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Ivan_Drago Posted on 03/01/2008 22:59
Why did the 12th man fail


rob_fmttm Posted on 03/01/2008 23:59
Why did the 12th man fail

It hasn't.

jimborored Posted on 04/01/2008 00:32
Why did the 12th man fail

Drago your full of S***. So my mate Rocky reckons [;)]

Space_Face Posted on 04/01/2008 00:34
Why did the 12th man fail

The 12th man are going places. Had a secret meeting with Gareth Southgate recently.

Monkey_Spunk_Moped Posted on 04/01/2008 04:47
Why did the 12th man fail

It hasn't failed eh?

OK - so in what ways has it been a roaring success?

Don't tell me, let me guess. You've held a couple of meetings, drank some shandy, made 2 flags and come up with a cunning plan to recycle some foam hands? Genius. That'll get 'em flooding back to the Riverside - keep up the good work.

Bernie_was_right Posted on 04/01/2008 08:13
Why did the 12th man fail

I see Capio/Patrick_Bateman/Mahatma_Gandi/Fred Wests Spade has returned after a brief hiatus.

captain5 Posted on 04/01/2008 09:20
Why did the 12th man fail

They told the club that they better not consult the fans on after goal music and the white chest band on the home shirts didn't they?

Ivan_Drago Posted on 04/01/2008 09:26
Why did the 12th man fail

Does the 12th man even have 12 members? How many people attend the meetings? There's no point half doing something, if you half finished a crap you walk around with a turtles head all your life and the 12th man is currently touching cloth from what I can see.

captain5 Posted on 04/01/2008 09:31
Why did the 12th man fail

It's not a membership organisation.

There's no subscriptions, costs to join or anything.

shaun_84 Posted on 04/01/2008 09:35
Why did the 12th man fail

Ivan i think it's another wafer thin idea gone wrong . Basically full of message board and vocal backslapping . Unfortunately very few attend the meetings it sometimes tops 20 people [:)]

Shaun71 Posted on 04/01/2008 09:53
Why did the 12th man fail

Typical Boro fans response

People try to improve the atmosphere and get panned for it

Failed, I dont think so.

We always complain that the club dont listen to us. At the minute they are canvassing opinions on whether we want the white band back, in the near future therell be another one with regards to aftergoal music. This comes directly from dialogue with The 12th Man.

Seem to be doing a fine job to me

Critical_Bill Posted on 04/01/2008 10:04
Why did the 12th man fail

Since the conception of the 12th man, the atmosphere has got even worse, and the crowds have decreased.
great job, fellas.

captain5 Posted on 04/01/2008 10:05
Why did the 12th man fail

Poor showing, especially with the team doing so well.

Shaun71 Posted on 04/01/2008 10:07
Why did the 12th man fail

...and your contribution to making the atmosphere better Bill? Id guess a big fat zero. Too easy to knock others eh?

Ivan_Drago Posted on 04/01/2008 10:08
Why did the 12th man fail

I'm not questioning why they do it, just if they're actually good at what they do. I don't believe they are. Most boro fans have no idea what it is.

Critical_Bill Posted on 04/01/2008 10:08
Why did the 12th man fail

What's your contribution Shaun? are you a flag monitor?

Shaun71 Posted on 04/01/2008 10:08
Why did the 12th man fail

I have been known to waff it about.

The flag that is

shaun_84 Posted on 04/01/2008 10:12
Why did the 12th man fail

Does standards attend ? Now he liked a good ' ramble/sing-song ' oh here after a sniff of ale!

grantus Posted on 04/01/2008 10:29
Why did the 12th man fail

Here's some items for your agenda, your "discussions" with the club.

Better catering
Redecorated stadium
Half time penalty competition
A non family stand
The development of a couple of bars near the ground
Train station outside the stadium
Less eager stewards with regards to standing
Encouragement to get the crowd singing
Further reductions for young fans
A way of reducing match day tickets without upsetting season ticket holders
A loyalty scheme where your season ticket gets cheaper the longer you have it
Big screens in the stadium

sasboro1 Posted on 04/01/2008 10:37
Why did the 12th man fail

All these votes are good fun but can we have one that really matters like Do you think southgate is doing a good job.

