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PinkPonce Posted on 30/11 22:17
Leona Lewis

I actually think i love her..

kazzaxxx Posted on 30/11 22:28
re: Leona Lewis

Bleeding Love, eh

PinkPonce Posted on 30/11 22:33
re: Leona Lewis

she cut me open lol..

I'm serious though kazza... i actually think she is amazing... Sometimes i don't even wanna shag her i just wanna let her sing to me... but most of the time i just wanna shag her haha..

kazzaxxx Posted on 30/11 22:40
re: Leona Lewis

you should get out more,

elnino1 Posted on 30/11 22:42
re: Leona Lewis

Gargabe IMO.

PinkPonce Posted on 30/11 22:46
re: Leona Lewis

elnino...why do you think that?

haha...thanks kazza.. i'm in need of support now in my fragile emotional state

kazzaxxx Posted on 30/11 22:51
re: Leona Lewis

i am sure you will cope, samaritans is 999 isnt it

elnino1 Posted on 30/11 23:01
re: Leona Lewis

I suppose I'm being a little irrational but it seems like cheating for people to make it big the way she did, rather than earn it like most have to.

But whilst her voice is good, it's not THAT good. And she looks like a klingon! Like Jolean Lescott

PinkPonce Posted on 30/11 23:01
re: Leona Lewis

kazza we all knwo the samaritans are 118 118 x

PinkPonce Posted on 30/11 23:04
re: Leona Lewis


Im sorry but i think her voice is brilliant... it is unbelievable..

and i hate the way that people slag off shows like the x factor... unless your a group of scruffs from a council estate its can be quite hard to get a start i reckon...

I just think she is 100 % better than anyone else to come through one of them shows...

midothetorpedo Posted on 30/11 23:07
re: Leona Lewis

paul potts was much better

singer that is

PinkPonce Posted on 30/11 23:11
re: Leona Lewis


there you go kid...

Link: Klingon?

kazzaxxx Posted on 30/11 23:15
re: Leona Lewis

have a look at roscollins girlfriend singing it, she good also

PinkPonce Posted on 30/11 23:15
re: Leona Lewis

link kazza?

MsCurly Posted on 1/12 0:31
re: Leona Lewis

Leona's vocals are sensational.

kazzaxxx Posted on 1/12 0:47
re: Leona Lewis

hope you appreciate this

Link: ........................................

fishface101 Posted on 1/12 1:13
re: Leona Lewis


i take it you are one of the millions who waste fortunes on ringing into these programmes to vote and in the meantime make billionaires like simon cowell even richer

i do agree Leona Lewis does have a magnificent singing voice but she does seem to be trying to copy whitney which to me is just wailing into a mic it wont be long before cowell has her singing cover songs or regurgitationg the old classics instead of wrighting anything new for her

I have been lucky enough to hear the original vocal recordings of bleeding love without any effects or reverbs added and it does sound amazing

as for the X Factor i hate it i cannot stand it i see every day musicians and artists who have more talent in there fingernails than any of these wannabees on these programs who get voted in or out depending on what sob story they give the TV viewers , Oh you cant vote them out therye to fat or theyre in a wheelchair or the TV viewers love them cos they are so bad its funny ( chico say no more there then eh)

to me they might as well save time throw all the names into a hat and draw them out like a raffle

ElvisRamone Posted on 1/12 7:01
re: Leona Lewis

I find her very attractive.

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Rod100 Posted on 1/12 7:45
re: Leona Lewis

she is attractive and i'd like to put my dirty sex into her like...

however she does have the look of snoop doggy dog about her.

not saying that i'd fck a man like - but if i had to, and my life depended on it - it would be elvis

PinkPonce Posted on 1/12 10:34
re: Leona Lewis

I love the way that, from me saying i love leona lewis, you have presumed i pump money into shows like the x factor.

I have better things to spend my money on - namely conditioning treatments and products for my hair - but i appreciate someone who can sing. she is amazing vocally. i cant believe some people can think differently to that.

Also, because she can sing people are stereotyping her in the catagory of whitney and mariah carey.... the fact is, she HAS the potential to be as good as them.. vocally there is no one within a million miles of her at the moment.

