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scare_glow Posted on 15/07/2008 10:17
word "chav" to be banned

The use of the word "chav" should be banned by the media and individuals with left-of-centre politics because it betrays a "deep and revealing level of class hatred", a thinktank will say next week.

The stereotype description applied to members of the white working class is offensive to a group that cannot defend itself, according to Tom Hampson, editorial director of the Fabian Society.

He will argue that the term should become unacceptable to anyone who believes they are "progressive" in their politics.

"You cannot consider yourself of the left and use the word. It is sneering and patronising and, perhaps most dangerous, it is distancing, turning the 'chav' into the kind of feral beast that exists only in tabloid headlines ... This is middle-class hatred of the white working class - pure and simple."

Hampson, writing in the quarterly Fabian Review, will argue the word is "way above" the threshold of acceptability, especially when used "in normal middle-class conversation or on national TV". Initially a term of abuse, it has become more insidious because of its far wider usage, he will say

Big_Ted_Church Posted on 15/07/2008 10:23

"a group that cannot defend itself"?

Yes they can, they all have knifes!

flyermetothemoon Posted on 15/07/2008 10:27

I wonder if our Tom Hampson sees any chavs from his middle class London home and his little darling kids see any chavs at their private school.
Doubt he's ever seen one.

scare_glow Posted on 15/07/2008 10:30

if you continue to use a word that has been banned then i shall be forced to call the police

neilg Posted on 15/07/2008 10:34

scare glow - you seem to have developed contacts with the Fabian society. They are nothing new.He may have a point.Better to concentrate on extremist christian fundamentalist biggots who whip up hysteria, and examine why the likes of the Sun and Daily Mail print the lies that they do.

For an informed insight try:






useful sites.PNNs good too - Palestinian News Network.

GameOfTwoAlves Posted on 15/07/2008 10:42

SG you are a chav.

scare_glow Posted on 15/07/2008 10:55

you are guilty of middle-class hatred of the white working class - pure and simple, please supply me your address so the police can come round

sheriff_john_bunnell Posted on 15/07/2008 10:56

The bloke who recently came up with Camerons hug a hoodie speech recently had his scooter nicked by a couple of chavs. my favourite part of this story is that he drives a scooter. the middle class C***s choice of transport. i bet he wears media C*** glasses as well. chav isnt class hatred. its aimed at a particular type of person. class hatred is despising the upper middle class C***s who shop at waitrose and drive scooters.

Chris_From_Pitchside Posted on 15/07/2008 11:04

Chavs aren't working class. They're all on benefits.

bosshogg Posted on 15/07/2008 11:09

The phrase "feckin scum" is banned, but hey, chavs are feckin scum!!

scare_glow Posted on 15/07/2008 11:59

rob can we have the word chav filtered so it comes up as c**v otherwise i am calling the police

Johnny-B-Goode Posted on 15/07/2008 12:39

Where does the word come from ?.........I assume it's an abreviation of some other word but I aint got a scooby personally.

gatesheadsmog Posted on 15/07/2008 12:42

not sure the derivation of "chav"...i remember years ago my old fella used to refer to workmates/pals as "charvers" was used as a term of endearment

scare_glow Posted on 15/07/2008 12:44

A possible etymology for "chav" is that it derives from the Romani word "chavi", meaning a child.

Hoover-The-Pig Posted on 15/07/2008 12:46

We could use the term "lumpen proletariat" instead

gatesheadsmog Posted on 15/07/2008 12:52

"Strange, burberry-clad untermenschen who hang around street corners, prefix every sentance with 'Eh?' and listen to music that sounds like its been made on Dance EJay and speeded up a hundred times. Males of the species wear thick striped jumpers and rockports, tabs are optional. Female charvers wear earings the size of hubcaps and get pregnant at 13 so they can claim child benefits and get a cheapo flat. The wearing of berghaus coats, usually of a nasty shade of green or blue, is compulsory, as is talking like a complete retard and lacking any modicum of common sense whatsoever" - It would seem that the meaning has changed since my old fella used the term many years ago - shame really.....

Link: Urban Dictionary

karembeu_ca Posted on 15/07/2008 13:22

"working class" ???