Critical_Bill Posted on 04/01/2008 10:41
Why did the 12th man fail

"Better catering
Redecorated stadium
Big screens in the stadium"


sasboro1 Posted on 04/01/2008 10:44
Why did the 12th man fail

why do we need some big screens? An excuse not to watch the game?
for starters where do you put them?

Durham_Red Posted on 04/01/2008 10:45
Why did the 12th man fail

Firstly the twe12thman was not set up as a lobby group for the various issues mentioned above, it was simply set up by fans who wanted to see an improvement in the atmosphere, bring more colour and noise to the Riverside.

The meeting with the club, Southgate included, was instigated by the club, but I can assure that we used the opportunity to raise the points mentioned above and more.

The main point we tried to convey to the club was that the fans felt distant from the club and that greater consultation and a a greater trust was needed. From this we have already seen the fans asked on after goal music and now next years shirt, I realise small things but I think you'll agree it is a start.

I believe there is going to a wide-ranging survey by the club where the fans will be able to put across their personal view points and more specifically the fans are going to be asked on the introduction of a singing section fro next season, where hopefully like minded fans will gather and the stewarding will be less stringent.

How much the Twe12thman succeeds or fails to down purely and simply to you, the fans. If you want to change/ improve the atmosphere then you'll get involved or at least support the group.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 04/01/2008 10:47
Why did the 12th man fail

They haven't failed, there's just a shortage of flag material at the moment. They were going to use crepe paper but the winter weather has put a stop to it.

sasboro1 Posted on 04/01/2008 10:51
Why did the 12th man fail

any news on when the website will be upto date. It gives the impression that nothing is going on

Durham_Red Posted on 04/01/2008 10:56
Why did the 12th man fail

There is a recently set up website here.

Link: 12thman

grantus Posted on 04/01/2008 10:58
Why did the 12th man fail

Better catering - The current food is rubbish, better quality food and drink might just entice people into the ground earlier

Redecorated stadium - Even with the posters, the place is still a S***hole, again, it might even entice people into the ground earlier and make for a nicer place to be

Big screens in the stadium - to see contentious decisions, use it to our advantage, as other clubs seem to do, play great Boro moments before kick off, do you see.

These suggestions are about improving the matchday experience, about getting more through the door, about trying things other than what goes on out on the pitch to enjoy the match.

Their could be a big screen hung at each end.

grantus Posted on 04/01/2008 11:01
Why did the 12th man fail

Then again, why bother, Ayresome Park was class!

sasboro1 Posted on 04/01/2008 11:09
Why did the 12th man fail

Will all these things you suggesting make the team play better or fill the stadium? I doubt it. Most fans dont take to their seats untiul 5 minutes before kick off so a big screen will be a waste of money. then at half time they are in the concourse. no one stays behind to watch the screens. why waste about £1m on fancy screens?

grantus Posted on 04/01/2008 11:26
Why did the 12th man fail

If there was something to watch on the terraces, perhaps people would be there.

You never know unless you try. Would you like to watch great Boro moments before a match?

"Will all these things you suggesting make the team play better or fill the stadium? I doubt it"

Of course they wont make the team play better, but the 12th man can hardly influence that, can they?

Unless of course, these type of things help to improve the matchday experience, help to improve the atmosphere, get people in the mood to encourage the players more, help to increase revenue, which in turn allows us to buy slightly better players.

Then again why bother? In fact why bother trying anything other than whinging and moaning?

sasboro1 Posted on 04/01/2008 11:27
Why did the 12th man fail

why spend morew money replacing the scoreboards that we have just put up 2 years ago?

why not just spend all the money on improving the team? That to me seems more urgent at the minute.

what use are 2 flash giant screens in the championship?

if they had that sort of money to spend on luxuries, i would prefer it they spent it updating the external part of the stadium.

Durham_Red Posted on 04/01/2008 11:31
Why did the 12th man fail

Big screens not needed imo

grantus Posted on 04/01/2008 11:35
Why did the 12th man fail

sasboro1 - Do you honestly think that the cost of a couple of screens, something that they have in most Premiership grounds would prevent us from being able to afford a player?

Wake up man!

sasboro1 Posted on 04/01/2008 11:36
Why did the 12th man fail

how much do you think giant permanent screens cost to build and install?

grantus Posted on 04/01/2008 11:41
Why did the 12th man fail

How much money do you think the Boro has available to them?

