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NedKat Posted on 30/04/2008 17:46

I like you, sunshine ! You're a funny bloke !

But, and it's a big but !! Where do you get this idea from that you're a good looking man ?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I've beheld you, and I think you might be slightly delusioned.

red_shamrock Posted on 30/04/2008 17:49

Did he get his compo from BMI ?.

You_Drive_Me_Swayze Posted on 30/04/2008 17:51

For being discriminated against for being a gerbil-faced midget?

smifter Posted on 30/04/2008 17:52

What a strange obsession people have with PP

Pauluka Posted on 30/04/2008 17:52

No the obsession is what he has with himself

PinkPonce Posted on 30/04/2008 17:57


Ned - I like you too.

Maybe I should do a poll for the ladies.

Moll, Bliss, Curly, Heather85, Smifter, Hells Bells - They all know me / have seen me. And as i am only interested in the opinions of females then thats all the count.

Fact is, women like me Ned. And my nan always says i'm a good looker [:D]

Redshamrock - There'll be an update as and when I know what happens. Only sent the letter last Friday, but they have 6 weeks to respond by law.

NedKat Posted on 30/04/2008 17:59

I'm not obsessed with anybody, more interested in why a grown man would harp on about being so good looking so much.

I wouldn't say he's a "gerbil faced midget" .. that's a bit harsh ! But, I would say I don't think he's anywhere near as good looking as he thinks he is.

Vanity is not a good trait !

PinkPonce Posted on 30/04/2008 18:01

Ned - [:D] A bit of vanity and modesty never did anyone any harm.

It has got the reaction it so desired though. Gerbil faced midget or whatever - it screams out jealousy to me. So i'll play on it.

You don't know how good i actually believe I am. Although it is Good.

delahoya Posted on 30/04/2008 18:04

is there a pic of Ponce kicking about anywhere?

barneyblair Posted on 30/04/2008 18:04

BUT being a pretty boy and been good looking is two VERY different things! dont you think

Esekiel1517 Posted on 30/04/2008 18:05

Let it go Ned,youve had your time,long live the Ponce!:-).

Of course fellas like you and me see through him,but,its not the point!x

NedKat Posted on 30/04/2008 18:05

You'll grow out of it eventually. It's a bit like your pink Mohawk, which became a mullet, which lost it's appeal and got the chop. You're developing slowly but surely, and one day .. you'll become a real man, just like me.

NedKat Posted on 30/04/2008 18:11

I have had my time, yet I never once thought I was good looking. I knew I wasn't plug ugly, and got my fair share of women, but I simply never thought about this handsome basterd thing.

I thought I was indestructable, and tested that theory many times to my own disappointment and lingering pain.

Rodney_Trotter Posted on 30/04/2008 18:13

PP - Did Swayze offer you his address to go round and have a chat?

Or did he pull his usually trick and S*** out?

sasboro1 Posted on 30/04/2008 18:14

"The Growing Pains of Pink Ponce aged 25"

written by Mr Ned Kat

coming to CH4 soon

Esekiel1517 Posted on 30/04/2008 18:15

He will learn kid,the lad is a bit brighter than some on here,so he takes the P***.

You would do the same..

Slickwana Posted on 30/04/2008 18:18

To be fair. PP is not as good looking as he makes out. Hes a good friend of mine. What he does do is he makes you believe he is a great looking lad. I certainly think he's more attractive now that when i first met him, partly down to brainwashing but also because he dresses his averageness up to make his self look as good as possible, he also has a very unique stlye (and by unique I mean extreme). He looks after his self because if he didnt he would be rats! Im different I dont really spend as much time looking after myself like I should, but Im just naturally beautiful,

Esekiel1517 Posted on 30/04/2008 18:20


NedKat Posted on 30/04/2008 18:21

He spends more time and money on his looks than any woman I've ever known !

I take that back, there was this big fat bugger who used to get up 3 hours before she left for work, and she used to put her make up on with a brickies trowel !!