Pinkers Posted on 15/07/2008 13:35

I have heard that chav is an acronym for Council House And Violent, but I'm not sure there's any truth in that.

grantus Posted on 15/07/2008 14:06

It was only a matter of time.

wee_daft_boris Posted on 16/07/2008 12:25

I think the people who are part of the think tank should be censured for claiming that it was a smear against all "white working class" people. Are they saying all the above people are chavs? Would all the white working class on the board consider themselves chavs? I certainly don't!

gatesheadsmog Posted on 16/07/2008 13:45

brought up in park end, it was particularly bad the late 1970's and mid 1980' dad was on dole for a number of years as were most of the men on the esate...people were proud of their working class roots and tried to support each other through this difficult time....nowadays it seems that people are more concerned with ripping off the systems in place which are there to help the people in most need...

foggysfplandiet Posted on 16/07/2008 14:47

Hampson misses the point; chavs are neither working nor class, they are skivers who want every tacky thing but won't pay for it.

gibosgimp Posted on 16/07/2008 15:28

as a black man..i think this is not Offencive ,it`s the same as the word ni**er,,wich i dont take offence at as they are lazy ba****ds...

susy Posted on 16/07/2008 15:30

"This is middle-class hatred of the white working class"

Dont you have to have a job to be described as WORKING class?

gibosgimp Posted on 16/07/2008 15:51

What is working class?please define it...

scare_glow Posted on 16/07/2008 16:02

Working class is a term used in academic sociology and in ordinary conversation to describe, depending on context and speaker, those employed in specific fields or types of work.

As with many terms describing social class, "working class" is defined and used in many different ways. The term typically incorporates references to education, occupation, culture, and income. When used non-academically, it typically refers to a section of society dependent on physical labor, especially when remunerated with an hourly wage.

Casual and geographical usage of "working class" differs widely; in extreme cases, well-paid university-educated professionals in the United Kingdom may self-identify as working class based on family background, while many semi-skilled and skilled laborers in the United States are characterized as middle-class. It is usually contrasted with the upper class and middle class in terms of access to economic resources, education and cultural interests. Its usage as a description can be pejorative, but many people self-identify as working class and experience a sense of pride analogous to a national identity. Working classes are mainly found in industrialized economies and in urban areas of non-industrialized economies.

The variation between different socio-political definitions makes the term controversial in social usage, and its use in academic discourse as a concept, and as a subject of study itself, is very contentious, especially following the decline of manual labor in postindustrial societies. Some academics (sociologists, historians, political theorists, etc.) question the usefulness of the concept of a working class, while others use some version of the concept.

In the United States and the United Kingdom, sociologists Dennis Gilbert, James Henslin, William Thompson, Joseph Hickey and Thomas Ayling have brought forth class models in which the working class constitutes roughly one third of the population, with the majority of the population being either working or lower class

Karl Marx defined the "working class" or proletariat as the multitude of individuals who sell their labor power for wages and do not own the means of production, and he defined them as being responsible for creating the wealth of a society. For example, the members of this class physically build bridges, craft furniture, fix cars, grow food, and nurse children, but do not themselves own the land, factories or means of production.

zaphod Posted on 16/07/2008 16:09

Aren't chavs the "underclass"?

pink-ray-mellon Posted on 16/07/2008 16:13

Thank god for that i`m sooo glad im not working class anymore i live in ingleby barwick...

foggysfplandiet Posted on 16/07/2008 16:49

Susy; "Skiving class" rather than working class.

Metaxa Posted on 16/07/2008 16:50

Where do Chavs come from? they just seem to appear in their droves. they are not working class, i think chav is their class.

I just thought it was a fad, like joeys and mods, punk etc but it seems to be getting worse far worse.

lots of vvanky white kids thinking they are black gangsters,

pink-ray-mellon Posted on 16/07/2008 17:48

just seen a bloke on the way home..must of been about forty dressed as a chav.he did have a ladder with him so he might of been the window cleaner,or a mod.

Juan_Kmeov Posted on 16/07/2008 18:30

40 year old chav... Hmmm... It wasn't liddle was it?

theboy999 Posted on 16/07/2008 20:36

Its derived from the Gypsie word 'Chavo', meaning 'little lad'. Its just another stick for the Middle classe to beat the Working classes (and Thatcher created under class) with. Its a way for them to dehumanise people so they feel nothing for them and reduce their guilt. Hmmm, what does that remind you of, Nazi proganda?

swordtrombonefish Posted on 16/07/2008 21:26

Well I've decided to call them 'stills' instead.