We are richer than we've ever been.

It's not the affording of players that is the problem. the problem is getting them here as we refuse to break the wage structure to do it.

We could have afforded to keep Viduka, Zenden, Mills. We refuse to pay what we think is too much. We have yet to be publicly priced out of the market for a realistic signing. What happens is that the demands have gone above what we will pay.

It's been like this for years.

£50,000 each, something like that?

sasboro1 Posted on 04/01/2008 11:43
Why did the 12th man fail

rather it was spent updating the outside of the stadium to make it look less cheap. ie cover the brick work

Be_Here_Soon Posted on 04/01/2008 11:45
Why did the 12th man fail

It was a nice idea that just didn't work out really. Feel a bit sorry for them, all that effort for nothing. Bless.

grantus Posted on 04/01/2008 11:46
Why did the 12th man fail

Ok, outside of the stadium, fine, do that too.

rob_fmttm Posted on 04/01/2008 11:51
Why did the 12th man fail

I thought those jumbo screens were nearer half a million pounds than £50 000.

mattyk50 Posted on 04/01/2008 11:55
Why did the 12th man fail

yep you need to add another zero on grantus.

we could buy another shawky for every screen! [:)]

sasboro1 Posted on 04/01/2008 11:57
Why did the 12th man fail

attendances will drop by about 10% next season so what it the point in spending nearly £1m on 2 fancy screens. just doesnt make business sense.

onthemap Posted on 04/01/2008 12:00
Why did the 12th man fail

Decorate the stadium, that'll keep us up.
Oh and good luck to the 12th man, at least you're having a go, ignore the likes of the clown who started this thread, he's just bitter about what life's dealt him.

grantus Posted on 04/01/2008 12:07
Why did the 12th man fail

Keeping up appearances is more imprtant than many people think.

As is providing a good day out for people.

Peachy Posted on 04/01/2008 12:09
Why did the 12th man fail

If the 12th man has the ear of the club then we should all be putting ideas forward on here and if they are good ones they can be taken up by the likes of Rob. So here's mine.
1. We have to be realistic about our crowds and allocate one whole end to visiting supporters - this will make it appear that our sections of the ground are full.
2. Put the TV gantry on the opposite side - this will show up our best and fullest stand and will keep the empty seats away from the cameras.
3. We have to make it easy to turn up on the day of the match and stroll in without the fuss of queuing for tickets etc.
4. For non season ticket holders a simple scheme - attend 6 matches and get one free game.
So lets have constructive ideas instead of criticism...

Critical_Bill Posted on 04/01/2008 12:10
Why did the 12th man fail

The main purpose of this organisation seems to have been to get a few blokes mugshots in the Gazette.

onthemap Posted on 04/01/2008 12:12
Why did the 12th man fail

Grantus I'm not having a go, but given that the manager has admitted we don't have significant funds available, do you think that we should spend what we have on 500k television screens or new players?

Peachy Posted on 04/01/2008 12:14
Why did the 12th man fail

If the screens go up put a classic boro game on before every home game to get the fans up for it. Put a 70's game on afterwards so the crowd drifts away as many will want to stay and have a pint and wallow in nostalgia.

Metaxa Posted on 04/01/2008 13:04
Why did the 12th man fail

I honestly think that since the 12th man where formed the atmosphere has got worse.

The card display was fantastic idea and i donated towards it at the time. but that had nothing to do with the 12th man and they should not take any credit for it.

but since then it has been a bit of a damp squib really.

i must admit though i did enjoy watching the guy with the spirit flag struggling like crazy when the flag was getting wetter and heavier on Tuesday

joebonano Posted on 04/01/2008 13:20
Why did the 12th man fail

Quite ironic this discussion in the week that Ferguson has likened a ground with 75000 people in it as being like at a funeral

Critical_Bill Posted on 04/01/2008 13:21
Why did the 12th man fail

Were they singing hymns, like?

joebonano Posted on 04/01/2008 13:23
Why did the 12th man fail

no it would appear they had forgotten the words

Metaxa Posted on 04/01/2008 13:33
Why did the 12th man fail

six matches then one free for non season ticket holders, you are fooking joking.

what about season ticket holders?

There are some complete vvankers on here

the_fresh_ponce Posted on 04/01/2008 16:58
Why did the 12th man fail

The whole 12th man idea is cringworthy.