By gum ! She was a howler !! Had a back like a hippo, all pitted and hairy ...

bigdave85 Posted on 30/04/2008 18:26

Pink Ponce has done a sterling job of winding some proper nobs up on here. It seems it's generally the people whose lives revolve around this board.
Most other people in the real world can see he is clearly on the wind up and doing a damn good job at it!

delahoya Posted on 30/04/2008 18:33

I want to see Ponce's mug.

onthemap Posted on 30/04/2008 18:34

I F***ing hate windup merchants.

red_shamrock Posted on 30/04/2008 18:41

He seems ok to me,gets the better of most around his age on here and sounds like he earns a few quid... dresses smart and likes nice things.
Hasnt got much of a job but you cant have everything.

jam69 Posted on 30/04/2008 18:43

he seems a tadge shallow,but hes ok if a bit materialistic,but wernt we all before we knew the true value of things

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 30/04/2008 18:44

Aye, seems to have a bit of a personality for a QS which I'm sure will be ground out of him in a few years [:)]

Esekiel1517 Posted on 30/04/2008 18:49

Jam on Toast.

NedKat Posted on 30/04/2008 19:05

Sorry BigDave !

I didn't realise I was a "proper nob" ... because I was discussing something that interests me !

PinkPonce Posted on 30/04/2008 21:31

Hello gentlemen...

Well where do i start. Have had a few pints so will have to check this agin in the morning to make sure i'm reading correctly.

Slickwanna - Wishes he was a looker but looks like jack black. Often asks for advice on the women front [:D]

Ned - You do't know how much money i spend on my appearence to make that judgement. But i have said on many occasions before, i would much rather purchase a good moisterisor, rather than pay for drugs. Does that make me so bad? Thought not.

Esekiel / Big Dave - al in a days work lads. These mugs mean nothing to me, i have a good laugh on here, but people take it far too seriously. Usually the ones who's lifes go no further than these few pages (onthemap, pauluka, swayze, bill, sas, need i go on)

Red Shamrock / Heaton: [:D] Funny.

Jam - i know the value of things, but if i had kids and a wife then that would change. I save some, i spend some. Only young-ish once [:D]

Delahoya - i'm sure someone will link it for you.

NedKat Posted on 30/04/2008 21:36

Hey, don't get all defensive on me, I told you I like you, and next time your in Florida, I'll let you buy me several large drinks ....

barneyblair Posted on 30/04/2008 21:37

what makes me laugh is that MOST of what what pink pounce does is for a giggle and wind up but the odd bit aint and he bites back but no one comments

blind_date_reject Posted on 30/04/2008 21:39

PP - send us a link of a more recent pic of you than the Cucumber pic - gonna see from a womans point of view if your worth a flick

Rod100 Posted on 30/04/2008 21:42

"if you're worth a flick"


PinkPonce Posted on 30/04/2008 21:44

Blind date - do u have a myspace?

for the record, what did you think of the cucumber pic [;)]

I know your hubby reads, but dont be shy haha x

blind_date_reject Posted on 30/04/2008 21:48

I have facebook but not myspace - im too old for all that lol
i can look though - hmmmm whats your link !

Cucumber pic is cute and no u DON'T look like a gerbil faced midget lol xxxxx

PinkPonce Posted on 30/04/2008 21:56


Sleeping beauty????

Link: ???

blind_date_reject Posted on 30/04/2008 21:58

i like it !!

got any with ya eyes open though ?

whats your myspace link ?

PinkPonce Posted on 30/04/2008 21:59

barneyblair Posted on 30/04/2008 22:00

DONT mean to be rude but if GONZO had a nose that big he could never been apart of the muppets

blind_date_reject Posted on 30/04/2008 22:01

no good - u need to add me in order for me to see your page !

