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borobuddah Posted on 25/11 19:56
Spoilt bairns

You never had it so good, you young 'un's

Try supporting your team in the 25-30 thousands in the old 2rd division.

means_the_world Posted on 25/11 20:00
re: Spoilt bairns

did you have to eat coal in your day?

borobuddah Posted on 25/11 21:42
re: Spoilt bairns

No son. Neither did we tear ourslves apart with fake expectation.

We had a laugh, and stuck together.

We were a small club, we still are.

git_boy Posted on 25/11 21:45
re: Spoilt bairns

did you live in a cave grandad?

aliasme Posted on 25/11 21:48
re: Spoilt bairns

"We were a small club, we still are"

And with that small minded ambition it's little wonder that we can go from an UEFA Cup final to the Championship in the space of a couple of seasons.

Huan_Kerr Posted on 25/11 21:49
re: Spoilt bairns

To know when its bad you need to have had the really bad times.
Listen to your uncle buddah, these arent bad times.

Most of you eunochs would whinge if we only did the treble the year after the quad.

git_boy Posted on 25/11 21:49
re: Spoilt bairns

"Teesside will get the club it can afford"

aliasme Posted on 25/11 21:56
re: Spoilt bairns

"Listen to your uncle buddah, these arent bad times."

The league table begs to differ.

Derrick_Doghouse Posted on 25/11 22:10
re: Spoilt bairns

"You never had it so good, you young 'un's
Try supporting your team in the 25-30 thousands in the old 2rd division."

Concurred. Moaning spotty little bassa's need a right good boot up the @rse followed by a trip to Shrewsbury with 18 others in a clapped out Ford Transit.

I blame mobile phones.

kernaghanscodpiece Posted on 25/11 22:10
re: Spoilt bairns

Well said budda. If someone told me, say during the Malcolm Alison years that we would spend ten uninterupted years in the top flight I wouldn't have belived it. I loved going to the games then and loved it even more during the Rioch years.

Many on here forget what supporting Middlesbrough, your home town club is all about.

radiogaga Posted on 25/11 22:12
re: Spoilt bairns

If Boro lost we went t'bed hungry.

But if they won we had bread wi' lard on.

Derrick_Doghouse Posted on 25/11 22:13
re: Spoilt bairns

LARD !!!

Spoilt git !

Bren_MFC Posted on 25/11 22:21
re: Spoilt bairns

I have been going to the Boro games since the early seventies, I can honestly say that at the moment this is the worst football experience I have encountered, even when we were in lower leagues, the experiene of going to the games was much better, to be honest if we go down I might renew my ST as it would be a refreshing change to play in the Championship but it we struggle and manage to escape by the skin of our teeth, the chances are I won't bother next season, not throwing more money at them for more of the same.

borobuddah Posted on 25/11 23:51
re: Spoilt bairns

My Club, right or wrong.

I say enjoy the journey, only one club can win the League, and there are only two Cups.

Agonise if you want, I'll have the craic and enjoy the journey, if youse don't mind.

br14 Posted on 26/11 0:34
re: Spoilt bairns

Better class of fan in those days.

And bread with lard on is a treat. Mmmmm. Pork fat with salt on my Grans home made bread - then fried.

"worst football experience". Nope. Worst fans maybe.

Nedkat Posted on 26/11 0:46
re: Spoilt bairns

Obviously no-one wants to see the relegation door creak open and snatch us into the Championship, but we do have to stick together here and try to support what we currently have. Going to the games in the 60's and 70's, I thought it was an honour. Standing there for an hour waiting for the team to run out, then feeling yer heart swell with pride as they ran out to THE POWER GAME.

Now we have a bunch of cheeky basterd chavs, always with the comments, always found running around in gangs, when they know they wouldn't call anyone grandad if that particular grandad was stood next to yer, because the next feeling you'd have is a size 11 boot stuck up yer skinny arse'ole ....

wheelz Posted on 26/11 0:50
re: Spoilt bairns

The 'Riverside Revolution' (with regards to Boro supporters) has a lot to answer for.. the soul is being ripped out of the Boro

Ayresome Angels RIP

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Nedkat Posted on 26/11 0:59
re: Spoilt bairns

I really don't know ... We couldn't stay at Ayresome Park any longer, it was failing all it's safety inspections, and threatening to topple over and crush the Chicken Runners. Certainly was a fine old ground though ! The Holgate years will stay with me as great memories forever.
We get a bright and beautiful new stadium, we have plans to conquer, we have Captain Fantastic as our new manager, Sir Gibbo looks like he's in charge of the rise of our great club, and it all goes to shyte in a handbag !!
We now have the third manager in a row who was hired without any previous experience, and hasn't it showed over the last 11 years ? Oh, for a Harry Redknapp, I'll take him with all his twitches, and kiss his ugly mug !!!
Where is Rioch when we need him ?


joseph99 Posted on 26/11 5:44
re: Spoilt bairns

Not only have the fans changed the club has changed too. On Saturday I asked the turnstile operator to give my nipper a 'Squeezie' - it ended up being a wasted joke as he was too young to understand. Instead of a squeezie the club expects you to fork out ~£20 for a toddler.

