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jam69 Posted on 27/11 20:22
you have never lived

if you aint being to an away game in the back of a trany van with a bunch of mates early hours of a sturday morning after a friday night on the pis$.i can smell those stale madison farts now mmmmmmm

Nedkat Posted on 27/11 20:26
re: you have never lived

Five of us went to Elland Road in a freakin' Robin Reliant van on a freezin' cold day, after a night of heavy boozing ! It was treacherous, a journey to alter a mans's senses. Bass Gas, Exhibition farts, beerish burps, and unwashed bodies ..

git_boy Posted on 27/11 21:38
re: you have never lived

well i guess i've never lived then, thanks for setting me right

freakin' moron, smelling farts in the back of a van with a bunch of blokes? how gay are you?

jam69 Posted on 27/11 23:59
re: you have never lived

run along git its for the lads who were there,great days

dibzzz Posted on 28/11 0:01
re: you have never lived

Yep,,Ipswich in an old Post Van with no side windows, we had a mattress for sitting on and a torch so we could still see our cans, pure luxury!

jam69 Posted on 28/11 0:06
re: you have never lived

if boro took 4-5000 to an away game they would be a couple of ra ra buses and hundreds of dodgy vans,ah for the days when you could get hammered on a friday and decide against better judgement to set off for shewsbury or swindon etc at 6am the sat morning

footiefan100 Posted on 28/11 0:13
re: you have never lived

years ago we took a tranny van to Everton with about 50 people in back-silly fooker of a driver (Blackie I think was his name) turned the van over at a roundabout.30 plus Boro fans then had to leg it before polis came so they couldn't claim van was overloaded-me and some others managed to grab lift off Boro fans in another van(which was now overloaded )whilst others got lift from passing car drivers-I heard all 50 got to Goodison apart from Blackie who was detrained by polis before being released with no charges about 5.00

JoeLaidlaw Posted on 28/11 0:28
re: you have never lived

The furthest we ever went was Portsmouth and Southampton in a tranny van.

No wonder my backs gigered now travelling all that way on a cold tranny floor.

Went up market when you got a crew bus.

We also went to Leeds and Doncaster in the back of a removal van.

You could get loads in one of them.

The crack was brilliant.

Locals must have shat themselves when they seen them tranny doors open and piss and drink would spill out followed by a load of drunken louts.

During the Soton trip two of the lads decided to go and see Enter the Dragon rather than go to the match.

Well after the game the van was involved in a few bust ups at the traffic lights when the police surrounded us and ordered the driver to follow them.

Everyone blaming each other and pointing the fingure when we arrive at the Odeon to pick our two mates up and escorted out of town.

I would kill my boys if they ever acted like that.