How about facebook ?

blind_date_reject Posted on 30/04/2008 22:03

His nose doesnt look big to me Barney ya tin foil doyle

PinkPonce Posted on 30/04/2008 22:06

[:D] pull the other one barney.

BDR sorry don't have a facebook....

might find another pic ? x

blind_date_reject Posted on 30/04/2008 22:07

Now i thought a guy with your character would be on facebook i must say !

keep searching hun !

PinkPonce Posted on 30/04/2008 22:08

I don't like random people poking me pet [:D]

ok x

blind_date_reject Posted on 30/04/2008 22:11

LOL I bet !

Did u ever hear back off BMI ?

PinkPonce Posted on 30/04/2008 22:14

I only posted it on Friday, when i'd got the forms filled in for the claim...

They have 6 weeks to respond so will have to wait and see?

I'll get some compo tho [:D]

barneyblair Posted on 30/04/2008 22:16

GLASSES ON blind (plus i only kid i aint a T*** on here who means and takes whatever they say seriously lol)

PinkPonce Posted on 30/04/2008 22:18


blind_date_reject Posted on 30/04/2008 22:20

Well good luck - you can treat me with your compo, take me to the Porthole Cafe im easily pleased lol

Barney love - we'll let ya off xx

PinkPonce Posted on 30/04/2008 22:22

BDR i'll treat to anything you want petal x [:D]

PinkPonce Posted on 30/04/2008 22:25

Who is the stud? on myspace, added me?

blind_date_reject Posted on 30/04/2008 22:25

eventhough i look like this PP ??

Link: sexy mo fo

PinkPonce Posted on 30/04/2008 22:27

Damn right - with them lips [:D]

blind_date_reject Posted on 30/04/2008 22:28

LOL and my pubish hair ha ha

You_Drive_Me_Swayze Posted on 30/04/2008 22:29

Poor gerbil-faced boy.

PinkPonce Posted on 30/04/2008 22:34

BDR [:D]

Swayze: Jealous?

blind_date_reject Posted on 30/04/2008 22:36


Think he wants a fiddle with your tiddle - lol

You_Drive_Me_Swayze Posted on 30/04/2008 22:36

Jealous of a gerbil-faced midget? Nah.

blind_date_reject Posted on 30/04/2008 22:38

how can he be a midget at 5 ft 11 ????

Esekiel1517 Posted on 30/04/2008 22:39

Swayze,get some shoe sense,until then,Ponce is the daddy.

Warwick_Hunt Posted on 30/04/2008 22:40

Are you two.....

Link: separated at's uncanny if not

You_Drive_Me_Swayze Posted on 30/04/2008 22:41

I love Pinky, he's like a little cyber pet.

PinkPonce Posted on 30/04/2008 22:59

swayze listen to esekiel, you might learn something. the lad talks sense.

5ft11 and a BIT BDR lol

You_Drive_Me_Swayze Posted on 30/04/2008 23:01

Awwwwwwwwwww, the gerbil-faced midget is getting upset.

blind_date_reject Posted on 30/04/2008 23:03

im still taller than you PP !!

Every inch a woman though

PinkPonce Posted on 30/04/2008 23:29

How tall are you BDR?

you're one tall woman?!

Swayze, not upset mate... perhaps a little bored though.

You_Drive_Me_Swayze Posted on 30/04/2008 23:31

Maybe you should get on your exercise wheel then gerbil boy.

PinkPonce Posted on 30/04/2008 23:43


Not only is your continued use of the term, Gerbil faced midget becoming increasingly embarassing but it is also showing you up to be the clown that you are.

I suggest you take a long hard (no doubt the correct word [;)]) look at the picture linked above and understand that you will never EVER look as good. If you can then refrain from self harm because of that, take yourself to bed and give your head a shake you absolute joke of a man.

There's a good lad.

You_Drive_Me_Swayze Posted on 30/04/2008 23:49

Oooooooooo, the gerbil-faced midget is definitely getting upset now, he's biting like it's going out of fashion, (a bit like his skinny jeans). Get on your exercise wheel and simmer down, braille chin.

