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dibzzz Posted on 26/11 22:38
This, he's been unlucky with injuries crap.

"He's been unlucky with injuries"
As some people on here like to point out.

Oh come on,,,,We were more or less at full strength against Villa and with Johnson back in the side as almost every fan wanted.

Ok, Arca and Mido were missing, you really think we'd have been good enough to beat Villa with them back in the side?

Arca and Mido would not have stopped us conceding three goals would they?

Mido would have to have scored a hatrick for the draw, I don't see any evidence of him being capable of scoring a hatrick and Arca would have had played a blinder.

No, I'm not having the 'Unlucky with injuries' excuse.

Just like all teams in the Prem, it's quite a normal to have two decent players out injured for a bit, but most sides don't cease up like we do.

It's not working with Southgate, I like the bloke, but we need a new manager. NOW!