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Mattyk50 Posted on 27/11 11:34
football manager 2008

hows everyone getting on with it now?

i know when it came out people were saying it as impossible.

dogs_danglies Posted on 27/11 11:38
re: football manager 2008

i downloaded it and when iv done some spyware scans and adware scans the main exe file has been removed. must of been infected, dunno if anyone else has had this prob. i was getting into it as well finally getting some wins

McCann_87 Posted on 27/11 11:58
re: football manager 2008

just finished 3rd with boro

however im in alot of debt as the past 3 seasons they have expanded the stadium to the same size each time as when you save it and load back in, it goes straight back to what it was before hand

dave_catching Posted on 27/11 12:07
re: football manager 2008

Am finding it tricky, like the last one.

Too many bugs in it like ridiculous number of goals disallowed for offside. They always seem to be rushed out with errors.

Hope this new patch is ready soon.

McCann_87 Posted on 27/11 12:09
re: football manager 2008

yeah same here, i get about 2-3 goals every match ruled out for offside and also i've notice that whenever im 2-0 at half time, they score one straight away, and i mean straight away like in the first 2 minutes or something and then go on to win it

Mattyk50 Posted on 27/11 12:10
re: football manager 2008

i remember the bug in the old game when as soon as you clicked to make a sub, the opposition scored!

ExiledInZebraland Posted on 27/11 12:16
re: football manager 2008

I've been playing the old one for mac and have noticed that "subs" bug. I just thought the game was punishing me for having the audacity to make a substitution. Also I cant get rid of any of me players aswell. Nobody will sign them, not even the good ones or the players that are wanted by other teams. They must all be cack.

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kermit_the_smog Posted on 27/11 12:22
re: football manager 2008

I thought that subs thing was just my luck! I started to notice that just as I went to click if they were having a chance and I clicked they'd always score.

It's happened a few times on this new one, if they're attacking I never make a sub or any tactics edit I always wait till you think it's safe, even now a lot of the time if i've clicked just as they have a chance they often score as i'm in the edit mode.

In important games i sometimes pause the game when making the subs instead of letting it flow in the background.

Woulda thought they'd have a patch out by now.

skiprat Posted on 27/11 12:25
re: football manager 2008

There's a Beta patch out.

Link: BETA

dogs_danglies Posted on 27/11 13:22
re: football manager 2008

am i right in thinking u cant use the patch on a downloaded version of fm?

DarkStarr Posted on 27/11 13:29
re: football manager 2008

There's actually a full patch out now.

dogs_danglies Posted on 27/11 13:30
re: football manager 2008

does this full patch work with a downloaded copy of fm?

kermit_the_smog Posted on 27/11 13:42
re: football manager 2008

I tried looking for the full patch the other day and couldn't see anything apart from a kind of beta patch which came out about a 3 weeks(?) ago.

Got a link DarkStarr?

Real_dangerous Posted on 27/11 13:45
re: football manager 2008

Finding it pretty tricky. Not helped by Boro's apparently rubbish squad.
I score a load of goals off corners that are then disallowed for a foul, very frustrating. I donít even bother to build my hopes up for corners now. Woodgate is the hands down king of doing this this.

boromike85 Posted on 27/11 14:56
re: football manager 2008

I think its been alright. Won the premier league 2nd season with Boro, I was quite surprised myself. Won the last 8 games of the season when I was quite far behind to win.
I've found it harder being a team thats good. I used the same formation playing as Arsenal as I did with Boro, but with better players and I was struggling. Bit weird.
Just been sacked for the 1st time. I was Leeds, successive promotions the qualified for Intertoto in my 3rd season, was 2nd in the league 4th season, predicted 14th, and through to groups and 1st knockout of UEFA cup when Robbie Fowler took over as chairman. I thought it was good at first, bit of extra cash to spend but then he said he wanted a new manager in and just sacked me!!!
I also had the problem with Boro where they increase the stadium to 42000 at the end of the season but it just drops back to 35000, means that half the season, there is half the ground closed while its being built so you make no money from gate receipts and it costs £10m every season to build.

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Mattyk50 Posted on 27/11 14:58
re: football manager 2008

ive just started with leeds. 4th in league one in my first season, not bad considering the -15 points start.

pablo piatti as a major coup

Ultra_Magnus Posted on 27/11 15:01
re: football manager 2008

I'm starting to make some headway, but still find it annoying due to what must be bugs...

That offside one happens all the time.
My strikers couldn't hit a barn door. Some games I'll have 15 shots (for example) and only 2 on target. They blast it over all the time.
The defender collect option for the goalkeepers distribution doesn't work.

huthhuthhuthhuth Posted on 27/11 15:01
re: football manager 2008

Well i got sacked just 8 games into the season , after only picking up 4 points with boro . Went and managed bradford in league 2 and got them into the plyoffs and won it. Then i had a bad start to league 1 and got sacked again , harsh the chairmans on it i think . So im now unemployed.

DarkStarr Posted on 27/11 15:18
re: football manager 2008

Yes these are the links for the full 8.0.1 patch.

Football Manager 2008
PC (Boxed Retail)

dogs_danglies once you patch with this you will not be able to run the game unless you get a new cracked exe from somewhere.

kermit_the_smog Posted on 27/11 15:20
re: football manager 2008

Cheers DS.

I assume saved games will still run as normal?

I have a Bayern game going and I have 5 youngsters out on loan who I hope to take over the world with come next season ;-)

DarkStarr Posted on 27/11 15:23
re: football manager 2008

Some have had problems continuing with saved games. Some have been fine.

But it is recommended that you start a new game to get the full benefit of the fixes.

Oh and make a few copy's of ur saved game incase it gets corrupt.

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siddaway2 Posted on 27/11 16:58
re: football manager 2008

the crack is on its more of a loader so u add patch then extract the loader put it in to your sports interactive folder in program files and then double click the loader and it works fine its much needed as their are a tonne of problems with 1st version

tjadonis Posted on 27/11 18:24
re: football manager 2008

I'm doing well. Started as Boro, bought some bargains that are now worth over 5mil. Played 4-1-4-1 and finished 4th first season and got beat of Man U in FA Cup final 4-2. In 2nd season now, got a class squad, am 5th in league, need a point at home to Barcelona in last champ league game to qualify for next stage and in the semi final of the league cup.
Took me ages to sort out tactics etc but team plays really well at the min.
Bargains as follows - most turn wonderkids in first season
Piatti AMC 100k
Aaritilo FC 200k
Lulinha 2.7m Doesnt come till 2nd season
Alex 1.5mil Comes in Jan 08.
Dzuesdek (spelt wrong but just type Dz in search and he comes up, 250k

I bought Cavani 18.75m from Palermo and Bruno Mezenga 3.7m in second season both strkers, Cavani 18 gls in 20 apps, Mezenga 15 goals in 18 apps.

Gibson keeps accepting ridiculous offers for my young wonderkids tho which is so annoying. If he continues to interfeer in the day to day management i will be resigning, lol