PinkPonce Posted on 30/04/2008 23:53


Thats far from a bite kidda.

Your envy is there for all to see.

You_Drive_Me_Swayze Posted on 30/04/2008 23:59

It must be wonderful being a gerbil-faced midget. I guess your self-proclaimed "good looks" is simply a facade to cover your insecurities.

Go enjoy yourself in your wheel, you cheeky little scamp!

ridsdale Posted on 01/05/2008 00:05

Your material is a mite repetitive Swayze.

A lack of creativity methinks.

You_Drive_Me_Swayze Posted on 01/05/2008 00:18

Pinky doesn't warrant anything else. His lack of grey matter will have difficulty comprehending and understanding something which isn't familiar. Keep it simple for a simple-minded, shallow, vacuous cretin like Pinky.

spun_cup Posted on 01/05/2008 00:23

This thread is simply amongst the most infantile lot of nonsense Ive ever seen on here and its had some stiff competition. Not my "quarrel" but please can you folks find something other to talk about than how apparently good looking you may or may not. Egotistical hogwash.

AfonsoAlvesAnonymous Posted on 01/05/2008 01:51

"I would much rather purchase a good moisterisor". Yeah you're right Ezekiel he's a genius, much brighter than some on here despite the fact that he can't spell. Although in fairness he did mention that he was slightly P***ed so may have to check his posts tomorrow. Don't know what Swayze's excuse is though?

AfonsoAlvesAnonymous Posted on 01/05/2008 01:52

Although I also agree with spun_cup, get a grip and talk about football!

Rod100 Posted on 01/05/2008 06:40

swayze has had enough kok to put a hand rail around the riverside.

FACT [:)]

littlejimmy Posted on 01/05/2008 06:49

It's not all about looks though is it? You see some real Picasso efforts getting lovely women. It's as much about confidence and I think PP has it in spades.

bigdave85 Posted on 01/05/2008 07:16

"Sorry BigDave !

I didn't realise I was a "proper nob" ... because I was discussing something that interests me !"

It wasn't aimed at you Ned. You aren't getting wound up by him are you? [:)]

PinkPonce Posted on 01/05/2008 08:17


Spun_Cup - If you want to talk about football, go to a football forum [:D]

Alves - Was a little tipsy, so excuse the spelling mistakes. Don't know what my excuse is during the day mind! [:D]

Littlejimmy - Correct.

Rod - Is that all? [:D]

Swayze - Being called simple by you is like being called ugly by John Merrick. You're quite clearly lacking in a few areas. Now go and play out in the sun - You'd want to if it was raining.

thehuth Posted on 01/05/2008 08:19

Didnt hells bells chuck u?

PinkPonce Posted on 01/05/2008 08:23

Excuse me?

Me and Hells where never an item? We only used to have a crack on here. (FAO redandwhitearmy1986 gained about 800 posts! - My old username).

You are getting me confused with another board memmember I think.

PS - Chucked? Are you 13?!

PinkPonce Posted on 01/05/2008 08:23


thehuth Posted on 01/05/2008 08:27

(FAO redandwhitearmy1986 gained about 800 posts! - My old username).

Popularity contest?

Oh so that means you didnt get in there with her, not good looking enough? [:D]

pollock Posted on 01/05/2008 09:18

'i would much rather purchase a good moisterisor, rather than pay for drugs. Does that make me so bad?'

No, just makes you a boring spice boy poof.

delahoya Posted on 01/05/2008 09:32

I'd do you Ponce.

You_Drive_Me_Swayze Posted on 01/05/2008 09:41

Rod100: The repressed homosexual.

I think Pinky is lacking education. I blame the Labour Government.

PinkPonce Posted on 01/05/2008 11:22

[:D] Huth.

I actually don't think I ever met hells, although i met her dad, sister and friends in Amsterdam for the Alkmaar match. That was rather weird.

