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MAD_POG Posted on 20/05/2008 10:16
My tickets gone up !!

We upgraded our East Stand Tickets Last year to ones in the Hardwick Lounge it cost about an extra £12 a ticket but there were alot of advantages
can use a nice bar couple of hours before and after game
have a bar meal if we want
program with every game
half time tea coffee
no trudge to and from the ground in the rain etc.
free home cup games
relaxed smart casual dress code

All in all it made a crap season a lot better

Just got this years price and it has gone up over £300 !!

Apparently they are doing a refurb into a "Sports Bar" and you now have to eat there.

Price now looks a rip off compared to a normal East Stand Season ticket.
May now just cancel our 4 tickets and pick and coose our games in the East Stand as the previous seasons had become stale and chewy with no improvement to the access, do the club not know theres a recession looming.
If we do pack in they lose about £4500 grand with matchday spend all for trying to fleece another few quid.

Anybody else in the same boat and are you going to renew.

susy Posted on 20/05/2008 10:21
My tickets gone up !!

Ive been moved from the South stand, we have chosen the west stand to go to for this season, our price this coming season is just the same as the south stand would be with cup tickets added in, however the following season I am well aware that this will increase, dont know if I will be able to renew after that.

Bandy Posted on 20/05/2008 10:40
My tickets gone up !!

start saving now susy! The same thing has happened to my mam

joebonano Posted on 20/05/2008 10:48
My tickets gone up !!

Mad Pog presumably they are offering a different package for your money.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 10:53
My tickets gone up !!

Said it before, for a so called community club, they don't half rip you off at every given opportunity

skiprat Posted on 20/05/2008 10:53
My tickets gone up !!

So they're trying to charge at a rate of £15.79 a head for the meal on top of your ticket? If that's three courses then it's not bad but I doubt it will be?

Maybe not bad if you want to eat at every game, but it's shocking to just assume that everyone will want to eat.

Never had a bad meal in the Riverside Suites when I've been in mind but I wouldn't be happy with being moved out.

Bandy Posted on 20/05/2008 10:54
My tickets gone up !!

another shout for the riverside grub! Top drawer fodder

Buddy2 Posted on 20/05/2008 10:55
My tickets gone up !!

I'm not sure one of the main planks of a community club's strategy is "fair and reasonable pricing for top end matchday hospitality" mick.

speckyget Posted on 20/05/2008 10:56
My tickets gone up !!

'Said it before, for a so called community club, they don't half rip you off at every given opportunity'

Paying a LOT less for next season mick.

The_same_as_before Posted on 20/05/2008 10:56
My tickets gone up !!

Mick, I have 3 tickets, I now pay almost £150 less than I was paying 2 years ago, now that is being ripped off.

You seem to spend half your life on here having minor digs at our club, whats the reason?

MAD_POG Posted on 20/05/2008 10:58
My tickets gone up !!

The only difference is that food was optional in the last package and you could choose just a meal/sweet/starter or none if you wished now the price includes a 2 course buffet meal wether you want it or not. The problem is if you just wanted a nice place to have a drink before and after the game with the option of more if you wanted it has been taken away.

I just think the package should have been the same as last year or go inclusive if you want. As it is its pay an extra £300 quid or nothing.

Not top end package just a little bit more for having a nicer day in nicer surroundings, its not as though we are inundated with bars near the ground.

Lastlu this was aimed at family's which I'm not sure the new package is.

captain5 Posted on 20/05/2008 10:58
My tickets gone up !!

Going back to the original post, it sounds more like you were undercharged last season, if you're on about £12 over the course of a season.

How many bar meals did you have and what did they cost you??

Bandy Posted on 20/05/2008 10:59
My tickets gone up !!

Mick: Dont bite the hand that feeds your messageboard addiction. You can be a snidey get at times.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 11:01
My tickets gone up !!

Bandy - it's true, nowt snidey about it. You lot need to grow some bollox.

Season ticket price increases, new strips every season. Pi55 poor way to treat your supporters.

skiprat Posted on 20/05/2008 11:01
My tickets gone up !!

Mick just likes to sit in wait until any sort of price increase is announced then it's out with his favourite "for a community club" line.

As if Boro are the only club to ever raise a price.

joebonano Posted on 20/05/2008 11:01
My tickets gone up !!

