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dibzzz Posted on 3/12 21:52

It's fcking great isn't it?

ST0CK0 Posted on 3/12 21:56
re: Noshing

What is noshing?

borobadge Posted on 3/12 21:57
re: Noshing

that word is either gay slang or yiddish.

ERIMUS63 Posted on 3/12 21:57
re: Noshing

you can't beat a good nosh

ST0CK0 Posted on 3/12 21:59
re: Noshing

Sunday Dinner, Perfect nosh.

dibzzz Posted on 3/12 22:00
re: Noshing

I'm the one who likes to get noshed, by a nosher.

mollteaser Posted on 3/12 22:01
re: Noshing

i always thought a "nosh" was a blow job!

wokingmassive Posted on 3/12 22:02
re: Noshing

Being noshed is nice - but most floss's then want you to return the favour - and noshing a women is like licking sushi off a barber shop floor.