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PinkPonce Posted on 23/06/2008 11:31
Week 3 - MPG Update

An increase in urban driving at the start of the weekend combined with some overly zealous accelaration seen my average MPG drop to around 28.4 by Sunday AM.

Yesterday, on the tranquil sunday roads, comfortable, extra urban driving, combined with excellent awareness and forward thinking brought this figure upto a much more respectable 30.7 - a mere 1 MPG below the manufacturers combined average figure.

Approx Miles driven: 155
Cost of Fuel: 117.9p
Week 3 Fuel costs: 27.06

Keverson Posted on 23/06/2008 11:34
Week 3 - MPG Update

Adrian Mole?

PinkPonce Posted on 23/06/2008 11:35
Week 3 - MPG Update

It would make fascinating reading.

Buddy Posted on 23/06/2008 11:37
Week 3 - MPG Update

You've got the wrong car old fruit. I get 45 round the town and 60 on the motorway.

slipshod Posted on 23/06/2008 11:38
Week 3 - MPG Update

Ponce i bet you are a bundle of fun to have a pint with, either that or you have far too much time on your hands.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/06/2008 11:41
Week 3 - MPG Update

Thanns for your opinion Buddy.

30MPG out of a 3.0. Right car.

I could have got a Mondeo or an Astra if i'd wanted.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/06/2008 11:43
Week 3 - MPG Update

Slipshod - I'm the life and soul of the group.

A very quick calculation for you on the opening thread. Took no time at all.

Buddy Posted on 23/06/2008 11:44
Week 3 - MPG Update

No you couldn't. Nobody would have noticed you.

Furthermore, buying a Z4 or whatever it is and then worrying about the fuel consumption is like buying a camper van and complaining about the handling.

slipshod Posted on 23/06/2008 11:45
Week 3 - MPG Update

I bet you start talking and they think for fook sake he's on about that F***ing BM again [:D]

PinkPonce Posted on 23/06/2008 11:51
Week 3 - MPG Update

I'm not worrying about the fuel consumption at all.

Everyone I've spoken to has said

"F***, i bet that costs a lot in fuel"

I said, "no it will do about 30-33 MPG"

"Yeah right, you'll be lucky if you get 20MPG"

The first weekend i got approximately 38MPG which is fantastic and far in advance of expectations.

You get 45 Around town, I get about 28 - thats 17 miles difference.

Is yours a diesel? a 20 mile journey around the town will cost you 2.64 whereas mine would cost 3.83 - not a huge difference really.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/06/2008 11:52
Week 3 - MPG Update

[:D] I don't like to talk about it much Slips.

mickbrown Posted on 23/06/2008 11:53
Week 3 - MPG Update

Multiply that figure for a years worth of driving.

That'd buy a lot of male grooming products.

Buddy Posted on 23/06/2008 11:55
Week 3 - MPG Update

"a 20 mile journey around the town will cost you 2.64 whereas mine would cost 3.83 - not a huge difference really."

Can't be arsed seeing if the figures are right, but assuming they are that's 52.80 against 76.60 to the match and back (from my house) 19 times a year. If you've got 40 per month you don't need I'll give you a PO Box number to send a cheque to.

sparkins Posted on 23/06/2008 11:59
Week 3 - MPG Update

I don't normally get involved in these threads but the more interesting fact for me is that you have spent circa 30k for a second hand car that you are driving around 50 miles a week in. Seems a tad over specced for such low mileage.

Anyway, happy driving.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/06/2008 12:05
Week 3 - MPG Update

Mick, in the last year, June to May i did 3500 miles.

So based on the yearly mileage figures and basing it on current fuel prices:




Thats 157.48 difference across the year based on my mileage, 13.12 a month, or 3.02 a week or 0.43 per day.

Not a LOT of money really.

mickbrown Posted on 23/06/2008 12:09
Week 3 - MPG Update

That would buy you 1500 razor blades.

If you change your blade every week then that's 23 years worth of shaving.

Edit - I buggered up the calculation - its actually 28 years worth of shaving.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/06/2008 12:12
Week 3 - MPG Update

I use clippers Mick. Rarely wet shave.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/06/2008 12:14
Week 3 - MPG Update

You didn't half buggar up.

When i do wet shave i use Mach3's and at about 8 quid for 4 it would only get me 78 blades. Which is exactly 18 months worth of shaving.

Get_your_rat_out Posted on 23/06/2008 12:15
Week 3 - MPG Update

what an intresting thread.

i think i'll go kill myself now.

sparkins Posted on 23/06/2008 12:16
Week 3 - MPG Update

What about the initial outlay PP? I had assumed you probably did 500 - 700 miles per week to justify that expenditure. I respect your right to buy a great piece of machinery like that, where I would question it is whether you are getting value for money from your investment?

Scubahood Posted on 23/06/2008 12:20
Week 3 - MPG Update

Ponce, do you just post these updates because they appear to get peoples' backs up, like I do with my 'Today, I will be mostly listening to' threads? Just wondering like.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/06/2008 12:22
Week 3 - MPG Update

Sparkins, there are many reasons why I bought the car really and at the time i did....

1, i LOVE the vehicle and I want to enjoy all the driving that I do.

2, My old vehicle was due an MOT, a service and the insurance was due. It was either do it now, or pay for all of the above, and possibly be stuck with the old car for a year (cos insurers may not cover me on BMW) there was potential for some work being required as it was outside of warranty.

3, The low mileage I do I see as a bonus. If i was to do 700 miles a week the depreciation would be astronomical AND i'd be spending 10 times the amount on fuel - 6k a year on petrol wouldn't metrit the purchase!

for starters them above, but i can't see a better time in which to do it.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/06/2008 12:22
Week 3 - MPG Update

Scubahood - Would I [;)]

This is informative posting. [:D]

mickbrown Posted on 23/06/2008 12:24
Week 3 - MPG Update

Ponce - I said blades not cartridges.

sparkins Posted on 23/06/2008 12:28
Week 3 - MPG Update

Fair enough explanation Ponce - I guess everyone has different motivations in life. Personally I couldn't justify that expense for the relatively low mileage. Enjoy it.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/06/2008 12:29
Week 3 - MPG Update

cheers Sparkins

Buddy Posted on 23/06/2008 13:48
Week 3 - MPG Update

Actually the minimal mileage makes sense, in that it confirms that the car is as much about a mode of transport as the hair and the shoes.

PinkPonce Posted on 23/06/2008 13:50
Week 3 - MPG Update

You all know me so well