Nobody forces anybody to buy a ticket with a meal thrown in.Do what the majority do have a sandwich before you set off and buy a normal season ticket. .Due to the reduction in under 18 prices I've renewed mine for me and my daughter at £150 less than last year

skiprat Posted on 20/05/2008 11:02
My tickets gone up !!

The season tickets in the main have been reduced or stayed the same for 3/4 seasons Mick.

Bringing out a new kit each year... Who doesn't?

Bandy Posted on 20/05/2008 11:02
My tickets gone up !!

well said joe, are you reading closely mick?

MAD_POG Posted on 20/05/2008 11:04
My tickets gone up !!

Captain 5 Thought it was good value, which is why we did it now its not.

The Bar meal was an option we quite often used but mainly just a main eg. £6.95 - £8.95 however now the same thing costs over £15 on top of a £42.50 already.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 11:05
My tickets gone up !!

Skiprat - I think you're the only club that bring out new home and away kits every season. Even United don;t do that.

I thought you froze tickets and didn;t reduce them?

Bandy Posted on 20/05/2008 11:06
My tickets gone up !!

mick: it's called marketing.

MAD_POG Posted on 20/05/2008 11:07
My tickets gone up !!

joebanano agree we could do that but trudging through the bloody underpass in the wind and rain getting chucked out 10 mins after full time and having the concourse "experience" just doesn't appeal to me anymore - maybe its just my age !!

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 11:08
My tickets gone up !!

Fair enough then, I'll rephrase it - Boro are really good at 'marketing'.

skiprat Posted on 20/05/2008 11:09
My tickets gone up !!

They've been reduced this year for lots of people, kids are £95, 18-21 year olds have a discount as have other ranges.

Mine have been £390 for 3/4 seasons now which I have no complaints about.

Man U don't bring out new kits every year? Where've you been for the last 15 years? The top teams usually bring out 3. Liverpool and Chelsea definitely had three last season.

No-one forces you to the club shop to buy them anyway.

The_same_as_before Posted on 20/05/2008 11:09
My tickets gone up !!

My sons ticket has reduced by about 60% so if thats a freeze sobeit.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 11:11
My tickets gone up !!

Skiprat - strips - no they don't - a home kit lasts for 2 seasons for nearly every club.

You're right though, you don't have to buy then, but if people didn't would they bring them out so regularly?

joebonano Posted on 20/05/2008 11:12
My tickets gone up !!

Pog.If your main concern is the trudge to the ground I believe the season car park pass can be bought independently of any package and works out at £ 10 per match .Between 4 of you it's £2.50 each per game

Bandy Posted on 20/05/2008 11:12
My tickets gone up !!

people do buy them tho so there is no issue. You're trying to create a marketing problem that doesnt exist!

The_same_as_before Posted on 20/05/2008 11:13
My tickets gone up !!

My son gets the shirt every year, wears it constantly. No different to him buying any other T shirt.

MAD_POG Posted on 20/05/2008 11:13
My tickets gone up !!

Sorry to sound like a whinger but as with the main season tickets we are 35-45 year olds getting nothing back, who would be spending over £4500 this season just on tickets who are now not - thats a lot of £95 season tickets.

moody Posted on 20/05/2008 11:14
My tickets gone up !!

Most clubs bring out new kits every season. Spurs have brought out seven kits in the space of 2 years and that's not even including the goalkeeper tops.

Jimmy_boy Posted on 20/05/2008 11:14
My tickets gone up !!

Sounds to me like the lounges, are at least partly subsidising the reduction in prices elsewhere.

Buddy2 Posted on 20/05/2008 11:14
My tickets gone up !!

And again, I struggle to see where "buying Italian polyester" fits into the community strategy.

captain5 Posted on 20/05/2008 11:15
My tickets gone up !!

MAD_POG - why £4500??

I thought there was only four of you.

skiprat Posted on 20/05/2008 11:18
My tickets gone up !!

United may well only bring out a home shirt every 2 years, but they often have special editions cup kits and 2 away shirts.

We bring out 1 home and away every year and if that goes someway to paying our bills then fair enough.

What has this all got to do with our community strategy anyway?

joseph99 Posted on 20/05/2008 11:18
My tickets gone up !!

The one thing I like about the FMTTM family is that you can never accuse them of 'towing the MFC party-line!' My only criticism of FMTTM is that it should be a bit more proactive and start supporting MFC policies even before they are announced to the public. [;)]

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 20/05/2008 11:19
My tickets gone up !!

