mr lee cattermole

means_the_world - dont be so fooking stupid. If you think that foreign footballers dont drink, then you are either very simple, or very, very nieve.

Catts has a few drinks on a Saturday night just like any other 19 year old lad. It's not like he's out on the p!ss every day like Pallister was.

Plus, as I said, he worked harder yesterday than any other player (possibly with the exception of O'Neil) so I wouldnt say his few pints on a saturday affected his performance.

elnino1 Posted on 25/11 19:51
re: mr lee cattermole

Holgate_end, he's very simple, and possibly naieve too.

means_the_world Posted on 25/11 19:53
re: mr lee cattermole

holgateend, it's that kind of attitude that keeps english football in the state it's in

the reality is that italian players wouldn't be out on the lash. but then italians aren't either - they find the english drinking culture embarrassing generally.

cattermole has made a career decision to be an athlete. the beers are incompatible with taht.

means_the_world Posted on 25/11 19:54
re: mr lee cattermole

and it's spelt naive you clowns

HolgateEnd Posted on 25/11 20:03
re: mr lee cattermole

"the reality is that italian players wouldn't be out on the lash. but then italians aren't either - they find the english drinking culture embarrassing generally."

That is utter shyte. Every day at work I speak to 4 or 5 different italians (my employer is the UK agent for a number of Italian furniture companies) and they are forever telling me about having a bottle of wine every other night or having a great night out with their mates exactly the same as we do over here.

And, you still havent named an Italian player at Boro who you could compare Cattermole's drinking habits with.

means_the_world Posted on 25/11 20:06
re: mr lee cattermole

holgate, we clearly know different types of italians then.

Huan_Kerr Posted on 25/11 20:07
re: mr lee cattermole

Shocking the lad went for a pint after the game.
He should have waited for during week when he had training the next day.


Jonny_Greenings_sock Posted on 25/11 20:11
re: mr lee cattermole

No, because the Italian players would be too busy chainsmoking in the snooker club.

HolgateEnd Posted on 25/11 20:13
re: mr lee cattermole

And no doubt there are many other types of Italians that neither of us knows.

Such as the beer drinking, coke snorting football hooligans that they have over there. Oh yeah, they mustn't have them because they find drinking embarrassing.


I dont know why, but for some reason people believe that cos footballers earn an amazing wage, they shouldnt have a life outside of training and the matches. To expect that of them is just ridiculous. At the end of the day, they are just normal people with a fantastic job.

br14 Posted on 25/11 21:27
re: mr lee cattermole

Footballers often earning in excess of 10k a week shouldnt drink alcohol at all. Alcohol in any amount affects athletes and the very best dont drink.

It prevents the synthesis of protein canceling the effects of workouts; slows the bodys ability to heal itself; prevents cell growth through suppressing production of human growth hormone; dehydrates the body again slowing recovery time and reduces the body's ability to generate energy.

If they are drinking it's fairly obvious why we're crap. If their coaches allow drinking they're probably unprofessional in other ways.

--- Post edited by br14 on 25/11 21:27 ---

John_boro Posted on 25/11 21:36
re: mr lee cattermole

cattermole had a right to mouth off at you twats other week, you dont boo your own keepr wen he gets the ball, cattermole was spot on, we all have bad perfromances, but i think cattermole has played ok in arca's abscence, i still believe he is better without boateng, likewise boateng is better without cattermole.

bandito Posted on 25/11 21:37
re: mr lee cattermole

he deserves a night out. He's tried his best. Some people are complete d icks.

barry_headbutter Posted on 25/11 21:50
re: mr lee cattermole

Maybe the whole team should be placed under house arrest and given bread and water for the weekend?

Or lined up against a wall and shot.

aliasme Posted on 25/11 21:53
re: mr lee cattermole

Pollock of the new millenium. The reason he lunges into tackles isn't because he's any more committed to the cause than other players but because he lacks the technical ability to make a tackle properly or control the ball.

