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dibzzz Posted on 28/11 22:34
Dog Shiit !

Took my 3 week old daughter out for a pleasant stroll in the pram today, spent 20 mins cleaning dog shiit off the wheels when I got home. Completley ruined the expierence.

It's every time we take the pram out it comes back in this state, why can't the ignorant b>st>rds clean their dog shiit up?

I'd have dogs banned me, unless you have a legit reason for having one, ie, blind, policedog, shepard etc.

The ones next door bark all fooking night.
People keep them in doors all day which is cruel.
They attack and sometimes kill.
They make a bloody mess of the streets.

I could go on and on, what's the point of keeping a dog? Absolute fooking pain in the arse they are.

And don't get me on about cats!

borobornandbred Posted on 28/11 23:08
re: Dog Shiit !

Irresponsible owners are the problem and not the dogs.Dogs can be trained not to bark at night,and only very very very rarely do they attack people and kill.They must shoite unfortunately,but proper owners like me pick it up and put it in the bin.

prens Posted on 28/11 23:18
re: Dog Shiit !

My two year old daughter was playing amongst the leaves in stewart park last sunday. The leaves turned into dogshOOt dirty dirty bASTOORDS, dogs are for people who can`t have kids, I don`t let my daughter shOOt all over so don`t let your dog.

dibzzz Posted on 28/11 23:27
re: Dog Shiit !

Yeah,,,,if you can't look after one sensibly you should not be allowed to have one.

I reckon there should be tighter regulations on owning one.

dibzzz Posted on 28/11 23:33
re: Dog Shiit !

Our lass was attacked by an Alsation a year ago, it jumped over a fence as she was minding her own business, went for her, she had to throw our 3 yearold son into a ditch to protect him, it bit her,,,put a 2" deep hole in her calf, it would have killed my son if it got hold of him instead.

She go stiched etc,,,the fooking thing is still alive and in some kennels somewhere,,,it's a disgrace.

The owner said.

"It's never done that before"

The stupid B>st>rd!!!!

So don't give me that it's rare they attack or kill crap,,a lot of the attacks go un-reported.

Theyr'e a dangerous fooking nusiance.

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elnino1 Posted on 28/11 23:37
re: Dog Shiit !

I feel the same about kids.

I'm a responsible dog owner, shame most parents aren't responsible, letting their coonts run free all night in the streets etc.

I'd ban kids. Fooking spunk moochers.

elnino1 Posted on 28/11 23:37
re: Dog Shiit !

Plus, dogs never stab each other. Kids do.

THAT's more of a nuisance.

I fooking hate kids me.

dibzzz Posted on 28/11 23:47
re: Dog Shiit !

what a priick

prens Posted on 28/11 23:54
re: Dog Shiit !

just what I said can`t have kids ( el fookshiit nuno )

dibzzz Posted on 29/11 0:06
re: Dog Shiit !

"I fooking hate kids me"

You must have hated yourself then a few years back eh?

Honest I can't believe it, I come on here saying how a dog (with a sensible owner) left a two inch deep cut in my wifes leg, would have most certainly injured or even killed my son if it had got hold of him,,,and that's the response you get.

Fooking ar*sehole!

elnino1 Posted on 29/11 0:13
re: Dog Shiit !

Your lass must have tasted like pedigree chum to get bitten.

The point is, you abusive little coont, is you getting all high and mighty about dogs when IMO most kids these days are worse behaved than dogs.

So fook you.

elnino1 Posted on 29/11 0:14
re: Dog Shiit !

And you label dogs a dangerous nuisance.

And kids aren't?

If you think dog owners should have to have a licence, then so should people for kids, cos most of you parents are a joke.