I see they're moving people out, and removing seats, from the south east corner, to put in a screen.

They're losing the plot.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 11:20
My tickets gone up !!

Found this, you;re not actually the worst.

Number of home kit changes in the last 16 years

1> Birmingham City 16
2> Middlesbrough 15
3> Aston Villa 14
4> Fulham 13
5> Reading 12
6> Derby 11.5
6> Everton 11.5
8> Blackburn 11
9> Man City 10.5
9> Portsmouth 10.5
9> Tottenham 10.5
9> Wigan 10.5
13> Arsenal 10
13> West Ham 10
15> Chelsea 9.5
15> Newcastle 9.5
15> Sunderland 9.5
18> Liverpool 9
18> Man Utd 9
20> Bolton 8.5

(Note 1 clubs with .5 started a Premier league season with the same shirt as the previous year. Hence Bolton have had 8 new home shirts, but worn 9 different shirts since and inc 1992/3).
(Note 2 both Arsenal and Chelsea include a new kit where only the sponsers changed).

joebonano Posted on 20/05/2008 11:22
My tickets gone up !!

Where did you hear that Corcaigh

captain5 Posted on 20/05/2008 11:22
My tickets gone up !!

I see what you mean Corcaigh. It's always heaving in there.

MAD_POG Posted on 20/05/2008 11:23
My tickets gone up !!

captain5 4 x new price £1195 = £4780

No option for ticket only this year which would have been £850 x 4 = £3400.

The_same_as_before Posted on 20/05/2008 11:24
My tickets gone up !!


explain to me why it is wrong to change the shirt every year.

It costs £35 or 75p a week, in the pub I go to about 1/3rd of a pint.

moody Posted on 20/05/2008 11:26
My tickets gone up !!

That only notes home shirts. No mention of away nor having 3rd or in some cases 4th kits.

Teams like Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd, Spurs... all have 3 kits.

Also a lot of teams now have yearly kit changes. Newcastle, West Ham, Villa, Birmingham, Fulham, Reading, Derby, Everton, Blackburn, Man City, Spurs, Portsmouth and Wigan are change home kits on a yearly basis now.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 11:28
My tickets gone up !!

Just smacks of wringing every last pound out of your supporters. But if you lot are happy with that then fair enough.

I wouldn't like it if we did that and I'm glad we don't.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 20/05/2008 11:28
My tickets gone up !!

Using your argument, captain, they should simply close the south stand to home fans. They've filled the ground before, a bit of imagination would see it happen again. Maybe a bit far ahead for you to think about though.

I heard it at the ground on Sunday.

skiprat Posted on 20/05/2008 11:30
My tickets gone up !!

I'm still looking for a link between the kits that aren't forced onto people's backs and being a community club?

BenJammin Posted on 20/05/2008 11:32
My tickets gone up !!

Man U got a new home and away shirt in 2006 and new home and away shirts in 2007.

Who cares what clubs were doing 16 years ago, hardly relevant now.

I like Boro getting a new kit every year, its one of the highlights of the (usually closed) season when the strip gets unveiled.

joebonano Posted on 20/05/2008 11:32
My tickets gone up !!

Mad Pog heres an idea.Buy yourselves four normal tickets say the best seats in the West stand.Buy a car park pass cost £195.Find a place you enjoy eating and have a bite for lunch before the match in town arriving 30 mins before kick off and parking right next to the ground.The only disadvantage to this is that you will only have about 15-20 mins after the game in the concourse for a drink.Other than that you will get the best seat,parked up and save quite a lot between the 4 of you.

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 20/05/2008 11:33
My tickets gone up !!

"I wouldn't like it if we did that and I'm glad we don't."

Whereas I wouldnt like it if we had to refer to our ground by a brand name only, and I'm glad we dont.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 11:35
My tickets gone up !!

Cellnet Riverside anybody?

Besides, costs me feck all.

The_same_as_before Posted on 20/05/2008 11:36
My tickets gone up !!


How is it wringing every penny? what are you on about.

It is a football shirt, that you can decide to buy or not.

You earlier said that our prices are frozen, but my sons had reduced.

What is your problem with the team that this board is based on?

skiprat Posted on 20/05/2008 11:36
My tickets gone up !!

