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jam69 Posted on 30/11 18:52
we have great supporters

sick to death of the media and some of our own supporters knocking our crowd and support.
tesside has a population of 500,000
wearside 1,000,000 and tyneside 1,500,00.our average of around 26,000 stands up to those much bigger places.
also unlike on tyneside we didnt get on the managers back after 12 games.i think the fans have given southgate a fair crack of the whip.
dont let the southern based press tell us our surport is fickle,iam amazed we get as many as 26,000 to watch some of the blandest football in the premier.
the press have had it in for us since we won a cup and had the cheek to make a real euro final when as we all know it should be spurs and west ham doing that!

means_the_world Posted on 30/11 18:55
re: we have great supporters

oh god, not again

please can we not keep doing the victim complex thing. it's embarrassing.

jam69 Posted on 30/11 18:59
re: we have great supporters

i dont see us as victims,just dont understand why we get stick for crowds when clubs like pmouth and bolton dont?its sad to see some of own supporters agreeing with them

RAYMOND_HDD Posted on 30/11 19:05
re: we have great supporters

2 and a 1/2 million in Tyne and Wear..

Your obsession with those up the road has definitely got the better of you.