Delahoya - Join the queue behind swayze - He's gagging for a slice.

Swayze - jealous of Rod as well now? Change the record FFS its like listening to a 3 year old. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

Pollock - Is it the cocaine fuelling your aggression. Link attached for your perusal.

Link: Help for Pollock.

jam69 Posted on 01/05/2008 11:26

is that your pic pp,bit of a david walliams look about you?

PinkPonce Posted on 01/05/2008 11:38

? The sleeping one is yeah.

I'm about as funny, and just as much of a ldaies man but i look nowt like him in real life.


mickymacc Posted on 01/05/2008 11:55

cheers for the link poncey,I never knew there was so much choice!.[:P].Have you got a motor yet?,what about a Alfa Romeo Gt in black with red leather seats,You'll get a 2 yr old for about 12k.

PinkPonce Posted on 01/05/2008 12:13

[:D] No bother!

Not got the car yet, got about a month and a half to sort it so gonna keep my options open and look.. I only like the alpha Brera or the new sud (out of my price range!!)

onthemap Posted on 01/05/2008 12:14

Pink do you live in Hackney?

thehuth Posted on 01/05/2008 12:26

Easterside by the judge of his haircut.

PinkPonce Posted on 01/05/2008 12:41

No Mappy why?

That ones gone right over my head!

You_Drive_Me_Swayze Posted on 01/05/2008 13:06

"I'm about as funny, and just as much of a ldaies man but i look nowt like him in real life."

Considering that David Walliams is by far the worst comedic actor in existence it's nice to see you make an honest assessment of yourself for once, you gerbil-face midget.

onthemap Posted on 01/05/2008 13:06

You'll need to think a bit harder.

PinkPonce Posted on 01/05/2008 13:15

Mappy - unfortuantely, and probably due to the huge age gap, your comment means nothing to me.

SO, you either spill the beans, or get the F*** of this thread.


NedKat Posted on 01/05/2008 13:16


as in "get the fook off this thread" ...

onthemap Posted on 01/05/2008 13:16

What if I just leave you thinking and stay on this thread for the next six weeks?

Critical_Bill Posted on 01/05/2008 13:18

onthemap, I spotted what you are getting at.

You_Drive_Me_Swayze Posted on 01/05/2008 13:18

How F***ing thick is Pinky?!

PinkPonce Posted on 01/05/2008 13:19

Sorry Ned...

"What if I just leave you thinking and stay on this thread for the next six weeks?"

You can stay as long as you want Mappy, but if you think that i'll be sat here wondering what you meant you'd be wrong. I've forgotton where you asked If i lived already!

PinkPonce Posted on 01/05/2008 13:19

I'm a cracking shag though swayze.

NedKat Posted on 01/05/2008 13:25

So, how is everyone today ? It's another beautiful day in Paradise, and the sun is shining bright as can be. I think I'm going to get my haircut on my lunch hour, I know a place that does it for $8. Tonight, I'm going to make a sausage casserole to bring into work tomorrow. It's Roy's birthday, and we're having one of them pot luck things.

Dr_Evil Posted on 01/05/2008 13:30

Who the f*ck is Roy and stop milking this thread Ned. I see what you're doing.

PinkPonce Posted on 01/05/2008 13:30

Hello Ned,

I'm feeling good thanks. The sun is shining around Heathrow today, i've had a panini a latte and some cheese kettle crisps for my lunch. Work is a little hectic, but no meetings today thankfully. Got an evening out in Windsor tonight which should be fun. Its someones birthday here too, they've been handing chocolates out. Strawberry Creams - Delightful.

As usual, swayze is being a coont, mappy is trying to be funny, and i'm just lapping up the attention.

Good to hear that you're well.

NedKat Posted on 01/05/2008 13:32

Doctor Evil, how can you say i'm milking this thread ? I think that post was only the third time I'd said anything ...

