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Tom_Fun Posted on 22/05/2008 00:21
Wayne Rooney

Big game bottler?

Got worse since Euro 2004?

Kevin_Bacon_Butties Posted on 22/05/2008 00:26
Wayne Rooney

Still riding high on the goal that he scored against Arsenal when playing for Everton all those years ago. Spoilt git to boot too.

sunset_over_ici Posted on 22/05/2008 00:44
Wayne Rooney

The system of Man Utd/England, where he's the main striker rather than playing behind a goalscorer hasn't helped him. If he were playing up front with Benzema (or an Owen circa 2004) it might be different.

bigrichardthe3rd Posted on 22/05/2008 00:53
Wayne Rooney

fat cccoooonnnntttt..