The x factor and other such shows offer a great way for people with a dream to fulfil it... I think its good entertainment and MUCH better than watching another repeat of the darling buds of may.

your personal opinion is fine mate, but if thats the way people need to go to make a jump into the industry then fair play to them

PP x

elnino1 Posted on 1/12 10:35
re: Leona Lewis

That video of rollcollins tart is so fake it's untrue, blatant miming!

PinkPonce Posted on 1/12 10:41
re: Leona Lewis

Do you reckon Elnino?

I don't..

By the way - hello curly... S'pose it takes us singers to appreciate real talent huh haha x

bigrichardthe3rd Posted on 2/12 20:18
re: Leona Lewis

shes got a face as long as a gasmans mack........

Halle_Burton Posted on 2/12 20:21
re: Leona Lewis

she looks like hendrik to me

git_boy Posted on 2/12 20:23
re: Leona Lewis

well hopefully she reads this messageboard and will be in contact with you soon

Senor_Chester Posted on 2/12 20:49
re: Leona Lewis

Good singer for me but her songs are dogshit. Much better music out there if you scratch the surface.

marktheborofan Posted on 2/12 20:53
re: Leona Lewis

I think her voice is phenomenal. She needs to do something other than ballads though. Look at the likes of Geri Halliwell who has had solo success but can't sing a note, the same can be said for Robbie Williams. It's refreshing to be able to hear an artiste who can actually sing and doesn't have a gimmick to replace a crap singing voice.

PinkPonce Posted on 2/12 20:58
re: Leona Lewis

why would she read this message board to get in touch with me git_boy when she can just ring, text or email me kid...

Boro_Owl Posted on 2/12 21:09
re: Leona Lewis

I agree with the klingon comment. But she also kinda looks like the like below

Couldnt say anything aobut her singing ability but honestly, I couldnt care less. I didnt like Whitney, I didnt like Mariah, and from what you're saying this is just another clone. Fair play if she can sing, but I can almost guarantee it wont be my taste.

Link: Leona Lewis?

PinkPonce Posted on 2/12 21:10
re: Leona Lewis

Im sorrry but anyone who doesnt think she is good looking MUST be gay

Boro_Owl Posted on 2/12 21:13
re: Leona Lewis

You notice the hypocrisy in you saying "Im sorrry but anyone who doesnt think she is good looking MUST be gay", PinkPonce?

hughiep Posted on 2/12 21:13
re: Leona Lewis

Ide give her one.

PinkPonce Posted on 2/12 21:13
re: Leona Lewis


marktheborofan Posted on 2/12 21:14
re: Leona Lewis

I would. But then again, I am not fussy.

hughiep Posted on 2/12 21:15
re: Leona Lewis

Oh me neihter mark lol

Boro_Owl Posted on 2/12 21:15
re: Leona Lewis

Just doesnt do it for me though. How tall is she? In that pic she looks about 7ft!

PinkPonce Posted on 2/12 21:23
re: Leona Lewis

I reckon shes late 5's

Check out the link on my live lounge thread .... Amazing song.

git_boy Posted on 2/12 21:32
re: Leona Lewis

is that rumour about him/her being a post-op transexual true?

PinkPonce Posted on 2/12 21:35
re: Leona Lewis

haven't you got any homework to do

git_boy Posted on 2/12 21:41
re: Leona Lewis

yes i've got to write an essay on modern day fantasists and their use of messageboards, care to help out?

PinkPonce Posted on 2/12 21:43
re: Leona Lewis

Ah thats a shame...

Cos if it was an essay on modern day tvvats with several usernames and their use of messageboards cos you'd have no doubt finished it by now.

git_boy Posted on 2/12 21:48
re: Leona Lewis

blimey, get her

Boro_Owl Posted on 2/12 22:29
re: Leona Lewis

"Cos if it was an essay on modern day tvvats with several usernames and their use of messageboards cos you'd have no doubt finished it by now."

Nicely done PinkPonce

PinkPonce Posted on 2/12 22:48
re: Leona Lewis

Thanks very much Owly.

one does try