Perhaps they should use initiatives like dropping the prices for cup games or getting into Europe Corcaigh? That'll bring them all back on a regular basis.

Why we don't we ask the league if we can play Man United every week, that'd work as well.

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 20/05/2008 11:37
My tickets gone up !!

Cellnet RIVERSIDE (which it hasnt been called for about 6 years) v's The Reebok Stadium.

Everyone therefore refers to it at The Riverside and ignores the shameless soul selling of the stadiums name.

The shirt changing every year costs me exactly the same, feck all, as I dont buy it.

You seem to be oblivious to your clubs own shortcomings whilst very happy to point out ours.

Pigbag V's Fireworks, I feel good and fat blokes with flags for example.

MAD_POG Posted on 20/05/2008 11:38
My tickets gone up !!

joebonano we have looked at all of these options but you missed my point.

I was pointing out the loss of income to the club, as for the car park pass you are having a laugh !!

Sat around in the car for an hour, somebody has to drive and can't have a beer. Which is one of the major advantages of the ticket.

As it is one of the wives girlfriends drops us off before and we taxi after but the bar gives us chance for traffic to go/not build up.

joebonano Posted on 20/05/2008 11:43
My tickets gone up !!

I have a car park pass because my brothers disabled.We usually have a drink after the game then wander slowly to the car and I'm home in St0ckton by ten to 6.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 11:48
My tickets gone up !!

Fat blokes, flags and fireworks are long, long gone. Maybe an accident involving gunpowder and sweat soaked polyester football shirts?

Pigbag - still banging out with the masses clapping along like demented seals.

Maybe Cellnet didn't want to renew the deal. You telling me Gibson has turned down potential stadium naming deals?

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 20/05/2008 11:53
My tickets gone up !!

They did exist though, for many many seasons and were far worse than anything we've had at the Boro.

Cellnet doesnít exist anymore, they became O2. If Gibson was that bothered about the stadium naming we'd be playing at "Franks Factory Flooring Riverside" or something like that.

However the fact remains we can still choose to call it a name, completely ignoring the brand that happens to sponsor it that year, you donít have that luxury.

MAD_POG Posted on 20/05/2008 11:53
My tickets gone up !!

joebanano can see that this suits you but ten to 6 is an hour after the game :)

All I was trying to say is we enjoyed last season more because of what we had. We would just wanted the same as everybody else e.g. price freeze, as it is this is probably just the last straw as the match had become part of a social day for 4 mates to get together and have a few beers.
As with every one we will probably say we will go 4 or 5 times and then just drift away after 12 years sad really for the sake of a bit of greed on the clubs part.

Big_Shot Posted on 20/05/2008 11:55
My tickets gone up !!

'Pigbag - still banging out with the masses clapping along like demented seals.'

People seem to like it. Why slag people off because they like something.

Buddy2 Posted on 20/05/2008 11:56
My tickets gone up !!

"Everyone therefore refers to it at The Riverside and ignores the shameless soul selling of the stadiums name"

Except Alistair Brownlee, obviously.

mick - I've paid your ticket prices. End of argument.

captain5 Posted on 20/05/2008 11:58
My tickets gone up !!

POG - 850 each you were paying?!?!

Corcaigh, the South Stand doesn't get filled and will still be available for games where there isn't a big away allocation being taken up.

They're actually trying something, showing a bit of imagination. It might not work in getting former fans like yourself back in the ground but they're giving it a go.

joebonano Posted on 20/05/2008 12:01
My tickets gone up !!

Pog surely the point is that they have changed the package obviously not to your liking.
This is my last suggestion.Try to speak to Neil Bausor at the club.He's a decent bloke and I'm sure will try to help.Perhaps suggest the club should keep a couple of the general bars in the West Stand open for longer for fans who want to allow the crowd to disperse before going home.I'm sure that if the club thought it might make a bit of money out of it ,then it would consider it.

MAD_POG Posted on 20/05/2008 12:03
My tickets gone up !!

captain5, ye it was sold as costing a bit more than a West Stand ticket but with all the benefits listed above and has been really great this season.

just wanted more of the same.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 12:04
My tickets gone up !!

Big_shot - I'm not slagging them off - I like demented seals

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 12:06
My tickets gone up !!

Buddy - you pay what I pay - and I think I'm right in saying our most expensive season ticket is cheaper than the equivalent at the Cellnet (as I shall now be calling it).