It's "populated" by a few people who managed to leave Middlesbrough for the first time in their boring lives whilst we were in Europe, seen some stuff, then wanted to bring it back. Sir Walter Raleigh eat your heart out.

Why do you want to feel so close to the football club? Haven't you got anything else in your life?

Why don't you just invite the club round to your house for a cup of tea, some battenberg cake and a game of scrabble? After that, they'll S*** on your brand new laminate flooring, call your blow up doll a slag and then charge for £30 for them turning up.

Can't you see that nobody cares?

King_Ricard Posted on 04/01/2008 17:11
Why did the 12th man fail

i find the idea of slagging off people behind a psudonym online quite cringeworthy. Where do you get the idea people are intrested in your opinion?

Watching the boro is boring most of the time, the few who try to make it somewhat more intresteing get shot down.

leave the 12th man alone, its not a lobby group as has been said in this thread..There has been no serious change in atmosphere cause people cant be arsed to create it themselves. This is not the fault of the 12thman or any of its members.

If anything the group is a loose collective of mates who fancing doing something a bit more than turning up pigbaging and dancing to chelsea dagger then leaving.

Get over it.

the_fresh_ponce Posted on 04/01/2008 17:20
Why did the 12th man fail

"Where do you get the idea people are intrested in your opinion?"

Yes, 12th man. Where do you get that idea?

The_263 Posted on 04/01/2008 17:23
Why did the 12th man fail

Although I do not want to sound harsh but the subject of the white band and the dissappreance of the post goal tune are hardly ground-filling decisions. The very fact that you boast about Gareth being involved in a discussion is an indication of how detached the club is from the fans. The club should be coming to you, not vice versa.

joebonano Posted on 04/01/2008 17:25
Why did the 12th man fail

Yes what everybody should aim for is to replicate the funereal silence at Old Trafford.Nice one.Anybody having the nerve to want some passion and atmosphere in a football ground should be ridiculed.Brilliant

Derby_Red Posted on 04/01/2008 17:27
Why did the 12th man fail

Do those doing the ridiculing actually bother going to the matches anyway?

the_fresh_ponce Posted on 04/01/2008 17:27
Why did the 12th man fail

I can't believe that these things mean so much to people.

"Oh, we need a white band".
"What song shall we have when we score?"

I wish I lived a world where they were my only worries.

Shaun71 Posted on 04/01/2008 17:30
Why did the 12th man fail

Your right, lets all do nothing

What a great idea

the_fresh_ponce Posted on 04/01/2008 17:31
Why did the 12th man fail

I go to the matches, yes.

I turn up AFTER the mongs have had their fill of Pigbag and block out the sound of the awful song they play when/if we score by cursing the morons who clap and cheer along to it.

The_263 Posted on 04/01/2008 17:33
Why did the 12th man fail

I would say that if you are going to bother then tackle issues that really matter - like those listed above, pricing, decor, facilities etc ....

Shaun71 Posted on 04/01/2008 17:34
Why did the 12th man fail

The 'mongs and morons' (nice turn of phrase there, or maybe not) seem to be in the vast vast majority though ponce

Derby_Red Posted on 04/01/2008 17:42
Why did the 12th man fail

Ponce. A great advert for the Boro fan. I wonder why no-one wants to go.

HolgateCorner Posted on 04/01/2008 17:47
Why did the 12th man fail

Good luck to those involved in the 12th Man.

At least they are trying to help the club whist it is having a dip in fortunes rather than putting the boot in on it.

True supporters in my book and most definitely not failures.

Be_Here_Soon Posted on 04/01/2008 17:51
Why did the 12th man fail

I don't like to beg, but...

Please 'the 12th man', stop whatever it is you're 'doing'. You're just making things 10 times worse. Please, for the good of the club... stop it.

Derby_Red Posted on 04/01/2008 17:51
Why did the 12th man fail

Yes, at least they're giving it a go. Fair play to them.

joebonano Posted on 04/01/2008 17:55
Why did the 12th man fail

When I was a kid at Ayresome Park it was the crowd, the noise, the singing that got me hooked as much as the football.Iused to love going to away games for the atmosphere.
Even now when you see the odd Brazilian League match where they are all bouncing up and down or the lunatics in Turkey setting off flares you can see real passion.Premier League grounds are by comparison dead and to have 75000 in a ground in silence is a joke.
Why slag people off for trying to do something about it

Shameless Posted on 04/01/2008 18:07
Why did the 12th man fail

'The whole 12th man idea is cringworthy.'