Archie_Stanton1 Posted on 26/11 8:03
re: Spoilt bairns

Funny that some peoples response to the fact that we are crap, is to say "Yeah, but we were a lot crapper 20 years ago".

What exactly does that prove?

spectrum Posted on 26/11 9:44
re: Spoilt bairns

I,ve been going to the game since the late sixties and I agree that this is the worst football experience ever , just lost interest in the whole football thing , I will still go and support the team but I dont blame anyone for not going , you cant compare the fans of now to the 70,s etc as it is so expensive these days and when you pay out a lot of money you expect something in return , at least 100% effort if nothing else , there are also other issues now ie. lack of atmosphere , players wage demands (even from young ones who still haven,t proved themselves), the cheating and diving , the fact that you now know that the only things to play for at the start of a season is the slim chance of the Carling cup and an outside chance of Europe or another relegation battle . The club has had the ideal opportunity to build on Europe and the Carling cup exploits of a couple of seasons ago and it seems to have gone back over , I know someone has to struggle but in the league it seems be ground hog day for us and I may be over reacting but this season seems worse and obviously I,m not the only one who thinks so .

sasboro Posted on 26/11 10:08
re: Spoilt bairns

thing is back in the 70s and 80s clubs wernt flush with money so you expected crap and you could only afford crap. now we have players on £2M per year and got a squad that cost over 60m probably. its a totally different club now.

spectrum Posted on 26/11 10:17
re: Spoilt bairns

You would expect someone on 2M a year to sweat blood for his employers and be at the top of his game and that seems to be part of the problem they are taking your hard earned cash and not prepared to put back in what they should . Obviously there are exceptions but in general that is the case.

gravy_boat Posted on 26/11 10:17
re: Spoilt bairns

Bren_MFC Posted on 25/11 22:21
re: Spoilt bairns

I have been going to the Boro games since the early seventies, I can honestly say that at the moment this is the worst football experience I have encountered.

I would agree with that, but that is down to the state of football in general, rather than being specific to what Boro are doing.

sasboro Posted on 26/11 10:20
re: Spoilt bairns

"I would agree with that, but that is down to the state of football in general, rather than being specific to what Boro are doing."

thats only true with the struggling teams. wonder what blackburn,everton,pompey and man city fans think about the state of english football. how it works is if your club are doign well then the state of football is fine, if you are doign rubbish then football is in a bad way

In the end southgate hasnt spent his transfer kitty wisely

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spectrum Posted on 26/11 10:22
re: Spoilt bairns

That is true Gravyboat I dont enjoy football at all now , very rarely watch a game on the TV and tend to seek solace in watching old games . Have been a ticket holder at the Boro since the Ayresome Park days and keep threatening to rap it in as cant always get to the game due to work but I know when it comes down to it I will keep renwing even if we go down , sad or what ?

borobuddah Posted on 26/11 10:31
re: Spoilt bairns

Some of these scrotes could do with a scalding bovril down the back of the neck to wake them up.

Lets have some heart, stop wingeing like girlies and talking of daft boycotts and get on with having a laugh and supporting the club.

gravy_boat Posted on 26/11 10:33
re: Spoilt bairns

Well, it depends what pleases you I suppose SAS.

Personally, I would not be pleased with supporting a team that is funded by somebody wanted in his own country for human rights abuses. And these same clubs doing fantastically well are - in Man City's case - doing in front of big crowds where you can hear a pin drop - or in Blackburns case - in front of a paltry 20k, despite their good form. And all that to scrat around trying to finish in the top six. Hardly football utopia is it?

Football is nothing like it used to be. If you're struggling, it just makes the rubbish experience that bit worse.

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borobuddah Posted on 26/11 10:50
re: Spoilt bairns

Saturday I'm running wild
And all the lights are changing red to green
Moving through the crowd I'm pushing
Chemicals all rushing through my bloodstream
Only wish that you were here
You know I'm seeing it so clear
I've been afraid
To show you how I really feel
Admit to some of those bad mistakes I've made

If you want it
Come and get it
Crying out loud
The love that I was
Giving you was
Never in doubt
Let go your heart
Let go your head
And feel it now

borobuddah Posted on 26/11 11:37
re: Spoilt bairns

Some Boro fans these days are like Ingerlund and Nyacassel fans, seems like they expect us to be challenging for honours like it was a god given right

ccole Posted on 26/11 12:23
re: Spoilt bairns

"Teesside will get the club it can afford"

Never a truer word said.