Big_Shot Posted on 20/05/2008 12:07
My tickets gone up !!

You obviously think its naff, fair do's, I can't say I like it myself and actually have never joined in, but the vast majority of people seem to like it and thats why it remains. That doesn't make them demented seals. Just people who like it. I'm happy for the majority to get their wish as I don't care enough about such trivial things.

The_same_as_before Posted on 20/05/2008 12:08
My tickets gone up !!

For an accepted outsider looking in your having a bad day.

TeessideTanned Posted on 20/05/2008 12:08
My tickets gone up !!

I love carpets me

MAD_POG Posted on 20/05/2008 12:09
My tickets gone up !!

joebanano have emailed Neil Bausor hoping for them to amend it, I was just curious as to wether anybody else has been stung

lakeoffire Posted on 20/05/2008 12:09
My tickets gone up !!

man united have had 11

shaunb86 Posted on 20/05/2008 12:18
My tickets gone up !!

on pigbag... from my own experiences of going to the games i have not heard any fan who enjoys it! however, i would sing along to anything when we have just scored and i HATE pigbag with a passion

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 20/05/2008 12:24
My tickets gone up !!

"cheaper than the equivalent at the Cellnet (as I shall now be calling it)."

Why not call it The Bovril or The Prada as both are equally as incorrect.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 12:25
My tickets gone up !!

How about Stalingrad? That seems quite appropriate given the lovely surroundings.

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 20/05/2008 12:29
My tickets gone up !!

You're correct.

How I wish it were filled with retail parks, Harvester pubs and car garages like The Reebok.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 12:32
My tickets gone up !!

So you'd prefer an urban wasteground to some pubs and shops? Wierdo

Besides don't forget the lovely countryside and 2 mins from the M61 and mainline train station.

Struggle to think of a better located league ground.

Link: Get orf moiy laaahnd

Bandy Posted on 20/05/2008 12:36
My tickets gone up !!

I blame bolton for introducing bluetooth ear pieces to the game. For that they should be relegated to league 101 the scruffy peasants

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 12:38
My tickets gone up !!

We've always been innovators.

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 20/05/2008 12:41
My tickets gone up !!

Aye noticed that Jaidi, cheating b*stard.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 12:42
My tickets gone up !!

Nowt to with us - he's a Birmingham player, remember

THEBOROBOSS Posted on 20/05/2008 12:45
My tickets gone up !!

Mick why don't you F*** off back to your own Dingle Board.

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 20/05/2008 12:46
My tickets gone up !!

Was taught all he knows from the "innovators" though.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 12:52
My tickets gone up !!

THEBOROBOSS - well done.

I stay because I get to converse with real intellectual heavyweights like your good self. Either that or it makes me feel very superior.

Can't remember which.

PinkPonce Posted on 20/05/2008 13:12
My tickets gone up !!

Liverpool - 9

That report obviously doesn't factor in changes to the Collars on the shirts. They have had an identical kit for the last 4 years except each one has a changed collar.

Its a new kit.

Not to mention the special edition:

Champions League Qualifiers Shirts
Champions League Group Stages Shirt
Champions League Final Shirt
Special Edition Winners Shirt
Etc Etc.

For me I like having a new shirt every season. Its exciting when its revealed and its like when the fixtures come out.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 13:26
My tickets gone up !!

Of course the report factors in design changes.

PinkPonce Posted on 20/05/2008 13:32
My tickets gone up !!


That report is B*******. Every club in the top flight changes their shirt every year.

They show everyones new kits on Soccer AM when they are released.

The reason we have only had 15 is because in 92-93 (the first ever premier league season which we were part of) we had a kit sponsored by ICI. We wore the same kit the next season as well.

I can't believe a bolton fan is on here having a go. Who'd have thought it.

Stick to hot pot and peter kay kidda, anything else and you're boxing above your weight.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 13:36
My tickets gone up !!

It's not bollox.

We don't change our kit every season. Neither do United. Loads of clubs don't.


Besides, the phrase you're looking for is punching above your weight and it means you're exceeding expectations.

Try again. If you're going to imply I'm sh1t at this sort of thing, don't use a phrase that means I'm good at it.

skiprat Posted on 20/05/2008 13:38
My tickets gone up !!


United may not change their kit each year but they almost constantly have 3 ON THE GO so what's the difference?