I completely agree, its been made for the sad little cretins who think they're superior to the rest of us.

Derby_Red Posted on 04/01/2008 18:09
Why did the 12th man fail

Have a read of what you've just posted then go and look up the word "irony" in the dictionary. Priceless!

Shameless Posted on 04/01/2008 18:11
Why did the 12th man fail

I've just looked it up, it isn't priceless at all.

mat_evans Posted on 04/01/2008 18:19
Why did the 12th man fail

It seems to me the one's that slag it seem a bit desperate. It's they're shouting look at me, look at me i'm shouting down a popular venture. Please look at me!!!

Pogatetz_Ate_My_Hamster Posted on 04/01/2008 18:21
Why did the 12th man fail

The morons slagging off the 12th man are probabley the same people who say they hope we don't score at home games so they don't have to hear goal music.

standards Posted on 04/01/2008 19:04
Why did the 12th man fail

Shaun 84 I dont go to meetings, too much on with the wife and kids and Dad etc. The last time I went to the Riverside all the flags were up in the North Stand and so obviously the 12th man is anything but failing. Matchdays are too expensive for me now. I cant justify the ticket prices, but when I am flush I go and I enjoy and I breathe it all in, knickerchat about other Boro fans I dont get into. I want one thing, 15 pound gate entry for adults.

Be_Here_Soon Posted on 04/01/2008 19:17
Why did the 12th man fail

FLAGS IN THE NORTH STAND!!! Wow, I stand corrected. The 12th man has been a roaring success.

whoyadoin Posted on 04/01/2008 19:20
Why did the 12th man fail

Why has the 12th man failed? What were they tring to do? Who are they?

Leg_End Posted on 04/01/2008 19:22
Why did the 12th man fail

Cant understand why anybody would want to slag the 12th man off. At least theyre trying to do something. I hate music after a goal so at least it was brought to light to the club. I agree its not going to win us matches, but sometimes its the little things that make it S*** such as stewards being over authoritative, Mark Page shutting the F*** up with his S*** record collection before, during and after the game, shocking catering and terrible lager. If the 12th man can change a couple of these things then that makes the whole experience at least that little bit better.

Schwarzer_Dont_Save_Those Posted on 04/01/2008 19:28
Why did the 12th man fail

can we not form a 13th man with its main goal being to oust the 12th man.

Be_Here_Soon Posted on 04/01/2008 19:28
Why did the 12th man fail

Their main problem is that they wield no influence whatsoever and just irritate people.

whoyadoin Posted on 04/01/2008 19:28
Why did the 12th man fail

Ivan_Drago you sad tosser!

TeessideCleveland Posted on 04/01/2008 19:30
Why did the 12th man fail

I've never been to a meeting but cannot see how they can irritate people
There seems to be more threads about how bad a few think they are than anything else

Schwarzer_Dont_Save_Those Posted on 04/01/2008 19:32
Why did the 12th man fail

its single handedly responsible for knocking 6 or 7 thousand of the gates. they have a lot to answer for those gents.

Ivan_Drago Posted on 04/01/2008 19:37
Why did the 12th man fail


Your mother.

groovy_kind_of_love Posted on 04/01/2008 19:38
Why did the 12th man fail

the 12th man are pushing people away from the club, Who would want to be associated with them and their "mighty ducks" ideals

whoyadoin Posted on 04/01/2008 19:44
Why did the 12th man fail

If the 12th man has the ear of the club then we should all be putting ideas forward on here and if they are good ones they can be taken up by the likes of Rob. So here's mine.

1. Add another 7000 seat to the Riverside

2. Home kit White stripe, white shorts, white socks. Blue and black striped away kit.

3. Have a "singing section"

4. Knock some decent banners out.

5. Sort out the Junior ticket pricing scheme.

Thats all I have at the mo... cos i'm not too sure what the 12th man is. Keep it up tho lads!


JigSaw Posted on 04/01/2008 19:47
Why did the 12th man fail

Add another 7000 seats? Are you a buffoon? They should be knocking 7000 seats off the ground.