I have never seen the problem with that statement.

onthemap Posted on 26/11 12:27
re: Spoilt bairns

30,000 in the old 2nd division, then the war broke out and ruined everything.

borobuddah Posted on 26/11 13:15
re: Spoilt bairns

It is said we were building a side that would go all the way.

sasboro Posted on 26/11 13:36
re: Spoilt bairns

yeah we are definately spoilt, football was so much more expensive all those years ago

RupertTBear Posted on 26/11 13:38
re: Spoilt bairns

I dont believe people who say this is the worst footballing experience they have ever been too actually went to too many games in the 84-85, 85-86 and 93-94 seasons when the crowds were pitiful.

They probably went to a few games when they went out on the lash with mates so the "experience" seemed better.

sasboro Posted on 26/11 13:42
re: Spoilt bairns

whats worse it we have players on 40k a week and the squad assembled at a cost for over £40m and we still look like a championship side

ccole Posted on 26/11 13:43
re: Spoilt bairns

Yes, but we now spend £6m on a player so everything has to be much better than the 80's when we bought Peter Davenport for £750,000.

My worry is if all the other clubs we use to compare ourselves to also starting spending £6m on players.

TheRedCosack Posted on 26/11 13:48
re: Spoilt bairns

I think you can tell what the current moanings are on Teesside in various ways, i picked up a few whines on here about kids being taken to the toilets 20 mins into a game, then this morning a guy who sits next to me (doesnt go to games) piped up with this very same thing, he must have picked it up somewhere

for the record ive started taking my kid, and i purposely look for an empty seated area. Only complaint I have which in someways is valid, is that 15 pound is too expensive, £5 is right and fair, 24 quid and 5 giving a fair price of 29 quid. Also at a fiver, plenty of teenagers can get in.

green_beret20 Posted on 26/11 13:48
re: Spoilt bairns

At least some of you lot have these experiences to look back on.

Ten years of merely surviving in ‘the best league in the world’ is actually being found out for what it is. Boring.

Mahatma_Gandhi Posted on 26/11 14:17
re: Spoilt bairns

Undemanding old aged punters are exactly why the club makes no effort. Thankfully you’ll all be dead soon and we can convince the club to give us the team we desire.

sasboro Posted on 26/11 14:24
re: Spoilt bairns

season tickets holders have been short changed for the best part of 5 seasons now. Its dull with poor results and having an effect on season ticket sales each year. how many home league games have excited you over the last few years? the villa game was dull with both teams hooffing up field in teh first half and just defenders heading it back

borobuddah Posted on 26/11 14:24
re: Spoilt bairns

We used to dream of even one season in the top flight during Stan Anderson's days, and then again after Big Jack left.

When some fools start advocating a boycott to voice(or not) their concerns then I begin to think of spoilt kids who put out the pet lip just 'cos it can't be wine and roses all the time.

We are IN THE TOP FLIGHT, enjoy it, back whichever players take the field, be proud to be from Boro and let the players know you are, and that they should be too.

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scuzzmonster Posted on 26/11 14:52
re: Spoilt bairns

'Some of these scrotes could do with a scalding bovril down the back of the neck to wake them up.'

And some steaming urine down the back of their kex to boot. Life is GOOD, people.


sasboro Posted on 26/11 14:53
re: Spoilt bairns

yes come on! enjoy getting beat at home by the likes of blackburn and villa at home. sod any ambition! we should feel grateful to have teh chance to watch us get beat by villa!

borobuddah Posted on 26/11 15:53
re: Spoilt bairns

Put it into perspective sas, you never had it so good. Now get out and support the team.

sasboro Posted on 26/11 16:05
re: Spoilt bairns

actually we have.

this is the worst start to any top flight season.

atleast in the days when we were crap in a lower league we had the excuse of crap player as that is all we could afford. These days there is no excuse as we are an established top flight team.

If i am being honest it doesnt bother me if we get relegated. championship is a more exciting league. wil be good to see boro beat teams confortably, put in good performances home and away.

at the moment its like a slow death and jsut want to be put out of our misery

borobuddah Posted on 26/11 22:02
re: Spoilt bairns

Hey, I've been there and back, and you might be right.