And, once again, what has this got to do with anything? Bringing a kit out each year which people DON'T have to buy isn't anything to do with the "community club" stuff they come out with.

If Boro had a paid TV channel, such as MUTV, ArsenalTV, ChelseaTV, RangersTV or CelticTV, would that be ripping the fans off as well?

PinkPonce Posted on 20/05/2008 13:48
My tickets gone up !!

Boro where the first team with their own TV station.


Before Mick comes along and says something else ridiculous!


No, you are mistaken - the phase i was looking for is "boxing above your weight"

which is loosely translated as "F*** off onto your own message board and talk about memories of Burnden Park"

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 13:52
My tickets gone up !!

Still means you're exceeding expectations.

English language isn't your strong subject is it?

The_same_as_before Posted on 20/05/2008 13:52
My tickets gone up !!

I still do not understand what the issue is. My sons shirt will simply not last a year, so buying the same shirt as the year before is making a statement of what?

My lad supports MFC he likes to wear an MFC shirt, what the fook is wrong with that?

Bandy Posted on 20/05/2008 13:54
My tickets gone up !!

mick give your head a shake man. Your diggin yourself a massive hole ere. I get my son the Boro kit for his birthday every year, here's to more of them. it's a great present and he wears em til they drop off him

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 13:56
My tickets gone up !!

Can somebody explain to me why the England kit comes with a sell by date then?

The_same_as_before Posted on 20/05/2008 13:57
My tickets gone up !!

Explain in simple words what you think MFC are doing wrong by updating a shirt once a year.

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 20/05/2008 13:58
My tickets gone up !!

The Boro ones have a sell by date too.

mailinator Posted on 20/05/2008 14:00
My tickets gone up !!

Mick, while you are in that hole, pop a ground source heat pump in.


mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 14:02
My tickets gone up !!

The_same_as_before - so they don't release a kit every year to maximise revenues then?

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 20/05/2008 14:03
My tickets gone up !!

"Boro where the first team with their own TV station.



They were the first ENGLISH club to have their own TV Channel as one of the Glasgow clubs had it before us, and Barca / Real Madrid probably.

BenJammin Posted on 20/05/2008 14:06
My tickets gone up !!

"so they don't release a kit every year to maximise revenues then?"

Nightmare that, a football club trying to maximise revenues!

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 14:06
My tickets gone up !!

So why don't all clubs do it?

The_same_as_before Posted on 20/05/2008 14:07
My tickets gone up !!

No different to Marks & Spencer having a new season every 4 months.

And to really upset you, I have Sky Sports, like a lot of people, another commercial concern making money out of me.

Anyway take bandi's advice and stop digging.

Critical_Bill Posted on 20/05/2008 14:07
My tickets gone up !!

the Tv station boast is quite hollow considering it went tits up.

moody Posted on 20/05/2008 14:08
My tickets gone up !!

So Mick, when can we expect you to bring this important issue of shirts up again? 2-3 months time?

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 14:09
My tickets gone up !!

Moody - aye probably

BenJammin Posted on 20/05/2008 14:09
My tickets gone up !!

Bolton released a new home kit for both 2007 and 2008 seasons.....

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 14:10
My tickets gone up !!

No we didn't.

The_same_as_before Posted on 20/05/2008 14:10
My tickets gone up !!

your kids shirt must be off-grey by now.

BenJammin Posted on 20/05/2008 14:12
My tickets gone up !!

OK, my mistake then.

By my reckoning Boro have had 18 kits on sale this decade and Bolton have had 16 on sale. What was the argument about again?

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 14:12
My tickets gone up !!

You don't think I spend my money on that tat do you?

skiprat Posted on 20/05/2008 14:13
My tickets gone up !!

So Mick, going back to 1992/1993 as a starter as that's what you mentioned earlier.

Manchester United have had 31 different kits according to

Middlesrbrough, ripping off their fans anywhere possible have also had 31 kits.

Club of the people Bolton, saving money for fans across the North West have brought out 28.

Lots of difference.

BenJammin Posted on 20/05/2008 14:17
My tickets gone up !!

Maybe we should protest against the club shop until they shut it down cos I hear a rumour they're only doing it to try and make a bit of money to spend on the team.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 14:17
My tickets gone up !!

It's the home kit that counts. You've had loads.

Nay bugger buys the away kits.

skiprat Posted on 20/05/2008 14:18
My tickets gone up !!

How convenient!