Be_Here_Soon Posted on 04/01/2008 19:48
Why did the 12th man fail

I think he's the brains behind the operatioin! [:D]

whoyadoin Posted on 04/01/2008 19:50
Why did the 12th man fail

Nah, we should think about playing on Stuarts Park. Instead of tickets we should just use raffle tickets.

Be_Here_Soon Posted on 04/01/2008 19:51
Why did the 12th man fail

Stewart Park *


Schwarzer_Dont_Save_Those Posted on 04/01/2008 19:52
Why did the 12th man fail

T Park?

insider gag

JigSaw Posted on 04/01/2008 19:54
Why did the 12th man fail

Why would we play at a park when we have a stadium? I'm just saying the idea of increasing the capacity of the staidum to be a very silly one. It's far too big as it is.

O and the idea of the 12th man is a very nice one, the only problem being the average person doesn't care about banners and noise at a sporting event. Most who go just wanna watch the game.

Shameless Posted on 04/01/2008 19:55
Why did the 12th man fail

party in the park?

Ivan_Drago Posted on 04/01/2008 19:58
Why did the 12th man fail

whoyadoing sounds like 12th man material to me. What a clown.

Ivan_Drago Posted on 04/01/2008 20:00
Why did the 12th man fail

Here's what boro should do...

Drinking is a big part of most peoples pre match ritual.

Open the bars in the ground from 12 and heat the concourse. Make it an interesting place with reasonable priced beer. Tv showing games etc. That wont be cheap but people would enjoy spending their money at the ground again.

Be_Here_Soon Posted on 04/01/2008 20:00
Why did the 12th man fail

I was in Dr Browns before a match last season, can't remember which one just enjoying a nice solid bitter, was having a great time. That was until a small, balding chap came up to me and started going on about the 5th man.. and when I told him I wasn't interested he started shouting and screaming in my face about how I wasn't a real fan. Pathetic.

whoyadoin Posted on 04/01/2008 20:01
Why did the 12th man fail

It was just an idea or commercial/marketing depatment needs to look towards filling the Riverside week in week out... and increasing the capacity of the stadium.

The average person does may not care about banners and noise etc but the 12th man obviousley do. I really don't see what harm they are doing trying to improve the atmosphere of the Riverside.

Part of the reason of the poor atmosphere is because of negative TW4TS like those who post on here....

Ivan_Drago Posted on 04/01/2008 20:01
Why did the 12th man fail

Did you at least buy a badge here? [:D]

Ivan_Drago Posted on 04/01/2008 20:03
Why did the 12th man fail

whoyadoing...would you care to share your marketing experience/background with us? That's my field and you're talking pants.

whoyadoin Posted on 04/01/2008 20:10
Why did the 12th man fail

actually no I wouldn't.

JigSaw Posted on 04/01/2008 20:11
Why did the 12th man fail

There's too many fan police nowadays at football. It's ruining it for me.

Shameless Posted on 04/01/2008 20:12
Why did the 12th man fail

What has 12th man actually done apart from put a few extra flags up then?

Absolute F*** all.

JigSaw Posted on 04/01/2008 20:13
Why did the 12th man fail

To be fair they did do that card display that noone could read.

Shameless Posted on 04/01/2008 20:16
Why did the 12th man fail

ohh yeah, embarrassed themselves there. They really did.

JigSaw Posted on 04/01/2008 20:18
Why did the 12th man fail

I ended up missing the UEFA Cup Final cos I though it was being held in Einovn. Couldn't find the fker anywhere.

whoyadoin Posted on 04/01/2008 20:25
Why did the 12th man fail

you guys just make up sh*t to whine about.

What have they done to you exactly apart from shift your whinng attentions away from Southgate and Downing for a breif moment.

JigSaw "the average person doesn't care about banners"
"To be fair they did do that card display that noone could read"

Why don't you join the 12th man and help them out with their banners and card displays?

JigSaw Posted on 04/01/2008 20:27
Why did the 12th man fail

Because I don't care.

And for your information I'm a massive Downing fan and I actually wouldn't sack Southgate. I can appreciate what he's trying to do.

whoyadoin Posted on 04/01/2008 20:30
Why did the 12th man fail

You care enough to whine about them.

Good to hear you are a Downing fan and you would'nt sack Southgate.