We all need a kick up the arrrs

means_the_world Posted on 26/11 23:39
re: Spoilt bairns

it's the lack of ambition from old timers which has the real capacity to harm this club.

some of us were there too. but we don't want our club to become the football equivalent of Beamish (except where the stuffed dummies get paid £20k a week instead).

it's not commitment to have a death wish about going back to the old second division - it's a death wish that the club will struggle to survive.

ExiledInStoke Posted on 26/11 23:42
re: Spoilt bairns

I know I'm going to get panned for saying this, but what's worse than our league position is the people who think we can sign somebody from Real Madrid who has 70 Argentinian caps and who will come here and bust a gut for us. REALLY? I bet Southgate never thought of that.

The reason we're in a bit of a state is that the backbone of the side is young and still learning. I could not believe the slagging off Cattermole got the other day - why bother for the Boro if all you get is the boo boys on your back, a la Downing?

Our academy works wonders. We had 4 players in the England Under 21 squad last week and one in the full squad. 5 players, all local (might have been 7 were it not for injuries to Bates and McMahon over the last 2 seasons), that's probably £30+ million saved. Of course, we could have spent that £30 million on fee, bonus and wages for some ponce to come here and skin us. That doesn't seem to enter the heads of some people.

There also seems to be a rose-tinted aspect to the Rioch years, particularly from those who don't quite remember them well enough. During that time, we produced 5 decent players (Mogga, Hamo, Pally, Rippers and Coops). The rest were awful. Kernaghan, Parkinson, Gill, Turnbull, Duffield, Coddington, Trotter, etc, etc. We produce more top quality players each season now than the whole of the Maddren/Rioch years. And not just then. Would Darren Wood get into the current side ahead of Wheater? Would he hell.

We've not been relegated, we're in a league that costs £25 million to retain membership every year, we're producing top drawer young players and you don't take your life into your hands every time you go to a game. We're always on Match Of The Day (there were times that we weren't even on Shoot) and you can get information from a million different sources (not just Bernard Gent).

Things are a million times better now. Quit the whining.

means_the_world Posted on 26/11 23:46
re: Spoilt bairns

exiledinstoke, you're absolutely right

and no one in boro has recently died of bubonic plague, redcar is safe from tyrannosaurus rex attacks, hartlepool hasn't been bombed by a zepellin in the last 5 years and stockton and darlington have just been connected by this frightening fire driven mechanical horse.

it is a golden age i tell you.

ExiledInStoke Posted on 26/11 23:51
re: Spoilt bairns

And we haven't been relegated in 10 years. You have forgotten that. Same can't be said for the period spanning Charlton, Neal, Murdoch, Allison, Maddren, Rioch, Todd and Lawrence.

Most of them experienced managers, and they couldn't match the record of the pi$$poor Robson, MacLaren and Southgate.

means_the_world Posted on 26/11 23:54
re: Spoilt bairns

i haven't forgotten - it just simply isn't relevant.

some of us have raised our expectations. certainly anyone under teh age of 25 can barely remember this rubbish era you write about.

to be honest, if most of those managers had had the resources that the latest 3 have received then i would expect we might have done more than get into the top half of the league just twice in 12 seasons. they might also have won more than one in 5 cup finals.

how you can claim southgate in particular would be better than people like charlton and rioch though ... unbelieveable.

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Bren_MFC Posted on 26/11 23:57
re: Spoilt bairns

'The Games a million times better'................not from my viewpoint, the games dying a death, the whole football experience has gone down the pan, the sanitised league called the Premiership is killing the game along with Sky Sports etc, for me bring back the Ayresome Park days from getting up on Saturday morning the whole day built up to the match, there was always a buzz about but now its a chore.

ExiledInStoke Posted on 26/11 23:58
re: Spoilt bairns

The resourcing issue is a red herring. Colin Todd spent well over £1 million in his time at Boro (roughly one year). Football inflation and the relative state of the club means that that's the equivalent of about £25 million today. Where did it get us? Nowhere.

And how can it not be relevant that we've not been relegated in 10 years? The best spell in this club's history since the war and a poor start is treated like the end of the world.

It's head shake time and you can start now if you want.

sasboro Posted on 27/11 0:02
re: Spoilt bairns

and what signings he(todd) made in john hendrie and robbie mustoe

relatively we were still spending little money relative to most clubs. I remeber the club getting excited when they got 700k from season ticket sales

considering smac and robson spent £50m each on players and southgate has spent close to £30m for £130m its been a poor return in the league. Its now starting to have a knock on effect on season ticket sales

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means_the_world Posted on 27/11 0:07
re: Spoilt bairns

you think because you are content to live by the poor standards of boro's history then that will be good enough for other people

you have as much luck as convincing people they should give up their modern car for a 1985 cortina, swapping their haircut for a mullet and that mrs thatcher should come back to give us 3 million unemployed.

actually some people would like those things. why don't you all join a nostalgia club instead.