Here's somewhere for yor next holiday Mick. You'll feel right at home.

Link: Diggerland

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 14:19
My tickets gone up !!

I'm right, you know it.

THEBOROBOSS Posted on 20/05/2008 14:21
My tickets gone up !!

Boro tv went off the air in 2005 and had been running for 7 years,so started in 1998.

Celtic and Rangers tv started in 2004.

skiprat Posted on 20/05/2008 14:21
My tickets gone up !!

You're correct that we bring out kits every year, what we haven't yet sorted out is why bringing out something that's a choice for people to buy is against the community tag that the club uses?

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 20/05/2008 14:22
My tickets gone up !!

"It's the home kit that counts. You've had loads.

Nay bugger buys the away kits."

You've lost admit it.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 14:23
My tickets gone up !!

So parents don't feel under pressure every year from little Johnnie for a new kit?

Remove that option there's no pressure from little Johnnie.

Bandy Posted on 20/05/2008 14:25
My tickets gone up !!

Mic, I'm S***ting myself. It's my sons birthday on June 9th and I honestly dont know how I'm going to find £26 for a full kit

skiprat Posted on 20/05/2008 14:27
My tickets gone up !!

Careful though Bandy, remember that a vast majority of that £26 goes towards the club.

Don't want a decision like that on your shoulders without you knowing the full facts fella.

Big_Shot Posted on 20/05/2008 14:28
My tickets gone up !!

'So parents don't feel under pressure every year from little Johnnie for a new kit?'

I guess the money saved on little Johnny's season ticket will more than cover a new shirt.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 14:28
My tickets gone up !!

You get him the same present every year?

You dull, unimaginative fecker.

BenJammin Posted on 20/05/2008 14:28
My tickets gone up !!

I reckon a better option would be to stop selling replica kit altogether, that way nobody is under any pressure to buy anything.

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 20/05/2008 14:29
My tickets gone up !!

Yeah it might just enable us to spend £12million on a star striker.

Unlike that last bastion of the working classes Bolton, who have to sell their star striker.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 14:30
My tickets gone up !!

The money from Anelka is there to spend in the summer.

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 20/05/2008 14:30
My tickets gone up !!

"You get him the same present every year?

You dull, unimaginative fecker."

Im guessing you probably got a Man Utd shirt for a few years Mick, before Bolton were in the PL?

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 14:32
My tickets gone up !!

You'd be guessing wrong then.

It's in the blood son, in the blood. You might not understand

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 20/05/2008 14:35
My tickets gone up !!

You're right I dont understand. I only started supporting Boro after we won that 4th Champions League trophy.

I dont understand why you come on here, critisise Boro yet ignore your own clubs shortcomings or simply dismiss them out of hand.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 14:38
My tickets gone up !!

Ignore our shortcomings? Au contraire - we do something about them.

We were rightly P***ed off when they fecked up the cup final ticket allocation and kicked up a fuss. Result? They changed the ticketing policy on big games to one per season ticket holder.

We thought the flags and fireworks were frankly embarrassing and told the club. Result? They fecked them off.

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 20/05/2008 14:40
My tickets gone up !!

So I take it you've had no trouble in distributing tickets for your subsequent cup finals sice Cardiff mick? [;)]

The_same_as_before Posted on 20/05/2008 14:40
My tickets gone up !!

Got to be careful we are not accused of Mickism or even worse Boltonism.

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 20/05/2008 14:41
My tickets gone up !!

Wow power to the people, eh?

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 14:42
My tickets gone up !!

Lizards - it works. Beats sitting on your arse moaning.

sheriff_john_bunnell Posted on 20/05/2008 14:44
My tickets gone up !!

upon hearing that bolton dont change their shirt every year i have decided to renounce my support of Middlesbrough football club and support bolton.
Comrades, for too long we have suffered from the oppresive regime of kulaks like Gibson, it is time to throw off the shackles of the imperialist bourgeouis society and unite under the banner of reebok. I will be setting up soviets and workers councils throughout the country in the hope of persuading others to join this glorious peoples revolution.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 14:46
My tickets gone up !!

Welcome aboard comrade. Your experience of Stalingrad will come in handy.

Bandy Posted on 20/05/2008 14:46
My tickets gone up !!

Mick, dya not think he gets anything else like?

Do kids in Bolton still get bags of coal and an apple and an orange?