That said, if he wants to have a couple of beers after a bad day at the office then so what - I know I do it when I've had a bad day.

glippy Posted on 25/11 23:49
re: mr lee cattermole

'That said, if he wants to have a couple of beers after a bad day at the office then so what - I know I do it when I've had a bad day.'

Are you a professional athlete as well?

FunkyPotatoe Posted on 26/11 0:49
re: mr lee cattermole

It's okay for GON to earn £25k per week, it's okay for Massimo to have earned £30k per week, it's even okay for Huth for earn £30k per week. But for Lee Cattermole to earn £12k per week is seen as criminal.

Leave the poor lad alone.

SuperBokSupper Posted on 26/11 9:54
re: mr lee cattermole

Scapegoat alert.

What a bunch of whinging bastads you lot are sometimes.

Fooking hell, footballer who earns more than me is on the pi$$, im dead jealous of him so Ill have a go at the tvvat.

Grow up.

skiprat Posted on 26/11 9:59
re: mr lee cattermole

99 posts it's taken and SuperBokSupper sums it up brilliantly.

Some of you need to get a backbone FFS.

--- Post edited by skiprat on 26/11 10:00 ---

London_Boro Posted on 26/11 10:27
re: mr lee cattermole

What a bunch of doyles!

Mattyk50 Posted on 26/11 12:02
re: mr lee cattermole

to be fair, i never mentioned him being pissed

skiprat Posted on 26/11 12:12
re: mr lee cattermole

What was he doing when you say he was "acting the big man?"

Mattyk50 Posted on 26/11 12:13
re: mr lee cattermole

gave me a hundred quid for a drink, then started burning £50s at the bar.

oh no... wrong player

skiprat Posted on 26/11 12:22
re: mr lee cattermole

I'm genuinely interested in what it was he was doing? Unless he was just stood there with his mates are you've took offence anyway?

JLinardi Posted on 26/11 12:26
re: mr lee cattermole

To clear this Italian thing up, my dad and half my family is Italian and it is true they drink alot of wine, but the binge drinking culture of the UK is virtually none existant over there.

tatsey_5 Posted on 26/11 12:44
re: mr lee cattermole

Its not a case of footballers not being allowed a social life, its simply a case of there being a time and a place for it. Footballers shouldn't expect to lead the same social life as that of a 9 to 5 office worker for example, as it is simply not compatible with the job requirements. Gareth Southgate should have told them not to go out in the town centre on saturday pure and simply as a PR exercise to save the vitriol from Boro fans this morning. The last thing Southgate needed after Saturday's performance was more indications that the players don't care and the players should be professional and mature enough to accept that going out on the town rightly or wrongly gives this impression to a significant amount of fans.
If Lee Cattermole chose to raise his head above the parapit against Tottenham and criticise the fans then he has to accept the consequences of that decision (i.e- increased personal criticism in future from the fans). If nothing else I think Cattermole was foolish because he simply isn't a premiership class footballer, despite having bags of effort and commitment. I'd keep my head down and continue cultivating my image as a whole hearted battler instead of directly opposing myself to the fans. I notice he hasn't made the same remarks concerning players putting the effort in this week, is this some indication that even he accpets the effort and quality on Saturday was nothing short of woeful?

SoyDelBoro Posted on 26/11 13:18
re: mr lee cattermole

Tatesy sums its up.
He should have been watching the game again on sky sports seeing where he could have done better, I know I was.
He would have spent a long time looking at the things he did wrong aswell!

crispin_likinbottam Posted on 26/11 14:45
re: mr lee cattermole

Personally, so long as they aren't out pizzing it up the night before a game, i couldn't give a flying ukk what they are doing after the game!

twentyfive Posted on 26/11 14:57
re: mr lee cattermole

If you choose a career which requires you to be an athlete, you shouldn't drink or smoke. That's the end of it. If you want to go out drinking at the weekend, great, just don't be a footballer and accept all the incredible financial rewards that go with it.

It's cretinous to think anything else.