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PinkPonce Posted on 29/04/2008 17:49
Fried Egg Sarnies

Thats what i'm gonna have for tea.

6 Slices of Bread
6 Eggs (with runny oaks)
Lashings of Ketchup

Followed by a tub of Ben and Jerrys - Cherry Garcia.

Pauluka Posted on 29/04/2008 17:49
Fried Egg Sarnies

Egg sarnies are quality like

Al_Bundys_sock Posted on 29/04/2008 17:50
Fried Egg Sarnies

Dont light Naked flames for while afterward [:D]

Anybody4abeer Posted on 29/04/2008 17:51
Fried Egg Sarnies

I would normally have 2 slices of bread per egg, but each to their own, but runny yolks is a must

japsterboro Posted on 29/04/2008 17:51
Fried Egg Sarnies

6 eggs, F*** me you won't shyte for a week!

I hope the bread is wholemeal?

PinkPonce Posted on 29/04/2008 17:51
Fried Egg Sarnies

I can't wait.

Need some soft fresh bread.

Thick cut.

NedKat Posted on 29/04/2008 17:52
Fried Egg Sarnies

You'll be a right porker by the time your 30 !

PinkPonce Posted on 29/04/2008 17:53
Fried Egg Sarnies

Anybody for a beer - I'm having two slices of bread, with one combined double egg in the middle (that way you don't get bits of crust/edge without egg between them.

Japster - Wholemeal, Have a word. White all the way.

PinkPonce Posted on 29/04/2008 17:54
Fried Egg Sarnies

Not as fat as Bill though.

BigCasino Posted on 29/04/2008 17:56
Fried Egg Sarnies

Proper thread

Crack on youth

pat_the_cat Posted on 29/04/2008 17:58
Fried Egg Sarnies

Perfect fried egg.
Bit of oil in pan and heat.
Break egg into pan and let fry till bottom becomes cooked.
Add splash of water (about 1/5 of mug) and place lid on pan till yolk cooks to your liking.
Remove egg and drain.
You are effectively steaming the egg. Much healthier as it washes away the oil but still has the fried look and flavour.


joebonano Posted on 29/04/2008 17:58
Fried Egg Sarnies

Try buying some ducks eggs .The yokes are massive and very tasty

Vosene Posted on 29/04/2008 17:59
Fried Egg Sarnies

You,ll get egg bound

japsterboro Posted on 29/04/2008 18:01
Fried Egg Sarnies

White bread contains alloxan, the chemical that makes the flour look white and clean which destroys the beta cells of the pancreas. Alloxan has a known link to diabetes.

Also white bread is too easily digested resulting in more noticable rising and falling of blood sugar and insulin levels than when eating slower digesting whole grain breads.

Being someone who suffered from blood sugar being all over the place for years, I realised it was down to white F***in bread, hence I don't touch the stuff now.

In a nutshell, its no good for you son.

barneyblair Posted on 29/04/2008 18:01
Fried Egg Sarnies

Has to be brown sauce for me like

mickymacc Posted on 29/04/2008 18:18
Fried Egg Sarnies

More of a morning thing for me,but 6 eggs.Phew, in every sense of the word.

Esekiel1517 Posted on 29/04/2008 18:25
Fried Egg Sarnies

Add a few twists of black pepper on to it,kid.Beautiful.

clag01 Posted on 29/04/2008 18:33
Fried Egg Sarnies

Anybody had the double yolkers from the Orchard fruit shop in Barny Castle...Lovely

Towell Posted on 29/04/2008 18:39
Fried Egg Sarnies

Duck eggs are decent to be fair.
They would make a class egg sarnie, need fresh white warburtons toastie plenty of salt and pepper.
eggcellent hahahaha.

Piggy Posted on 29/04/2008 18:44
Fried Egg Sarnies

Quails eggs on granary for me. With brown sauce.

PinkPonce Posted on 29/04/2008 18:54
Fried Egg Sarnies

I have Hovis Best Of Both as it makes me fel better than white bread and although it probs doesnt have any goodness in it, i'll let trading standards deal with that.

lovely bit of cracked black pepper ground on the top.

Had some double yolkers in my last batch.

Micky its a morning thing for me usually but i just fancy them. Will give the workmates a treat tomorrow as well

clag01 Posted on 29/04/2008 19:05
Fried Egg Sarnies

The ones I used to get from Barnard Castle(we were doing the roof on Bowes Museum) were sold as double yolks...there must be test they do or something coz I bought loads an they were all a goose egg from mate Theresa came drunk an started playing catchies with it...made quite a mess on the carpet when I dropped it...anyway it was a bad throw from her....