I take my hat off to you sir : )

JigSaw Posted on 04/01/2008 20:32
Why did the 12th man fail

I just think grown adults who go on about banners and noise etc are a bit odd. Each to their own though. I do object to them telling me to sing etc. at the match. If I wanted to sing I'd go on F***ing pop idol.

onthemap Posted on 04/01/2008 20:37
Why did the 12th man fail

" experience/background with us? That's my field..."

That answers so so many questions.

whoyadoin Posted on 04/01/2008 20:53
Why did the 12th man fail

Be_Here_Soon the balding guy shouting at you sounds real funny.

I understand a bit more if thats what they are like.

I did'nt know they were a Jehovah's Witness/Double Glasing Saleman type of outfit.

Boroz Posted on 04/01/2008 20:54
Why did the 12th man fail

I can see why the 12th man could be up for slagging just the same way any do-gooder group is a target. It's easy to pick them off as straighty ra ra's. I would not jump at being associated with a group like that. But stop for a minute - it's always easier and cooler to be negative and just have a cheap shot.

Their intentions are good and hearts in the right place to change or avoid a crap atmosphere. You can't knock that. Like working at a small company which isn't always going well - the easy way is to slag it off and whinge like a kid. The harder way is to get involved put your opinion and try to change things or move it more your direction.

All these guys seem to be doing is building a vehicle for you to get involved and express what you want. There's nowt wrong with that if you stop and think about it. If the club are finally listening then go and ask for what you want including more bars, standing area, less music which would overnight boost atmosphere back to old days.

By the way nearly all stadiums here including the crappy suburban rugby league grounds that get max 15,000 have big screens so there must be a way to do it. They are not used for crap bullsh*t before games they are used for replays - goals, fowls, near misses, close ups during the game. It makes the whole live game much better, couldn't really imagine not having it now. Seems dumb not to have it in the PL these days. Maybe a bit of advertising on there pays for it.

whoyadoin Posted on 04/01/2008 21:02
Why did the 12th man fail

I agree with the big screen idea.

We should have got one instead of the magnificent score board.

Perhaps the Premier League could try video replays for a season.

pierrequiroule Posted on 04/01/2008 21:54
Why did the 12th man fail

This thread sums up why anybody who has tried to make things happen in the Boro eventually ends up leaving. For every trier there's two cynical miserable bästards ready to knock them down.

dooderooni Posted on 04/01/2008 22:17
Why did the 12th man fail

It's widely acknowledged that the atmosphere at most grounds is now crap but ask anyone associated with the game and they'll be able to rattle off a list of games that live in the memory for their cracking atmoshpheres.

Take our comebacks against Basle and Steua and the League Cup Semi's as perfect examples of how the Riverside can rock when the occassion warrants it.

Is it really that sad for fans to want to improve the matchday atmosphere that fellow fans have to bitch and moan about their efforts?

Instead of slagging people off, get off your arses and approach the club if you can be bothered.

And before anyone says it, I'm not a member of the 12th man or indeed an activist of any sort but I do know that it's supremely easy to be critical of anyone who has a go.

boro74 Posted on 04/01/2008 22:27
Why did the 12th man fail

In Germany you're allowed to take your beer to your seat and drink it while watching the game. If they allowed that at the riverside it would at least improve the pre match atmosphere. At the moment everybody stays in the concourse till the last minute, drinking their drinks.

standards Posted on 04/01/2008 22:54
Why did the 12th man fail

the atmosphere is crap because of a whole mix of reasons, but none of them are the fault of the paying or non paying supporters. Its getting to the point that the likes of game spoilt oap brats like Man Utd Fergie are slagging their own support, "sing for us" etc. Its like the Russian nobles wanting to see a bear on a chain dance for their amusement.

15 QUID.

Be_Here_Soon Posted on 05/01/2008 00:44
Why did the 12th man fail

"I did'nt know they were a Jehovah's Witness/Double Glasing Saleman type of outfit."

I actually thought he was going to punch me at one point. It was quite funny really. I really wasn't impressed with them trying to tell me how to support my team. Bless them.

standards Posted on 05/01/2008 00:52
Why did the 12th man fail

I think a lot of us agree, its a wonderful game, not a fking massive cash cow. Keep together, and up the Boro.