Windsor Eh ? I remember gong there years ago, some lovely pubs in that area.

PinkPonce Posted on 01/05/2008 13:34

Yeah there is. Starting off in Browns Bar for a bite to eat and a few drinks. Lovely in the summer, so hopefully the weather will hold out.

PS - Who the F*** is Roy [:D]

Critical_Bill Posted on 01/05/2008 13:34

Ned, are you taking an apple in for your MD too?

Dr_Evil Posted on 01/05/2008 13:36

If by an apple, you mean sucking him off, then it would seem that way.

NedKat Posted on 01/05/2008 13:39

No, I'm the boss, so I'd have to give myself the apple .. but I am also participating in celebrating someone's birthday by making some grub and sharing it with others.

You remember that ,, sharing with others ? No ?

Oh, well !

PinkPonce Posted on 01/05/2008 13:40

Now now children.

Act your age, not your arm size!

Critical_Bill Posted on 01/05/2008 13:40

I take it that Roy is your 'informant' then? Your all seeing eye?

NedKat Posted on 01/05/2008 13:41

Roy, Big Roy ... he's my second in command !

slipshod Posted on 01/05/2008 13:45

Pimk Ponce = Alistair Griffin FACT

uncanny resemblance

Critical_Bill Posted on 01/05/2008 13:47

But Alistair Griffin doesn't have eyes like a cartoon character that's having it's neck squeezed

Rod100 Posted on 01/05/2008 13:47

i blame myself swayze - i really do.

a very poor attempt at calling me a repressed homosexual. we had this out the other night and you practically confessed it. your anger stems from the poor relationship you have with your father; he finds your homosexuality a constant embarrassment on the family name, and you have brought shame to his door. that is why you are so angry.

every tedious angry jibe against other posters confirms this, so by posting your bile and getting it out of your system you're giving yourself therapy.

so please continue if it helps. we all understand.

You_Drive_Me_Swayze Posted on 01/05/2008 13:50

And I guess you're still touching up kids too Rod100. Weirdo.

NedKat Posted on 01/05/2008 13:51

He's going to California next week, for three weeks .. I'll have to do his job as well as mine.

Dr_Evil Posted on 01/05/2008 13:52

What is his job Ned?

NedKat Posted on 01/05/2008 13:56

Electronics engineer, working on professional broadcast audio and video equipment. Team leader, and major sarcastic barstud !

You might be suitable for the sarcastic basterd part of his job ...

PinkPonce Posted on 01/05/2008 13:57

Swayze, sometimes you do go too far. That is simply uncalled for.

Bill, you don't half talk some B******* sometimes - and to say you aren't interested in me is an absolute joke, given that you'll have been following this thread since it appeared. You want me. Simple as that. Look at the picture again. Lovely smooth soft skin, body you could only dream of (given that you're morbidly obese). I've got it all kidda.

Critical_Bill Posted on 01/05/2008 14:00

Fairy, I didn't notice this until your needy self saw the need to hoof a dead thread.

No-one is really impressed by your Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen of Whinney Banks act.

NedKat Posted on 01/05/2008 14:02

"Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen of Whinney Banks"

You've got to give him that, it's a good un ! Not often I feel like saying anything good about C Bill, but that was a very good line ..

PinkPonce Posted on 01/05/2008 14:03

Please point me in the direction of my hoof of a dead thread.

I think you'll find i merely replied to some posts from last night.

Although, i'm sure you can't remember when you "hoofed" your own post yesterday hours after no-one responded.

You have a selective memory Billy boy. Probably caused by your fast food diet.

You_Drive_Me_Swayze Posted on 01/05/2008 14:04

Wind your fooking neck in Pinky, you ugly little turd.

PinkPonce Posted on 01/05/2008 14:05

Neddy - I have said on numerous occasions, Bill is a decent act, he's just on too long.

It raised a smile when it was first used in 2003, but its gets a bit tedious when you hear it all the time.

