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PinkPonce Posted on 1/12 18:02
Remember in the Summer - We will be FITTER

what happened...

I fear that we aren't doing enough... Not enough at all.

we aren't fit enough. especially Boateng. He's blowing out his backside after 20 minutes.

ccole Posted on 1/12 18:25
re: Remember in the Summer - We will be FITTER

How do you know?

Did you go today?

How did the Reading players look fitter than Boro's?

ThePrisoner Posted on 1/12 18:30
re: Remember in the Summer - We will be FITTE

Fitter? Most of them are on the treatment table.

br14 Posted on 1/12 18:37
re: Remember in the Summer - We will be FITTER

Much as I like Gareth Southgate he clearly has no idea how to win in the Premier League. He thought he could play attractive passing football (a la Arsenal) and do well - totally deluded.

Despite Sunderlands position and a grossly inferior squad, Roy Keane is more likely to keep his team up. Get 11 average players and make them run like stink and kick everything in sight for 90 minutes.

The game against Sevilla by Arsenal midweek showed the gap in skill level. Ok Wenger didnt have his first team out, but Sevilla are currently sitting 10th in the Spanish league and out played one of the top footballing sides in England.

There is barely a single English player that could compete in the Spanish league. Thats why we have no players in that league.

Time to take a long hard look at how we play football. In the meantime, Boro need a big physical striker up front and one or two more 90 minute donkeys in midfield.

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