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 14:48
My tickets gone up !!

Bandy - that's just for Christmas. For birthdays we get beaten to sleep with a broken bottle.

mickymacc Posted on 20/05/2008 14:53
My tickets gone up !!

Mick,we might change our shirt every season because there is a demand,your club does'nt because there is not.No one stocks goods which don't sell,even lamby's not that daft.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 14:56
My tickets gone up !!

Ah, that explains it.

mickymacc Posted on 20/05/2008 15:01
My tickets gone up !!

Glad to be of help.

mickbrown Posted on 20/05/2008 15:03
My tickets gone up !!

You might well have a point. I go to the match with three other blokes and none of us buy a kit.

JohnAnderson Posted on 20/05/2008 15:39
My tickets gone up !!

Boro have a new home and away kit every season. The rest of the premiership barring the new boys who im not sure about, bring a new home kit out one season which lasts for 2 years, and a new away kit the next year which lasts for 2 years. The only exception being when a new sponsor is brought out.

Cellnet community club are the biggest money grabbers in the league.

The_same_as_before Posted on 20/05/2008 15:41
My tickets gone up !!

morning, sorry aft'noon.

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 20/05/2008 15:43
My tickets gone up !!

And there goes Cesur Yurek / Go_Boro / Phil_Stamp spouting pap! [:D]

mickymacc Posted on 20/05/2008 15:52
My tickets gone up !!

JohnAnderson,yes because we have shareholders and a salaried chairman to pay,more money should be ploughed back into the club.

THEBOROBOSS Posted on 20/05/2008 15:58
My tickets gone up !!

John Anderson is a Mackem/Geordie so you want to worry about your own club.

skiprat Posted on 20/05/2008 16:28
My tickets gone up !!

Going back to 1992/1993 season that Mick used earlier, this is the amount of kits used by each club...

So Boro are in joint 4th to 7th club to change their kits. Boro have had a 3rd kit once in this time, Newcastle have had 5(!) and Sunderland have had 6!! Yes Anderson you wierdo Boro really are fleecing the fans for all they're worth.

Arsenal - 27
Aston Villa - 32
Birmingham- 37
Blackburn - 28
Bolton - 28
Chelsea - 27
Derby - 27
Everton - 36
Fulham - 32
Liverpool - 29
Man City - 30
Man U - 31
Middlesbrough - 31
Newcastle - 28
Portsmouth - 31
Reading - 25
Sunderland - 26
Spurs - 35
West Ham - 26
Wigan - 27

skymasterson Posted on 20/05/2008 18:38
My tickets gone up !!

I really don't understand why mick is getting slagged off here. The club are doing it to wrong more money out of the fans. That doesn't really bother me...I probably buy a shirt every 3 or 4 years anyway but people with 3 or 4 kids are getting stung on it and then the club complain when crowds are down. If we don't like them we don't have to buy them but then most of us on this board aren't at school with pressure to keep up with the other kids. It is a cynical marketing ploy by the club and lets not pretend it is defensible.

BoroInLondon Posted on 20/05/2008 20:47
My tickets gone up !!

I'm from a family of 5 kids, 4 of which grew up Boro mad. The other one is implicated in it through the family.

We were just bought kits for Xmas if we really wanted them. A parent can say no to a child.

Anyway Mick, don't preach to people who have a greater understanding of the topic. It is our club afterall.

Esekiel1517 Posted on 20/05/2008 20:56
My tickets gone up !!

£450 at the Villa,good value,IMO.

skiprat Posted on 20/05/2008 21:46
My tickets gone up !!

So the only way to stop kids being picked on and bullied is to keep on accepting their every need and buying them new kits each and every year?

Come on.

Esekiel1517 Posted on 20/05/2008 21:49
My tickets gone up !!

I dont know,buy your family a season ticketand move on...?

brummieboro Posted on 20/05/2008 23:04
My tickets gone up !!

My lad has had new Villa shirts for the last 8 or 9 years - each year they have brought out a new home one and a new away one and this year they also have a third kit (which I'm not sure if they've even played a game in). He's also had some of the keeper shirts which also seem to change every year (both home and away). I don't mind paying £30 or £40 for a shirt for him because he gets his use out of it, and he likes it to be updated every year. He gets bored with the same old shirts and I think it's good to have a new shirt or two every year. If I don't like the Boro one I don't buy it. Simple!