ExiledInStoke Posted on 27/11 0:09
re: Spoilt bairns

Christ, if there's ever a point, you can guarantee some people will miss it.

It's like watching David Currie.

means_the_world Posted on 27/11 0:16
re: Spoilt bairns

ok, the REAL point is - we had just got to a european final with two comebacks that made the football world sit up and take notice.

our manager got appointed to England

(still with me??)

then, we appoint a manager with no experience, claim we are going into transition, finish one season where with two games from the end we could still have been relegated, insist that this season is going to be full of 'spectaculars' then have our worst start ever to a premiership season and face a dogfight just to stay up.

now do you see why the analogies with the past are utterly redundant and why some of us expect better from a club we finally hoped might be about to go somewhere?

sasboro Posted on 27/11 0:16
re: Spoilt bairns

We could be floating around in mid table championship next season and some fans will still say it isnt that bad.

The problem at the moment is that motivation of money is killing the club. Players on big wages who arnt too fussed cos they know if we went down they would get a pay off or move on. MFC just happy to collect the tv money and not fussed about what the fans think or want. Do oyu think players like mido would be bothered if we went down? he would just move onto his 9th club.

How do yo motivate these millionaires? how do you make them have the appetite to want to win? Do they have teh attitde of what difference does it make if we win as we are not going to reach europe. are a few players taking the pish out of mr gareth "nice guy" southgate. southgate was a model pro, but is southgate assuming our players have the same attitude as what southgate had as a player

Maybe MFC is due a correction to put them back in line of their priorities. A stint in the championship would make them appreciate the fans more

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means_the_world Posted on 27/11 0:19
re: Spoilt bairns

sas, i doubt it would make the fans appreciate MFC more.

we stuck with the club loyally in 97 when it performed its first kamikaze mission and demanded loyalty then too. frankly it owes us more than it is delivering.

skinemrippers Posted on 27/11 9:00
re: Spoilt bairns

Eunuch has to be one of my favourite words. Describes the majority of MFC without wittering on about heart etc.

These threads make me laugh, it's hardly a youngsters fault that they were born later than old timers and into a time of relative success. You can only compare current experience to things you have already experienced.

However, I preferred the Ayresome days, £3 in the North East corner, get there at 12.30pm to get a seat on one of the barriers. Great fun.

borobuddah Posted on 27/11 9:18
re: Spoilt bairns

I'll still be there, lack of ambition my ass.

means_the_world Posted on 27/11 22:51
re: Spoilt bairns

buddah, so your conclusion isn't that gibbo and southgate aren't ambitious ... just incompetent then presumably

borobuddah Posted on 27/11 22:56
re: Spoilt bairns

I was responding to the comments that us apparent "Old Timers" have no ambition for our team, no comment about Gibbo and the Gate.

Many of our fans are getting carried away with their ewxpectations and subsequent bitching, the rest are narky gets like me who've always been dour.

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means_the_world Posted on 27/11 23:02
re: Spoilt bairns

buddah, i can see you are the type of man who thinks people should be grateful for colour tv when in our day it was only black and white.

when the club starts charging us at 1980 prices then they have the right to deliver that level of football.

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borobuddah Posted on 28/11 12:29
re: Spoilt bairns

Top flight football, year after year. Some times it feels like it would be better to be in a lower divsion and get more wins and better looking performances, but I don't think so.

Then again I don't suffer week in week out like those who are season ticket holders (well I do, but with far less effort and expense)

My point is the fans can help improve their own experience and the team performance by uniting and fighting, not bawling and growling while sliding off home.

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means_the_world Posted on 28/11 13:47
re: Spoilt bairns

buddah, i agree with you. unity would be much better.

i suppose the problem is that unity will only really come if there is something to unite around which is what is lacking this season. last year gibbo's decision got the benefit of the doubt even though it seemed a little odd given the swashbuckling way we'd got to the final and the springboard it appeared to offer us.

this year 'transition' now looks to be more a promise of hard labour with parole in five years rather than a path to the sunlit uplands

truly, i agree with you about unity being the better option. no one wants to be a knocker (well, some do though i really don't). but currently there aren't even positive signs to try to unite around.

borobuddah Posted on 28/11 22:32
re: Spoilt bairns

Pride in the Town and the area for the fans, that's what we could unite around.

Given the shifting, "can-afford-don't-swear-don't shout-" generation of the new fans, I guess I'll shut up, once and for all.