MarlonD Posted on 01/05/2008 14:07

Were as listening to you tell us all how gorgeous, fashionable and affluent you are on a daily basis is enthralling.

You don't half come across like a T***head

Rod100 Posted on 01/05/2008 14:09

swayze - with every post such as that you are just reafirming what i have said.

if it helps with your self therapy then please continue with it. we are all here to help should you wish.

You_Drive_Me_Swayze Posted on 01/05/2008 14:10

That's nice to know Rod100, but your ignorance speaks volumes about your sordid desires.

Rod100 Posted on 01/05/2008 14:13

thats the spirit swayze.

keep them coming. eventually your self loathing will diminsh and you never know you may actually be able to face your father, look him in the eye and admit to him face to face that you're a botter. who is as kok daft as they come [:)]

in fact you're probably kenneth williams incarnate.

NedKat Posted on 01/05/2008 14:13

swayze, I'm married to a Trick Cyclist, and I truly believe you need some professional help. No-one can be as mean and nasty as you, and manage to get on in this life. I can see if Dr.Ned can recommend some professionals in your area, that could treat your bi-polar disease .... let me know.

slipshod Posted on 01/05/2008 14:15

Bill, you don't half talk some B******* sometimes - and to say you aren't interested in me is an absolute joke, given that you'll have been following this thread since it appeared. You want me. Simple as that. Look at the picture again. Lovely smooth soft skin, body you could only dream of (given that you're morbidly obese). I've got it all kidda.


Stabilo_Boss Posted on 01/05/2008 14:15

I've said it before - act or no act, it's all pretty lame.

If you write all this egotistical stuff just to wind people - it's a bit tragic.

If you believe it all - it's a bit tragic.

If you had even a fraction of the popularity, wealth, looks etc that you claim then you wouldn't spend half your life on a message board talking about it.

It does suprise me that some people like you but then some people like James Blunt.

Oh, and before you say it, yes I'm incredibly jealous of you etc etc.

PinkPonce Posted on 01/05/2008 14:16

I think swayze just needs a good shag to be honest.

Thats not an offer though kidda. Not quite my cup of tea.

I reckon you're more Swayze-Modo (see what i did there) that Patrick.

With a username like that though, i am contemplating the fact that you're actually a very sexually frustrated woman. Probably some womens rights extremist. Go and burn your bra's somewhere else you fat bitch.

Rod100 Posted on 01/05/2008 14:17

PP - he needs to come to terms with his latent homosexuality, then he will lose all the anger he has pent up due it being repressed.

You_Drive_Me_Swayze Posted on 01/05/2008 14:20

Rod100 it's very clear that in your world touching up kids is an okay thing to do, it isn't you need to enter reality mate.

PinkPonce Posted on 01/05/2008 14:26

Stabilo Boss.

Are wealthy people not allowed to frequent internet message boards?

I don't write it just to wind people up. I write the truth. Unfortunately for some, they get wound up. So i play on it.

Its not ok for me to come on here and ask people for advice on cars - cos i am showing off. But it is ok for people to continuously question my sexuality as they have done for 5 years.

If you can't take it (pardon the pun) then don't give it lads.

Some of you need to empty your balls though, cos the anger displayed in some cases is just ridiculous.

Good job i don't boast about my big c*ck as well! [:D]


Since you likened me to Alistair Griffin i can't take any more of your opinions seriously [:D] [;)]

sasboro1 Posted on 01/05/2008 14:29

"Are wealthy people not allowed to frequent internet message boards?"

go on tell us just how wealthy you really are [:D]

PinkPonce Posted on 01/05/2008 14:38

"Are wealthy people not allowed to frequent internet message boards?"

Sas, it wasn't a claim about my wealth - It was in response to Stabilo saying "If you had even a fraction of the popularity, wealth, looks etc that you claim....."

what i should have said was ""Are attractive, popular, wealthy people not allowed to frequent internet message boards?"