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PinkPonce Posted on 2/12 18:39
Your dream car...

What would it be:

A) In reason
B) Dream On


A) Porsche 911
B) Bugatti Veyron

bevo2005 Posted on 2/12 18:43
re: Your dream car...

A) Golf GTI
B) Koenigsegg CCX

scottyc Posted on 2/12 18:44
re: Your dream car...

a) audi s3
b) range rover sport

guisBOROugh Posted on 2/12 18:44
re: Your dream car...

A) Propper retro Ford Capri 2.8i
B) Very nice VW campervan Westfalia splitscreen

Tom_Fun Posted on 2/12 18:47
re: Your dream car...

a) The Batmobile
b) The Thundertank

chrism2050 Posted on 2/12 18:48
re: Your dream car...

Merc SLR 55 AMG

Merc Macleren SLR (The same car but better)

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jd1973 Posted on 2/12 19:00
re: Your dream car...

a) Fiesta XR2, 1984, full body, kit, red, mint.
b) Nova SRi, 1986, spoiler on the back, dum-dum-dum music, knackered exhaust.

Need to get an eyebrow pierced, wear my jeans round me knees and become unemployed to fulfil any of the dream cars though.

Camsell_345 Posted on 2/12 19:07
re: Your dream car...

I love the dodge viper

10hazza Posted on 2/12 19:08
re: Your dream car...

....and i love dodging vipers, what a coincidence

gagarin Posted on 2/12 19:12
re: Your dream car...

A) The General Lee
B) Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle

But would also settle for any vintage Bugatti.

hallyspencer Posted on 2/12 19:43
re: Your dream car...

pigani zonda R

Halle_Burton Posted on 2/12 19:45
re: Your dream car...

the slag bros car off wacky races or maybe the creepy coupe special

swordtrombonefish Posted on 2/12 19:47
re: Your dream car...

1) Audi R8
2) Bugatti Veyron

baldycrowe Posted on 2/12 19:55
re: Your dream car...

1969 Dodge Charger (AKA The General Lee)

1966 Ford Mustang GT Fastback

MrBridger Posted on 2/12 19:56
re: Your dream car...

a) Series 1 Lotus Elise 111s (Already got it)
b) Series 2 (08) Lotus Exige S
Ferrari 250GTO
Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
Lamborghini Miura

baldycrowe Posted on 2/12 20:11
re: Your dream car...

Everyone else posts just Two,Greedy Bolloocks has to post Three

Halle_Burton Posted on 2/12 20:12
re: Your dream car...

The bouldermobile its just come to me.

HolgateEnd Posted on 2/12 22:16
re: Your dream car...

1) Mitsubishi Evo 6
2) Aston Martin DB9

Smog_Side_of_Life Posted on 3/12 0:01
re: Your dream car...

Has to be Bugatti Veyron

vichyssoise Posted on 3/12 0:29
re: Your dream car...


rick4974 Posted on 3/12 0:50
re: Your dream car...

audi q7

bugatti veyron

borokaza Posted on 3/12 8:03
re: Your dream car...

a) MG convertable
b) 1957 Thunderbird convertable (preferably in redandwhite)

SmogOnTheRhine Posted on 3/12 8:11
re: Your dream car...

The Bugatti factory is a few miles down the road from me, the blokes there treat the Veyron like the works van, drive into town most days at dinnertime in it, actually saw one of the blokes pulled up outside the kebab shop, not sure if he was getting the take-aways in though.


1. Audi S4 (handy for the kids)
2. Veyron (not handy for the kids)

BoroMutt Posted on 3/12 9:23
re: Your dream car...

a Porsche 911 (specifically a 930 3.0SC non-turbo)
b Lambourghini Miura

I don't get the Bugatti Veyron thing at all, it's UGLY, same with that new Audi supercar it's a pig. Not denying that they are very fast but I prefer my dream motors to be lookers outright speed is for games of Top Trumps.

PinkPonce Posted on 3/12 11:12
re: Your dream car...

The R8 is admittedly slightly ugly but the Veyron.. Come on.. Have a word.. Its amazing beautiful...

Mattyk50 Posted on 3/12 11:25
re: Your dream car...

im very lucky in the fact i already own my dream car...

Ive always wanted a 1996 Vauxhall Corsa with a rattling exhaust and a slow puncture in the front left tyre.

PinkPonce Posted on 3/12 11:28
re: Your dream car...

jamesuk001 Posted on 3/12 11:30
re: Your dream car...

Rover 416 SLi, 11 months test, 2 months TAX P reg 75,000 miles on the clock, power steering, remote central locking, immobiliser and alarm, electric windows and sunroof.

By any chance is it anyones dream car?
For sale at 490

norton_high_street Posted on 3/12 11:43
re: Your dream car...

Golf GTI

Aston Martin DB9

camperman Posted on 3/12 16:00
re: Your dream car...

ive already owned all my favourite cars and ive kept my favourite 2.

1 v5 sport 2.3 new beetle
2 1979 vw type 2 bay window camper

snap me in half and ill have vw stamped right thru me like a stick of rock.

ElvisRamone Posted on 3/12 16:06
re: Your dream car...

1. Morris Minor Traveller/Volvo P1800
2. Lotus Cortina MK1

Camperman - alright mate...possibly no chance of getting home next year...Our lass can't get the time off work and it'll be too close to the time we come back. Cant afford April May time... need the cash to get the dog exported back.

dibzzz Posted on 3/12 16:07
re: Your dream car...

The one that floats above the sand on Star Wars.

dibzzz Posted on 3/12 16:08
re: Your dream car...


left_wing87 Posted on 3/12 17:56
re: Your dream car...

A) Mazda MX5

B) Aston Martin Vanquish- sex on wheels!

guisBOROugh Posted on 3/12 18:02
re: Your dream car...

camperman, I like it!

hicktonspenaltyrunup Posted on 3/12 18:22
re: Your dream car...

a)Already owned 2 of my dream cars, current dream car would be a BMW M5, 1990-95

b)AC Cobra, the balls out 427 one.

junouk Posted on 3/12 18:25
re: Your dream car...

a) alfa spider

b) DB9

wokingmassive Posted on 3/12 18:25
re: Your dream car...

A) Lotus Esprit

B) Aston DB9

boro_bliss Posted on 3/12 18:41
re: Your dream car...


baldycrowe Posted on 3/12 19:53
re: Your dream car...

When the bloke from the Sun road tested the Bugatti Veyron,I happened to be in Heston services on the M4 as it pulled in,i have photos of me sitting in the drivers seat,I was tempted to nick it,but his minders thought otherwise.
What a car!

camperman Posted on 3/12 21:43
re: Your dream car...

guis havent we spoke before ? i ran the north east vw club for years theres not many vws i havent owned, all pre 70s of course.

elvis dont talk about your lass that way...... no wait i see you meant the furry one ? nightmare mate, just been and bought the kids a few pressies will have to post em.
by the way the old fellas an msn freak now ya know got him sorted with a pc so you could talk to him on msn now as he spends all his time now discovering the net :-)

daveyarge Posted on 3/12 21:45
re: Your dream car...


Aurron Posted on 3/12 23:01
re: Your dream car...

a) Audi S3
b) Ferarri Enzo