Monkey_Spunk_Moped Posted on 05/01/2008 01:07
Why did the 12th man fail

So you had a meeting with the club and now they're 'consulting' fans over the white band?

Face facts. The club will choose the strip that they feel will provide maximum revunue. They don't give a monkeys chuff what you and you're tiny band of anoraks think. If you believe differently then you're more deluded than the delusionists up the road.

Give it up. Please. You're embarrassing.

standards Posted on 05/01/2008 01:14
Why did the 12th man fail


JigSaw Posted on 05/01/2008 01:15
Why did the 12th man fail

The Monkey fella is right. Stop embarrassing yourselves.

Be_Here_Soon Posted on 05/01/2008 01:17
Why did the 12th man fail

You're ruining my matchday experience [:(]

Stabilo_Boss Posted on 05/01/2008 01:40
Why did the 12th man fail

"I do object to them telling me to sing etc. at the match. If I wanted to sing I'd go on F***ing pop idol."

If you don't enjoy an atmosphere why don't you just watch games in the pub? You're wasting money.

JigSaw Posted on 05/01/2008 01:41
Why did the 12th man fail

I pretty much do now, for the above reasons. And it being a complete waste of money.

Boroz Posted on 05/01/2008 12:26
Why did the 12th man fail

Jigyerself are you trying to be super cool or are you a bible basher? The meek shall inherit the earth an all that. I think they should bring that word back. Meek.

HolgateEnd Posted on 05/01/2008 13:27
Why did the 12th man fail

I can not believe some of the negative, utter bollox written on this thread.

I started going to watch Boro from about 6yrs old with my old fella in the Holgate at Ayresome. The football was shyte, but I was instantly hooked on the atmosphere. The shouting, singing, abusing away fans, the fans piling forward when we scored, everything about it had me in awe.

Going to the match now though is pretty boring by comparison. For a start, the football is still shyte, but the atmosphere is dead now aswell. So for me, its more expensive and nowhere near as much fun at it was at Ayresome.

So, if a group of lads (and lasses?) want to try and do something about that, which will make the overall atmosphere and match enjoyment better (even when the match is shyte), then I fully agree with what they're doing and wish them good luck.

I dont go to the meetings, mainly because of work commitments but I do agree that not enough people know about them. I reckon the 12th man people need to get a higher profile if they wanted to attract more 'members'. Maybe get Mark Page and something in the matchday programme to publicise the meetings, get the group mentioned on the 3 leg-ends and on Winter's radio show (a weekly or monthly update from one of the members??), leafets at the ground, something on the t.v.s in the concourse? Stuff like that could raise the profile and increase their numbers from 10/20 to maybe a couple of hundred or so. Who knows.

But good luck lads.

Be_Here_Soon Posted on 05/01/2008 13:45
Why did the 12th man fail

Nobody has a problem with what their are aiming to achieve HolgateEnd, it's just the way they go about it. They try to tell us how to support our football club and it's just wrong. I will support the team how I want, not how some geeks with nothing else in their miserable lives tell me how to. The threat of physical violence on me by a 12th man member was just priceless.

HolgateCorner Posted on 05/01/2008 14:07
Why did the 12th man fail

Judging by some of your posts Be Here Soon I can imagine your general approach to discussion will generate a fair amount of animosity from anybody with an aggressive nature. Try persuasion rather than mockery, you'll get a better response.

Rochey Posted on 05/01/2008 14:15
Why did the 12th man fail

"Train station outside the stadium" - You lazyyyyyy F***er, its only 5 minutes away.

The Eindhoven card display was quality but that was done before the '12th man' was formed, the next display 'reborn' I think it was, was all over the place and hard to read.

HolgateEnd Posted on 05/01/2008 14:17
Why did the 12th man fail

But B_H_S, I thought you said your 'attacker' was related to the 5th man, not the 12th man.... [;)]

Anyway, I'm sure if what you said is true, just about every other person involved with 12th man would be embarrassed by that.

Although if the guy came up to you and said "hi, would you be interested in joining 12th man" and your response was "fook off, you sad, embarrassing little baldy tvvat", I'm not surprised he was upset and in yer face.

Just seems a bit strange that he would react to nothing...

If you dont agree with 12th man, then fair enough, dont bother with it, just ignore them. But dont slag off other people who want to make it more enjoyable and exciting going to the match.